John Kasich promised last fall that his second term as governor of Ohio would be better than his first, and he’s done nothing to dampen speculation that he wants to be President of the United States in 2016, so why would he want to duck out of the annual press confab organized Thursday by the Associated Press?   The twice-elected governor should relish this one-day opportunity to crow about his many first-term accomplishments, which gives him another chance to deliver yet another sermon on how he intends to lift people up so they can achieve their god-giving potential.

Kasich Quackery Reason To Duck Press

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Ohio Representative Andrew Brenner has been seeking co-sponsors to introduce a resolution declaring the last week in January as “National School Choice Week”.  This is an interesting move for Brenner who represents a constituency that includes the Olentangy Local School District, the 7th largest and one of the highest-performing public school districts in the entire state of Ohio.

Olentangy, Brenner’s primary school district, lost over 32% of its state funding to community schools and scholarships when fewer than 1% of the district’s resident population opted to take advantage of “School Choice”.  Which begs the question — Who is Brenner […]

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When 60 Minutes profiled Republican leaders in Congress Sunday night, returning House Speaker John Boehner and new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked President Obama for the audacity of his State of The Union Address. The nation’s twice-elected president offered a cornucopia of good news for the nation under his leadership including fast falling deficits, a stock market at record levels, millions of private sector jobs recovered and ten million-plus Americans who can now afford quality health insurance through The Affordable Care Act.

“Our deficit’s cut by two thirds. A stock market that has doubled and health care inflation at […]

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Much hay has been made over the merger between AT&T and DirecTV, but one aspect that should not go un- or under-acknowledged is the fact that the merger will vastly expand union membership in Ohio and elsewhere.

As the largest full-time unionized employer in the country, at 41,000 strong Communication Workers of America, AT&T has long respected the rights of its employees to organize under union representation.

AT&T is now nearing completion of its $48.5 billion deal to acquire DirecTV. By folding DirecTV into the mix, 16,000 more employees will have the ability to make their own choice about joining a […]

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Today, Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Warren County Commissioners (all Republicans) filed suit in federal court in Columbus in yet-another constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act.  Specifically, the suit challenges a fee on State and local governments (and most private companies) health insurance benefit plans authorized by the ACA to fund the reinsurance pool which stabilizes health insurance premiums on the exchange in case insurers projections of health claims is off as a result of those who had been denied insurance for pre-existing conditions become insured.

Stephen Koff, the Washington Bureau Chief of the Northeast Ohio […]

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It’s fair to wonder when some of our national pundits will stop swooning over John Kasich’s widely ga-gaed landslide victory over (fill in the blank) in November’s virtual election for governor.

I mean, there was conservative columnist David Brooks, with the New York Times op-ed as his podium, rating Kasich with an”A” as presidential material ,writing:

“The Ohio governor is easily [!} the most underestimated Republican this year. He just won a landslide victory in the swingiest of the swing states. He carried 86 of Ohio’s 88 counties. He won Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, and which President Obama […]

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Doug Livingston’s piece on charter schools in Friday’s Beacon Journal blew another hole into Ohio’s billion-dollar cash cow. There have been frequent reports about how this system of privately operated charter schools is failing in its academic mission at taxpayers’ and public education’s expense. But now, as Livingston wrote, David Yost, the Republican state auditor, has just issued his investigative report that much money is being spent on kids who are represented in charter classrooms by empty seats.

And once again the river of money has been channeled into the accounts where it will do the most good for […]

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Figures on employment and employment for December 2014 were released Friday by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, and they show Ohio gained 5,100 jobs in December 2014 seasonally adjusted. Now that final job statistics are now in for 2014, Ohio’s seasonally adjusted increase in employment during the twelve months of 2014 is 61,50 jobs, George Zeller, an independent economic analyst told OhioNewsBureau today.

According to the Cleveland based statistics expert, The Bureau of Labor Standards had made three revisions to months prior to December: The USA November figure was revised up by 20,000, while the USA […]

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“Job creation, of course, has been and always continues to be our greatest moral purpose,” said John Kasich during his second inaugural speech on January 12, 2015.

That same day, Macy’s reported it would be laying off over 100 employees in Ohio.  And that was just the beginning.  So far this month, Ohio has received WARN notices from five large companies announcing they would be laying off a total of 989 employees in Ohio over the next few months.   U.S. Steel plans to layoff the most: 636 USW union workers at its Lorain tubular plant.

“We created the most innovative, economic development approach […]

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We’ll never know who’s paying for Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s six states in three days junket this week to push a crusade he and other Republicans are suddenly backing, and that is certainly no coincidence.

Still 109,000 jobs in the hole from where Ohio was before the Great Recession hit, Gov. Kasich has found time to trot to safe GOP venues, like one in North Dakota, where reports are that he’ll keynote a legislative reception for the American Legislative Exchange Council [ALEC]. ALEC is a breeding pen where corporations and legislators in sync with them on a wide […]

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