A new study was unveiled this week based on research on education funding in Ohio that shows tax dollars from local levies are flowing to charters schools, most of which under perform local public schools, as state aid for public schools has shrunk dramatically under the Administration of Gov. John Kasich, who was elected to a final four-year term in November.

Using data from public sources, principally the Ohio Department of Education, The Ohio Charter School Accountability Project is a joint venture of the Ohio Education Association and Innovation Ohio [IO], a nonpartisan progressive think tank headquartered in [...]

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Some might argue that Ohio has already gone to pot under John Kasich, measured by his regressive actions on renewable wind energy, forcing local communities to do more with less funding, forcing women to make terrible choices they don’t have to make in other states, shifting taxes to those still struggling to pay for reduced income tax rates that overwhelmingly benefit the very wealthy, and other policies and programs focused on favoring private over public interests.

And while that’s one legitimate view of how Ohio is going to pot, a totally new one that’s really about pot, one slang term for marijuana, [...]

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Leading the Ohio Democratic Party, the No. 1 goal and responsibility of newly-elected Chair David Pepper and Vice-Chair Nina Turner will be to win elections.

This is what they told supporters in an email Friday afternoon outlining their vision for the party moving forward. The email began with a quote from Harriet Beecher Stow:

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never up up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

The new leadership team [...]

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John Kasich headlined the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 year end review in downtown Columbus on Thursday.  The governor’s message and delivery were virtually identical to last year.  From keeping Ohio’s fiscal house in order to creating a climate for job creation, Gov. Kasich was swooned over by Senate President Keith Faber, who will return in that role for the next two years, and House Speaker Bill Batchelder, who first entered the legislature in 1968 and whose final day arrives Dec. 31.

Now on the long list of possible GOP presidential hopefuls for 2016, Gov. Kasich told a ballroom full of [...]

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What in sweet sassy molassy was Gov. John Richard Kasich thinking? Apparently, very little.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced this afternoon that they would be launching an inquiry into Kasich’s recently announced Community Connections mentorship program and whether it violates the First Amendment.

From Cleveland.com:

Any school district that wants a piece of that state money must partner with both a church and a business – or a faith-based organization and a non-profit set up by a business to do community service.

No business and no faith-based partner means no state dollars.

“You must include a faith-based partner,” United Way of [...]

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By a vote of acclamation, David Pepper was elected to lead the Ohio Democratic Party on Tuesday following a rousing endorsement by Democratic Columbus Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, seconded by former Mayor of Cincinnati Bill Mallory.  Outgoing Chairman Chris Redfern, first elected in 2005, reminded those in attendance that the ODP is still one of the largest and most powerful state parties in the country and is destined for a future full of victories.  The meeting, held in the downtown Columbus headquarters of ODP was an official meeting of the 148-member Executive Committee, who chooses party leadership.

Watch Pepper here

For Democrats, the number 692 looms [...]

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An article Tuesday in the business magazine Forbes rained big time on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s newly resuscitated crusade to call for a federal balanced budget amendment [BBA]. Elected to a second and final term in early November, Ohio’s governor, a former Chairman of the House Budget Committee during the reign of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, took a pounding in an aptly titled article: “John Kasich Isn’t Ready For Prime Time On The Federal Budget.”

“It’s a bit strange to have to say that Ohio Governor and possible Republican candidate for president John Kasich doesn’t know what he’s talking about [...]

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If rhetorical foot-in-mouth disease was really a serious problem, John Kasich would have qualified for constant medical care over the last 36 years.  Ohio’s Governor is legend for his Kasichspeak, those nuggets of rhetorical stupidity—some reporters call them “riffs” as if he were a verbal jazz musician—that flow out of his mouth on a daily basis showing just how poorly he grasps the real world.

In Phoenix last Wednesday to push for a federal balanced budget amendment, Kasich attempted another backhand partisan slap of the nation’s current two-time presidential winner, President Barack Obama. “Secret Service, how are they doing? IRS, how [...]

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If Gov. Kasich’s coy notions about a presidential candidacy continue on the current track, he will doubtless confirm his grandiose national plan from atop preacher Rex Humbard’s abandoned tower in Cuyahoga Falls. As you may have noticed, Kasich has been injecting his contract with God into every stop these days, claiming the Creator has placed a decisive hand on him.

You don’t need to be for this religion or that one – or have none at all – to start worrying about politicians who want you to join them at the altar on Election Day. We think of all of [...]

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American Bridge 21st Century, the progressive research and communications outfit whose mission is to hold Republicans accountable for their words and actions, has put out 2016 Scouting Report:American Bridge’s Media Guide to the Republican Presidential Bench,” a political wrap-sheet and dossier on the large GOP field on presidential wannabees.

Among the distinguished field of 20 GOP presidential hopefuls profiled is John Richard Kasich, Ohio’s 69th and now twice elected governor who is undertaking a stealth campaign to become the 45th President of the United States, starting in 2017.

Yes, the Lord’s Hands will have to be on [...]

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