On May 6th, Franklin County residents will have a chance to vote on Issue 6, a 1.25-mill replacement levy for the Columbus Zoo.  An out-of-state group funded by the Koch Brothers is trying to convince Columbus-area residents to vote No.

Americans for Prosperity, the Virginia-based group founded, funded and chaired by the infamous Koch Brothers, has been sending emails and mailers to county residents urging them to vote against the levy, which would cost home owners about $23 a year more per $100,000 of home value.

According to NBC4, the levy could help fund a satellite zoo could in Downtown Columbus as [...]

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The Rev. Pat Robertson has issued another apocalyptic warning:  The world will end, possibly as early as Thursday.  His knowledge of Biblical prophecy tells him so. A massive meteor, bigger than Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the Great Pumpkin combined, will slam into the planet , the preacher says, wiping out everything.  That won’t give us much time to get all of the screens up, but it wouldn’t help  anyway.

It would be the worst global catastrophe in 66 million years. Experts  dubbed the last one the “Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction” – a brain-twister that you don’t have to remember because of [...]

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Columbus CEO magazine recently interviewed Mark Kvamme, the California venture capitalist who helped design and implement JobsOhio, John Kasich’s signature economic development initiative.   Mixed in among the questions about his super-exciting personal life and his fantastic investments, was a question about his work with Governor Kasich:

Working with the governor on JobsOhio, what do you think about the way the organization operates now and its prospects for the future?

Kvamme provides a long, detailed and well-reasoned response that sounds like it came straight from the Kasich press shop.  Unfortunately, it’s almost entirely untrue.

Mr. Kvamme first attempts to differentiate JobsOhio from the [...]

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John Kasich released his first 2014 campaign commercial on Tuesday called “Deliver”.  The 60-second ad has been running on TV across Ohio over the past week and can be found on Youtube (see below).  I’ve watched it numerous times over the past few days and it has me completely stumped.

John Kasich is the sitting Governor and should be making a case for why Ohioans should be re-electing him, right? Given that starting position, shouldn’t he start by beginning to share all of the positive things he’s done for the state during his first term?  Think about it this way [...]

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One of the cautionary notes as the Kasich/Taylor campaign burst crazily into spring is that it’s folly for the governor’s opponents to make things up to discredit him. The Kasich team has already demonstrated beyond doubt that one of its perfected specialties is selling him to the voters with little regard for reality even if you allow for the routine embellishments of political engagement.

Just arrived, for example, is a paean from Ohio Republican Headquarters with a toast to the daring wisdom of Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who also heads the state insurance department, in her most recent assault on [...]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is a very busy man these days. He is currently running for re-election as the Governor of Ohio as he, though he denies it, secretly plans to run for President in 2016. Kasich was asked by Ed FitzGerald (D), his rival for the Governor’s seat, to promise Ohioans that Kasich wouldn’t bail on the state in 2015 and 2016 to run for President. Kasich shouted, as only Kasich can, “This guy standing right here in my shoes will not be running for President! “ And for once, we believed him. This made us uneasy and suspicious.


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In case you missed it, our friend Jill Miller Zimon is running for state rep in Ohio’s 12th district against incumbent Democrat John E. Barnes Jr.

In the past few weeks, Jill has picked up a long list of endorsements that includes: the Ohio Democratic Party, the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, the Ohio Education Association, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, the Ohio AFL-CIO and dozens of other important individuals and organizations.   You can check out Jill’s campaign website for the most recent list.

Mr. Barnes’ website does not appear to be active, so the only actual endorsement we have [...]

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On April 12, 2014 the Daily Beast did a piece on our Governor, John Kasich. It seems to take him seriously as a potential 2016 Republican contender for the Presidential nomination. It was a soft, positive look at his tenure so far. My first response was WTF? Was this the same Kasich that has been running the Ohio I live in?

Well they started off with his lack of name recognition nationally. That helped doom his aborted 2000 run.

So far, so good.

They then mentioned that his record as Governor and as a member of the House gave [...]

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A new PPP poll shows Nina Turner leading Jon Husted by one point in the race for Ohio Secretary of State.    Turner leads with 45% versus Husted’s 44%.  12% chose “Not Sure.”

Turner leads by seven points with Independents, three points with women,  four points with 18-to-29 year olds and  and 16 points with 30-to-45 year olds.

Detailed results are below.

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A new PPP poll shows John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald tied at 44% with 11% of respondents choosing “Not Sure”.

FitzGerald leads by seven points with Independents and by two points with women.  FitzGerald shows strong support from younger voters, holding a 16 point lead with 18-to-29 year olds and an eight point lead with 30-to-45 year olds.

A PPP poll from December showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 40% to 38%.

Details of the latest poll are below:

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