I’ve been pondering the Franklin County Republican Party’s gracious invitation for me to attend a “special announcement event” in Columbus with Ohio Gov. John Kasich on July 21.

“Dear Republican,” the email begins wrong-footedly. I can forgive them the error—I wasn’t strictly forthright about my motives for signing up for their emails, although, on the other hand, they didn’t ask. But I do appreciate invitations and I love special announcements.

I especially love invitations to special announcements when they involve Ohio Gov. John Kasich, they fall on July 21, and it’s been rumored for months that Kasich will kick off […]

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The pride of Leroy Township in Lake County, Ohio, will not be outdone by his colleague Nino Vitale’s Ohio Pastor Protection Act proposal.

State Rep. Ron Young, the Republican representing Ohio’s 61st House District, wants to make sure businesses offering public accommodations are protected in bigotry and free to discriminate against the sexual orientation of potential customers, which, unfortunately, they already are.

Young is asking colleagues to support him in proposing a Conscience Rights Protections for Businesses bill.

“The recent Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges will create unintended consequences for many Ohioans who want to follow […]

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On July 21 Gov. Kasich’s Starship will touch down in the Student Union at Ohio State University. There, with word from the Lord, he will announce his intention to seek the presidency to rescue America from President Obama as well as the immortals who are already on the Republican list of first responders to the lure of the Oval Office..

Not a moment too soon. For months he’s been flying around the country with the itinerary of a Johnny Appleseed, planting his bountiful seeds for voters in such dog-eared candidate visits as New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Not since […]

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Ohio’s term-limited governor, John Kasich, who wants to be president, did not take questions Tuesday night when he signed over 4,000 pages containing some terrible public policy into law.

For the statehouse press corps, timid as it is, showing up for another razzle dazzle bill signing performance then being stiffed by a chief executive who routinely refuses to answer questions is par for the course with Ohio’s 69th governor.

Kasich Takes No Questions

“Here in this state, we’re minding the store,” he said, the AP reported. “We’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. We know that we can be […]

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Paranoid conservative backlash to the U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation of equal marriage rights continues in most entertaining fashion, with state Rep. Nino Vitale joining the fun this week with a proposed Ohio Pastor Protection Act.

In his first go at being primary sponsor for any bill, the freshman Republican from Urbana asked colleagues if they’d be interested in co-sponsoring the act in an email Tuesday.

At least his constituents now know the type of issue that blows his skirt up: redundantly re-legislating the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

“I will soon be introducing legislation that will protect Ohio […]

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What’s the poor governor of Ohio who hates competition but loves secrets to do when other GOP candidates eat his lunch on his best talking points?

Talking Tuesday from his high school in New Jersey, two-term Gov. Chris Christie, widely known for his girth and his bullying ways, said he’ll answer questions directly, not with talking points from his political handlers. Gov. John Kasich, also a two-term governor like Christie, dislikes media so much so that he banned one reporter who isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions from covering him. It’s fairly certain the cranky governor won’t answer […]

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To anyone who half-way has followed the political antics and arch of John Kasich over his nearly 40 years of honing his political craftsmanship, the presidential opening-night show he’ll deliver on July 21st when he announces his second run for president, will sound like heavenly music to virgin ears.

For others who know his script, his formal announcement that he’s in the run for the White House will be the national installment of Kasich’s well-worn “Sermon On The Mount” addresses heard for the last three off-road State of the State speeches. The governor will braid together political rapture with right-wing […]

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I’m heartily enjoying the emerging argument that now that the United States has equal marriage rights, gub’ment should “get out of marriage altogether.”

It puts me in mind of a child who doesn’t want a favorite toy any more because his sibling got the same one.

“Oh great, now The Gays can get married. Fine, we did’t even want marriage any more anyway.”

They’d rather take their ball and go home.

Lawmakers in Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma have now all played variations on this tune.

Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul put out this argument on Sunday, in […]

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President Obama, following the historic Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in Ohio and every other state, said, “sometimes there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.”

Republicans running for President have criticized this “thunderbolt” as the work of five unelected judges imposing a policy on America.  The main legal criticism has been to suggest that the Court should simply apply the Constitution as originally written.

The key to responding to your conservative friends, and understanding the Obergefell decision, is to recognize that the President is wrong […]

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Now that the Supreme Court has spoken grandly  on two issues so damaging to Mike DeWine’s holy war in Ohio, shouldn’t the attorney general’s friends give him a gold watch and send  his agenda down to a burial mound on the Ohio River?  It would be a major step in ushering the state into the  21st Century.

As you may have heard, the Supremes ruled that Obamacare was the law of the land and also decided that same-sex marriage was OK in all 50 states. Both meteoric decisions struck a fatal blow to DeWine’s own failed reading of […]

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