We spent a few moments following up on the state’s new motto, “Ohio, find it here.”

Our curiosity was aroused by Tourism Director Mary Cusick’s comment that the Buckeye State was not reaching as many adventurous far-flung tourists as, we’d add, Virginia’s boast of “lovers”. So now we will have a $6 million blitz of TV and other advertising channeling the things you would find within our borders if you only looked.

We figured that might include the Ohio legislature, a rather medieval rural oriented body centrally located between Circleville and Sunbury, that clearly needs rebranding if it is what President […]

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The present anti-union climate that has openly manifested itself again in the Republican Party has a long and storied history.

Republicans were virulent in their opposition to the New Deal Wagner Act, which removed legal barriers to labor organization. They supported violent retribution in strikes, such as Dearborn police and Ford Security opening fire on unemployed auto workers, killing sixty. The atmosphere maintained the violent reaction of corporations toward the nascent growth of labor unions since the late 19th century into the 20th.

Ohio attempted to break unions in 1958 with an early “right-to-work” ballot initiative. It failed with a resounding […]

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“You Can’t Trust Trump” read two sides of a flier distributed earlier this evening at a Donald Trump rally in Columbus Ohio.

According to Plunderbund contributor John Michael Spinelli, “Kasich-supporting operatives were in the crowd and working the media with a double-sided handout from New Day For American, Kasich’s superpac group, that said one side, ‘You Can’t Trust Trump: Foreign Policy,’ and on the other side, ‘You Can’t Trust Trump: Ohio Jobs.’ For the latter, Kasich said, ‘Trump Lied To Americans About His Record Of Keeping Ford Jobs In Ohio.’ The other side’s sidebar read, ‘Trump Has Flip-Flopped On […]

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Trump Dumps On Kasich In Columbus

On November 23, 2015 By

Donald Trump spoke to an energized crowd at his downtown Columbus rally this evening and while it was cold outside, Trump was on fire inside, taking time at the start of his hour-plus-long talk to mock Ohio Gov. Kasich for, among other things, his very low poll numbers.

But Camp Kasich was out in force today in advance of the New York City billionaire’s stop in Ohio’s capital city.  Earlier in the day, Kasich backers did their best to portray Mr. Trump as someone who isn’t qualified to be president.   Kasich has made his old resume, including 18 years as a central […]

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Ohio Republicans moved forward this week with a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. During hearings for Sub. H.B. 294, Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger prevented some Democrats from speaking against the bill, including State Representative Kathleen Clyde. In response, she entered her protest letter and unheard speech into the House Journal. We’ve reprinted it all below:

Pursuant to Article II, Section 10 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio which states, “Any member of either house shall have the right to protest against any act, or resolution thereof; and such protest, and the reasons therefor, shall, without alteration, commitment, […]

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Kasich’s Cockroaches
By Kellie Copeland

Why did John Kasich hide his agenda against women? Why didn’t he claim his role in crafting targeted regulations on abortion providers? He even tries to distance himself after the Associated Press has exposed email exchanges between his staff, legislative staff, and Ohio Right to Life.

Discovering the evidence of Kasich’s legislative actions is like finding a cockroach in the kitchen — where there is one, there are surely more.

Passing new laws was just the beginning for John. He also sat Ohio Right to Life president Mike Gondiakis on the state medical board, […]

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John Kasich has spent the past few months on the presidential campaign trail trying to play the approachable moderate on financial and social issues.

But a recent article by AP statehouse reporter Julie Carr Smyth found that Kasich’s handpicked staffers decided which abortion restrictions would be included in the last state budget,  contrary to the governor’s comments that the legislature was driving it all with him as a neutral bystander

Smyth writes, “Believing state legislators were solely responsible for abortion restrictions added to the 2013 budget bill, activists and editorialists across Ohio called on Gov. John Kasich to veto the provisions. What they didn’t […]

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Climate change is a hot topic.

For some, like President Barack Obama, who will join world leaders next month in Paris for a global climate summit, there is no doubt about the impact of climate change on the world going forward and what to do about it.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, however, is afraid to publicly embrace reality fearing it will further hurt his low-polling among Republican base voters who deny it as fact.  Kasich also realizes that siding with the president on this world-wide issue is a bridge-too-far for GOP voters.

Kasich Waffles On Climate Change

“Do I believe there is something called climate […]

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The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services released the October 2015 data on employment and unemployment on Friday and the overall job figures for the state in October were favorable, with a robust gain of 30,800 jobs.

Cleveland-based economic analyst George Zeller noted that today’s statistics show the recovery was driven by a robust increase of 5,800 jobs in Manufacturing and another robust increase of 5,800 jobs in Construction. “That growth in blue collar Ohio employment drove the robust overall Ohio job growth figure for October, obviously a very good thing,” Zeller said today via email.

“But, Ohio’s […]

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The latest Bloomberg Politics national poll out Thursday shows just how bad Ohio Gov. John Kasich is doing in the GOP race to take on Democrats next year. The prickly chief executive from Ohio can do no better than ninth place among the 13 still-active Republican candidates for president.

Gov. Kasich, whose poor debate performances, combined with his latest proposal to create a Judeo-Christian federal agency to beam pro-Christian messages to the Islamic world, has made him the butt of national ridicule.  As a result, he is stuck at a mere three percent based on polled voters’ first and […]

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