Texas Gov. Rick Perry, now with a quite studious image wearing dark-rimmed glasses and without a cowboy hat, says he will seek the Republican nomination for president again with a three-step plan of (1) sending the 82nd Airborne Division to the Texas border (2) sending himself to Iowa and (3)…and (3)…he concedes he can’t remember the third!

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In recent weeks, the negotiations between the Reynoldsburg School Board and the Reynoldsburg Education Association have focused on the Board’s proposal to switch to merit-based pay and eliminate district-sponsored healthcare.  These proposed changes are dramatic and have rightly deserved much scrutiny.

A larger-than-usual number of teachers have resigned from the district this year, leading the School Board to argue that the exodus of quality educators is a reason their proposed “more competitive” pay structure is needed.  In our last post on the subject, we pointed out that the pay structure in Reynoldsburg is actually comparable and competitive [...]

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Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the downtown Columbus headquarters of the Ohio Democratic Party, David Pepper, Democratic Nominee for Ohio Attorney General, came down hard on incumbent Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine for overseeing a culture of pay-to-play politics, the likes of which has not been seen since the second term of Gov. Robert Taft, when Ohio voters rebelled at the many pay-to-play scandals during his administration that became front page news, giving Ohio voters good reason to vote Democrats into all but one statewide office in 2006.

The Dayton Daily News published an article based on public records recently, [...]

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In an exclusive video interview Tuesday at Ohio Democratic Headquarters in downtown Columbus, David Pepper confronts incumbent first-term Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine for failing to act on the many scandals that became public last week, when four teachers who taught at Horizon charters schools in the Dayton-area brought their first-hand testimony to the Ohio Board of Education.

Pepper provided this exclusive comment following the regularly scheduled press conference at which he lambasted Ohio’s current attorney general, elected in 2010 along with other Republicans who won office with the help from Tea Party activists, for what he said called “revelations [...]

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With a former student and teacher from the Horizon Science Academy flanking him Monday, Ohio Rep. John Patrick Carney charged Republican Auditor of State David Yost with not launching an investigation contemporaneous with the violations that the Ohio Board of Education heard last week from four teachers who worked for the charter school.

But the whistleblower teachers might soon find themselves under the microscope. The agency headed by Dr. Richard Ross, an appointee of Gov. John R. Kasich, whose future aspirations to jump into presidential politics in 2016 or sooner rests wholly on winning a second term this [...]

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More incriminating evidence surfaced this weekend in Mike DeWine’s ever-growing pay to play scandal when the Dayton Daily News published the results of their investigation into how AG’s office awards lucrative contracts for collections work.   The article provides the most convincing evidence yet that DeWine is personally handing out state work to his friends and donors.

In the most shocking example, “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine passed over more experienced vendors in favor of a friend’s new collections agency,”  said the paper.   The experienced firm, Value Recovery Group (VRG), had done work for the past five attorneys general and had extensive experience [...]

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The Consumer News and Business Channel, which went live in 1991, is a network dedicated to promoting business, especially the CEO stars de jour. Most newspapers publish a business section that generally adulates and cheers for business owners.

The invention of so-called “job creators ” entered into the political parlance in the 2012 race to the White House between Mitt Romney and Republicans, whose declaration of “We built this” was a verbal counter offensive to “You didn’t build that,” a phrase President Obama and Democrats used that admonished those who conveniently forget that everyone pays for infrastructure like roads [...]

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In the Republicans’ efforts to make conservatism palatable to 51 pct. of the voters, they have yet to agree on a workable code name. George W.Bush came up with “compassionate” conservatism, which oddly suggested that other forms were not. Sen. Rob. Portman arrived at the Cleveland City Club on Friday to promote his anti-poverty , “constructive” conservatism, a term which you may fairly conclude, dismisses all that came before it as quite destructive.

Nearly a decade ago, Rod Dreyer, one of National Review’s gurus, introduced “crunchy” conservatism to define those who “embrace a counter-cultural, yet traditional (!) conservative lifestyle.” I [...]

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A “Dear Patriots” letter, sent from Buckeye Tea Party activists, called the faithful to anti-illegal immigration rallies scheduled in eight cities across the state this weekend, including one on Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Reporters from Plunderbund were there to capture the action.

“We are a nation of immigrants, but none the less, as a nation we must protect our sovereignty,” read the letter.  “That means that we have actual borders, and that we can decide who comes into our nation and who does not come into our nation. We support LEGAL Immigration. But we do not support Illegal Immigration or [...]

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When I think of Mike DeWine, I think of God-given goodness.

(Bear with me, folks.)

When I think of Mike DeWine, the over-achieving Republican attorney general of Ohio, I think of random acts of kindness, of rainbows, of the morning dew glistening in the break of day, of the yellow brick road of Oz, of….

At least , that’s what Mike DeWine wants me to think. But he’s been around long enough for me to have second thoughts, that his political career invokes something much less warmly engaging than his current public mythiness despite friendly editorial embraces from Ohio’s mainstream [...]

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