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Justin Elliott is out with a story in ProPublica detailing the connections of a shady outside group called the “Government Integrity Fund” (these groups always seem to have Orwellian names) that is funding attack ads against Sherrod Brown.  The group has the domain name registration anonymity covered, registering via DomainsByProxy.  The only clues to who was involved until recently was the articles of incorporation which list a William M. Todd as Secretary and Statutory Agent.

Where do we know that name from?

Oh, yeah!  Our buddy Bill Todd!

Todd claims no involvement in the group that started running […]

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Bill Todd and his erect arrows fail to defeat incumbent Franklin County GOP Chairman and his limp arrows.

Bill Todd loses another election… this time among the GOP faithful.

I think it’s safe to finally say his short-lived political career is over.  It’s becoming embarrassing for the guy.

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Oh man do I have a lot to say about dirtbag GOP lawyer Bill Todd’s latest foray into County Politics.

I really, really, REALLY do have a lot to say but for now I think this image from his first piece of extremely long and overly complicated campaign literature does a pretty good job of summarizing his disastrously awesome plans for the Franklin County GOP should he ever become chairman…

I’ll have more to say about all of these points in the next few days, but please just take a look at bullet point three […]

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Back in November when Bill Todd announced he was going to run for State Rep in the 20th District, Matt Naugle had an interesting take on the primary battle Todd was going to face against Matt Carle, Mike DeWine’s former campaign mananger:

“In this race, Carle is very much the Scozzafava-candidate, as he is pro-abortion and anti-gun. And in this environment, party bosses are no match for the conservative grassroots.”

It’s funny that Matt frames the race in terms of the NY-23 race in which Scozzafava was pushed out by her ultra-conservative opponents only to find this traditionally safe […]

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Bill Todd long ago mastered the art of being a slimeball political operative. But a few years back he decided he wanted to get elected to office. No office in particular, mind you. Just some office.

So first he moved from Powell to Columbus in 2005 so he could run for mayor. That plan didn’t work out so well. His campaign was a complete and total failure. Crash and burn. Enough said.

But Bill would not give up his dream that easily.

Soon he left Columbus and relocated to Bexley which just happens to be in Ohio’s […]

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Bill Todd Leaves Town

On May 31, 2009 By

Bill Todd continues to amuse.

You may remember that Bill Todd first moved to Columbus two years before he ran for Mayor.

You may also remember that he received fewer than 30% of the votes.

I guess this may have had something to do with his short stay.

A year and a half later Bill Todd is still whining about Columbus taxes – however he no longer lives in town. He has since moved to Bexley.

So long, Bill. We hardly knew ya.

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So… the McCain campaign prints a bunch of invalid absentee ballot forms for Ohio and the Secretary of State rejects the forms because, well, they are invalid.

The GOP gets pissed and wants to sue the Secretary of State for something that is their own damn fault. But where could they possibly find a lawyer who woul- oh, wait.

I forgot about Bill Todd.

Bill Todd is like the Johnny Knoxville of Ohio Politics.

You want someone to do the political equivalent of hammering a nail through their nutsack? Just call Bill Todd.

Need someone to run for Mayor against […]

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Is there anyone dirtbag Republican lawyer and failed candidate for Columbus mayor Bill Todd won’t represent?

For-profit Charter School PACs that illegally funnel contributions to Republican candidates…

Anti-womens’ rights groups that want to run illegal issue ads…

Bogus non-profits that run illegal campaign ads and then illegally hide the names of their contributors…

hmmm… I guess not.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that he’s now representing Payday lenders – suing the state for the right to charge poor Ohioans 391 percent interest for small loans!

I’ve really tried to stay neutral on […]

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Bill Todd, long-time dirtbag Republican lawyer and recent, failed Columbus Mayoral Candidate, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday on behalf of Ohio Right to Life.

The anti-abortion group wants to run so-called “issue ads” that mention specific candidates’ names all the way up until the November election.

Current state law forbids such ads from running 30 days prior to the election.

According to the AP, Ohio Right to Life wants to run radio and tv ads on “the issue” of the State Senate’s proposed ban on human cloning- and in those ads wants to mention the names of Ohio Republican […]

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I’ve been tracking the results for the Columbus Mayor’s race on the Franklin County BOE’s website:

With 8 of 522 precincts reporting, we saw the following results:

BILL TODD: 41.98%

“Holy shit!”, says Eric. “42%? didn’t figure that high!”

Ten minutes go by.

25 of 522 precincts reporting:

BILL TODD: 30.45

“That’s more like it”, says Eric.

And it only gets worse for Todd from there…

BILL TODD: 31.45%


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Unbelievable. First the PeeDee and now THIS! Jerid has the details on how the Columbus Dispatch is sitting on a massive story that would bring the Republican Summer of Love to a shattering climax. It seems Bill Todd is rumored to be suffering from an incurable case of Dendrophilia. What’s that you might ask? Well…um. It’s kinda hard to explain. I’ll just blurt it out: Mr. Todd is allegedly a tree fucker.

I hope Mr. Todd will seek immediate treatment if this story is true. I can understand why the Dispatch does not want to print such a story. […]

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