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Back in late 2009, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine put together a 10 point plan that he hoped would help restore the “conservative credibility” of the Republican party in Ohio.

“The Republican Party has lost its credibility,” wrote DeWine. “We were the party of ethics and morality until our elected officials became symbolic of scandal and corruption,” he said. And “voters did not reject our conservative ideology… they rejected our hypocrisy.”

The final step of his plan was to “Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct”

Our party historically upheld the highest standard for ethics and morality in government, but […]

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According to HuffPo, 31 State GOP Chairpersons have signed a letter supporting embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Kevin DeWine’s name isn’t on it… yet, but CNN reports that additional state party chairman are expected to add their names to the letter in the coming days.

Back when people still remember the Ohio GOP for their “Culture of Corruption” that lead to their massive defeat in 2006, ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine pledged a zero tolerance policy in the party for misconduct.

Does this apply to the RNC, Kevin?

Can’t wait to hear.

(And while we’re waiting to hear on […]

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Like clockwork, the Ohio Republican Party thanks Lee Fisher for parroting their crap.

Kevin Dewine wants Lee Fisher to win this primary, because he knows Lee will lose to Rob Portman.? Lovely of Lee to play along, no??? I can’t think of a better way for Lee Fisher to lose this primary than to first become a Republican, and then flame out.

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So back in March when John McCain secured the GOP nomination for President, Kevin DeWine stated the race would center around “the basics of what this party was built on: lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal discipline, moral character, and ethical conduct”:

Fast forward to October. The Republican candidate is down in the polls and Kevin’s message has changed quite a bit. Now it is all about how “the Democrats are trying to rig the election”:

Why is Kevin DeWine throwing the basics out the window? Why is he not talking about taxes or smaller government? Why is he […]

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I was going to write about this ridiculous non-story yesterday but it didn’t seem worth the effort.

The story is basically this: Kevin Dewine is whining that Marc Dann offended Christians and is calling for Dann to apologize.

Dann apparently sent an email to his communications director that contained the statement: “Jesus had it better on good friday.”

As we all know, Kevin is an obnoxious twit who regularly pushes stories like this out there hoping to make the dems look bad.

The last time it was a 13 year old kid.

This time it was […]

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There’s an old saying, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” If you’re wondering why Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges is transparently mealy mouthed about his limp support for Donald Trump, his party’s presidential nominee who clobbered all other challengers including his home state hero, look no further than the hand that fed him his current lucrative position.

The hand that rocks the cradle for Matt Borges belongs to Gov. John Kasich, a 64-year old politician who loves to play hardball and sometimes dirty politics, even though he holds himself out to be a moderate politico who thought offering […]

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Plunderbund has set the standard for coverage of Gov. John Kasich’s secret and successful derailing of Ohio Libertarian Party candidate Charlie Earl from the 2014 ballot. The case brought by the Ohio Libertarian Party is now in a federal appeals court and briefs are due on July 15th.

Clerk of the Court Deborah S. Hunt wrote on June 7, “Upon review of the plaintiffs-appellants’ motion for emergency relief pending appeal and/or to expedite briefing, it hereby is ORDERED that briefing in this appeal be expedited. The clerk is directed to enter a briefing schedule, with briefing to be […]

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The irony and hypocrisy of John Kasich’s campaign for president is so great sometimes that followers of the crusty CEO governor should swallow their morning coffee to avoid having to clean up an involuntary “spit take” after Camp Kasich whines about secret money being spent against him.

What goes around comes around, it’s said, and Gov. Kasich knows that political bromide well since he’s been on the delivering end of shady attacks during his four decades in contact politics.

Turnaround Is Fair Play

The AP reports today that Gov. Kasich’s PR handlers are complaining about secret funds being […]

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The hits just keep coming for Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer.

And by “hits,” we really mean misses.

The time has come for Meyer to step down.

Back in 2104, Plunderbund requested time sheets and other records for various staffers of Lt. Giv. Mary Taylor, including her chief of staff Laura Johnson.  It seems that the amount of time the two women’s cars were parked in the Riffe Center garage under the Statehouse was “significantly less” than the amount of time they said they had worked on their time sheets.

Last week, the inspector general issued a report criticizing Taylor […]

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People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t know this or doesn’t care. Always courting the rogue role, the moving target that has defined Kasich over the course of his long career in politics was on display when the maverick politico refused to take up residency in the Ohio governor’s mansion after his thin win in 2010.

Always casting government with original sin, the man who spent most of his life so far drinking from that public trough shunned public housing, choosing instead to remain in his private, secluded home, where millions in taxpayer […]

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On Thursday, the Ohio Elections Commission will hear the complaint filed by the Ohio Libertarian Party alleging violations of Ohio campaign finance laws. Instead of dismissing the case, as has been asked by Terry Casey, a long-time political crony of Gov. John R. Kasich who plead guilty to violating campaign finance laws in 1992, and who again finds himself at the center of another lapse of ethics and campaign finance situation, OEC should either set a formal hearing to learn more or forward the case to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

Central in the complaint is the allegation that Terry […]

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