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“Whether we vote 35 or 28 days, by mail or in person this November, elected officials and not federal judges should be making Ohio law.” –Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

As soon as I read this statement issued by current Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, I couldn’t get the Talking Heads song, “Once in a Lifetime,” out of my head. “How did I get here – same as it ever was – letting the days go by, letting the water hold me down . . .” He once asked me if I missed “this office,” to which […]

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If you missed it on Friday I’d highly recommend you check out the BuzzFeed piece on the poorly executed putsch organized to oust Chris Redfern as chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. The author, Rosie Gray, does a good job highlighting the behind-the-scenes action as orchestrated by Rich Cordray’s long-time friend and fundraiser Melissa Barnhart.

Barnhart’s goal was fairly simple: take control of the party and set up Rich Cordray as the likely candidate for Governor in 2014. Barnhart recruited Anthony Giardini to run against Redfern and actively worked behind the scenes to gather backers and support among Democratic […]

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Plunderbund didn’t “officially” take sides in the Senate primary battle between Jennifer Brunner and Lee Fisher, but if you read the blog back then it would have been amazingly clear who most of us were supporting. Despite Brunner’s fundraising disadvantage, former PB blogger Modern Esquire took on Lee Fisher, the entire Ohio Democratic Party and anyone who was foolish enough to say anything negative about Jennifer Brunner.

Brunner didn’t win, but she did impress a lot of us with her willingness to fearlessly get out in front of important progressive issues. After the race for Senate, Brunner started a political […]

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Congratulations, Jennifer Brunner, you’ve now become part of Governor Kasich’s talking points in support of Issue 2:

At the Roundtable [discussing Issue 2], the governor championed the “need to work together to fix the problems in this state,” adding: “No more politics. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. … I don’t care because Ohio is dying and we need to get it healed.” He cited his appointment of Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat and former secretary of state, to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission. [Source: Akron Beacon Journal].

Jennifer Brunner got played by Kasich, just as we […]

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What happened to Jennifer Brunner?  What happened to the make-no-apologies progressive candidate who was all about “courage?”

At the end of July, Brunner was at the Columbus Athletic Club nodding in agreement to a speech by Governor John Kasich.   She was all too happy to explain her seemingly agreement to Kasich’s speech:

“Not everyone agrees with those changes, but he’s making an effort. You can tell that he cares.” . . .  Kasich is “dedicated to reforming Ohio,” Brunner said.

After many of her followers on her Facebook page asked her what the blue blazes she was doing, […]

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[Updated @ bottom with Brunner’s response]

This was in yesterday’s Columbus Dispatch:

As Gov. John Kasich rattled through his policy agenda during a speech to the Columbus Metropolitan Club yesterday, there was an audience member seated near the stage nodding in agreement.

Former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat.

“Not everyone agrees with those changes, but he’s making an effort. You can tell that he cares.” . . .  Kasich is “dedicated to reforming Ohio,” Brunner said.

When you read a story and the only thing that your mind creates that makes a news story makes […]

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I just went over to the Secretary of State’s website to take a look at some campaign finance data and I was surprised to find myself greeted by Jon Husted’s smiling face.

Unfortunately, in the rush to scrub the site of Jennifer Brunner, Husted’s web team seems to have just randomly replaced images and removed others without replacing them. Here’s a screen shot of the campaign finance page. Notice how the banner doesn’t match the rest of the site, the font used for Jon Husted’s name doesn’t match the rest of the text and all of the images on the […]

Full Story... was the organization that was formed, at one time, to try to subject Governor Strickland’s video lottery terminals (VLTs) at horseracing track proposals to voter repeal by referendum.  It is widely believed that it was funded by the backers of the constitutional amendment that mandated casino gambling in Ohio, who feared VLTs would cut into their business.

We don’t know because so far the only donor that LetOhioVote has disclosed is a Virginia-based company called New Models.  Suspecting that New Models was being used as a front to hide the true donors.  Secretary of State Brunner subpoenaed to […]

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One last thought for the night:

I’m thinking about starting a Plunderbund office pool based on the following question: How long will it take SOS-elect Jon Husted to replace the existing pink-colored SOS website design?

Based entirely on my belief that Republican men are very, very insecure about anything that might bring their sexual preferences into question, I’m going to go with 4 weeks tops.

Email me directly if you want to get in on the action.

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It’s at Brothers Lounge at 116th & Detroit.

So stop by and see Tim.

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Talk about your last minute endorsements.

Former U.S. Treasurer (pull out a bill from your wallet or purse that was printed during the Clinton Administration)/Ohio Treasurer Mary Ellen Withrow has apparently endorsed Jennifer Brunner.

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