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Proof John Kasich is an Asshole

On September 28, 2009 By

I have been hearing rumors about John Kasich for a while now.

Rumors about John’s angry run-ins with flight attendants and his horrible treatment of servers at restaurants. Rumors about his complete lack of self-control and his arrogant and childish behavior in public places. Rumors about his inability to not be an asshole when not being an asshole is the only thing he needs to do to help push forward his latest quest for statewide political office.

So far, I’ve avoided posting about any of these rumors because no one has come forward with similar information or any actual […]

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As folks on the left lick their wounds and pick up the pieces from the dumbest election ever, they’re understandably looking for bright sides. And there are a few — some important local tax levies passed in Ohio, medical and recreational marijuana was legalized in six more states and the Democrats are rebuilding to become more progressive and reflective of working people’s needs. However, there’s another sweet treat hidden amongst the negatives of 2016, one that stands out more than the rest for us here at Plunderbund — by the end of 2018, John Kasich’s political career will be dead.


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There was a little one-man sideshow that virtually no one paid attention to in Washington last week, when the King, Lebron James, and his NBA champion Cavaliers were hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House .

Glomming onto the photo op with Lebron and Barack was Ohio’s term-limited, lame duck governor, John Kasich. Kasich is out in the cold with Trump world, a situation of his own making after displaying his well-known and long-cultivated personality disorder of crusty leader with a better idea.

The former Catholic alter boy who ditched a life of devotion to the Lord for […]

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Plunderbund is no fan of Gov. John Kasich. Our daily posts pounding him on one issue after another attest to where the sympathies of Ohio’s biggest and most politically influential blog lie on Ohio’s sitting governor.

So when an article titled “Everyone Hates John Kasich” runs on a high-visibility, pro-Republican, anti-Obama-Hillary Clinton Website, PB disavows any participation in it.

“No one wants Kasich in this race anymore,”’s Leon H. Wolf wrote. “He’s served his purpose. But as long as people keep donating him money, he’s going to still be around, trying to give the nomination to […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich appears to be counting on the Republican Party base to find its long-lost mind.

He wants to make them understand he only expanded Obamacare out of Christian duty. He wants to convince them there is value in the appeal he feels he’d have beyond the party’s lunatic fringe.

Either he believes he can do this, or New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait is right and Kasich is on a self-consciously futile  “quest for glorious martyrdom,” the purpose of which is never entirely clear.

I’m more inclined to the obvious: simple political ambition greased by sycophants and […]

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The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Brent Larkin, apparently, is a John Kasich fanboy, who is quick to dismiss the nearly ‘06 Ken Blackwellian beating Kasich’s Issue 2 took in the polls last week.  And he’s utterly convinced that Kasich’s agenda isn’t unpopular, just that Kasich personally is:

On many major issues of the day, Kasich still has the right message. Big problems, which Ohio has, require bold solutions.

Boldness doesn’t scare Kasich the way it has scared most Ohio governors.

So if it’s not the message, it must be the messenger.

Whaaat?!?  Logical syllogism fail.  Look, there are other […]

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If you are surprised by Kasich’s latest gaff – calling a police office an idiot multiple times at his EPA meeting last month – then obviously missed all of the warnings we gave you during the campaign.

John Kasich has acted again and again like a selfish, arrogant jerk who thinks he deserves special treatment from everyone.

Here’s the video…

And the transcription (ht Dispatch):

“Have you ever been stopped by a policeman who’s an idiot?” the governor asked.

“I had this idiot pull me over on (Route) 315. He says, ‘You passed this […]

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I saw that Modern is getting some blow back for his post about John Kasich’s paid actor, who is an ex-offender.  As an ex-offender who ran for office, time for me to chime in.  Here’s the problem with Kasich’s ad.

John Kasich wouldn’t hire an ex-offender to take out his garbage.  Ex-offenders are at the mercy of a society that seeks to make them pay in perpetuity for their mistakes, and John Kasich is one of those vengeful wingnut assholes who are the sharp end of that.  But it’s perfectly OK to Kasich to hire an ex-offender from Florida […]

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We’ve been covering John Kasich’s angry, dickish, asshole-like behavior for nearly a year now at Plunderbund. But the stories seem to go back decades.

On the heals of Lyndsey Teter’s recent article in the Other Paper “Does Ohio need an SOB as governor?” documenting a bunch of examples of Kasich’s ungentlemanly like behavior, the paper has just added a reader’s letter to their site – a letter that documents a case from 2001 of John Kasich lashing out at a horribly sick guy at a hospital – a guy walking around with his IV in […]

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It’s been interesting to watch this inevitable transformation of John Kasich from pity party to full on angry man. You’ll remember their first defense for Strickland going on the offensive was to basically say “LEAVE JOHN KASICH ALONE”. Mean, mean Ted Strickland should not attack poor John Kasich. It was not fair.  Ted should talk about his record and not put poor little Lehman Brothers boy John Kasich on the defensive.  It was as if they were taking campaign advice directly from Chris Crocker.

When that didn’t work (hint: noboby is going to leave John Kasich alone) […]

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A few months ago I would have forgiven John Kasich for not being fully engaged. It was early in campaign and Ted’s numbers were low and the economy sucked and the best thing for John to do was shut up and let things roll along. We’re moving into the spring right now and I’m still waiting for John to step up and take a stand on something, anything. But it seems like he still thinks he can ride through to victory by not actually doing any work.

I know I’m not the first one to point out that John Kasich […]

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