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When John Kasich – a guy with a good deal of experience on both sides of the conservative interview table – called in to Laura Ingraham’s show the other day I think everyone was expecting it to go pretty smoothly.

It didn’t.

John started off sounding annoyed and he spent over half the interview angrily refusing to answer Laura’s first question – which she rephrased a number of times and ended up answering herself. About halfway through you can pretty much imagine Laura Ingraham looking over at her producer asking WHO THE HELL BOOKED THIS MORON??

Here’s the audio…

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The stories about Kasich treating people like crap are finally coming out. Not surprisingly there’s now a Facebook group where you can add your own. It’s called, of course, John Kasich Treated Me Like Crap.

You’ll read about an arrogant John Kasich trying to get an airline employee fired for doing her (national security related) job and about John Kasich ignoring comments from his constituents.

Click through. Hit “Join”. Enjoy.

But I also have to ask again: do you have a story that they won’t include on their Facebook wall? A story they won’t print in the […]

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We’ve been covering John Kasich’s angry, dickish, asshole-like behavior for nearly a year now at Plunderbund. But the stories seem to go back decades.

On the heals of Lyndsey Teter’s recent article in the Other Paper “Does Ohio need an SOB as governor?” documenting a bunch of examples of Kasich’s ungentlemanly like behavior, the paper has just added a reader’s letter to their site – a letter that documents a case from 2001 of John Kasich lashing out at a horribly sick guy at a hospital – a guy walking around with his IV in […]

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On Tuesday night in Celina, a Republican stronghold in northwest Ohio, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley mercilessly harpooned John Kasich and his agenda over the last six years like Ahab going after Moby Dick. According to the Daily Standard, she’s “sounding as if she’s ready to enter the 2018 gubernatorial race.”  Whaley is widely regarded as a “progressive, pragmatic leader with a track record of getting things done.”

Others have similar thoughts on Whaley’s talents and Democratic futures. Liz Walters, a Summit County Council Member and former Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director, primed the pump Thursday with a solicitation for […]

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“It’s very disappointing. The governor was an opponent of mine. He took a big defeat, he went down hard… The people of Ohio get it. We are leading in the polls. He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it.”

That’s the stone cold, ugly truth Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told WHIO’s Jim Otte Friday in Ohio about Gov. John Kasich’s opposition to his candidacy.

It Was Christie Not Kasich

Ohio media in love with Kasich relished the idea that Trump was considering the adopted Ohioan as VP material. The sources […]

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What a difference 100 years can make in the editorial life of a very conservative newspaper based in southwest Ohio. Until Friday, The Cincinnati Enquirer has only endorsed Republicans for President of the United States going back a century.

The last Democrat the Hamilton County paper endorsed was Woodrow Wilson, in 1916, a segregationist who went to the Oval Office after serving as President of Princeton University. But times and candidates change, as we all know too well, given who wants that position today and what the nation can expect in return for voting their candidate of choice into […]

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Since he bowed out of the race on May 4th after losing 49 GOP state primary contests and winning just one, Ohio, Gov. John Kasich and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump have been slap fighting mostly over tone, experience and temperament, not policies and programs.

Ohio’s lame duck governor, whose own petulance is well known and described by national reporters as “off-putting,” has correctly observed that nobody listens to him anymore, that is, with the exception of the Columbus Dispatch and the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspapers who keep faithful to Kasich by keeping his name and associated relevance afloat in […]

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How many times did Ohio Gov. John Kasich say with absolute certainty that Donald John Trump would not be the Republican nominee for president this year?

On Thursday, the only absolute certainty Gov. Kasich knows for sure is that the New York real estate billionaire will be the GOP nominee, after claiming the magic number of 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination in Cleveland in July on that first all-important ballot.

Gov. Kasich finished in fourth place in the delegate count with just 160, behind second place finisher Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida, who despite […]

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After Ohio Gov. John Kasich bowed out less than two weeks ago—after losing 46 Republican primary contests and winning only one—the 64-year old lame duck governor disappeared into the shadows.

The term-limited governor had clearly had his fill of reporters lobbing unwanted, annoying questions at him after more than 200-plus days of running out of state for a job Ohio voters didn’t elect him to run for because he didn’t include his ambition to be president in his reasons for a second term as governor.

After 18 years in congress and many years of working at Fox News as […]

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Democratic candidates running for U.S. Senate this year went at each other this week in Cleveland, site of the and Plain Dealer [PD] endorsement interview. The three candidates in the race were in one room, and in close proximity to each other.

Ted Strickland, Kelli Prather and PG Sittenfeld showed up Tuesday for a sometimes heated exchange that lasted more than one hour. Watch the video on the Web.

Kasich’s Plain Dealer Video Still MIA

Isn’t it nice that the PD has taken such an interest in the race to determine which of the three Democrats will take on […]

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The Fox Business Network will include John Kasich in its Thursday evening prime time debate. Low polling nationally and in every state except one, New Hampshire, the term-limited Ohio leader will have a final chance before voting starts there on Feb. 9 to show he’s got the right stuff. That is, if he isn’t sent to the showers by failing to win, place or show.

According to the latest Fox News poll, Donald Trump leads with 33 percent among New Hampshire Republican primary voters. Coming in behind him are Marco Rubio [15%], Ted Cruz [12%], Jeb! Bush [9%] and […]

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