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Sam Stein contacted me earlier in the week about a piece he was doing for the Huffington Post about a shadowy GOP group involving non-other than former Blackwell staffer and all-around nasty guy Norm Cummings. He incorporates some stuff I’ve already covered here at Plunderbund along with a lot of new information that makes it definitely worth reading.

My absolute favorite part is the end where he quotes Scott Pullins:

“I think the foulest thing he has done that I know about is the ad he tried to get me to run on behalf of the Ohio […]

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Back when started their lawsuit to protect the names of their contributors The Dispatch reported

…the court also delayed a subpoena issued to Norm Cummings, identified as a consultant for living in Colorado. Cummings and Crawford had argued that Brunner cannot issue subpoenas out of state.

Cummings, as we’ve recently noted, has been living and working on a campaign out in Colorado for the past year.

It’s hard to really track where he really lives though.

He may be living and working in Colorado now but he and his wife have registered home […]

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So while we are on the topic of people from Virginia trying to influence Ohio politics

Take a quick look at the domain registration record for

Created On:19-Jul-2009 01:00:48 UTC
Registrant Name:Norman Cummings
Registrant Street1:388 Meadows Drive
Registrant City:Lancaster
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:22503
Registrant Phone:+1.8044623429

Yep, that’s good old Norm Cummings again. Former Blackwell campaign staffer, friend of Carlo Loparo and all around not-nice guy.

It turns out that Mr. Cummings registered the domain name just days after Governor Strickland signed an […]

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Norman Cummings, the guy who helped lead Ken Blackwell’s disastrous 2006 campaign for Ohio Governor, has resurfaced as the campaign manager for Jane Norton – a candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado.

If you don?t know Norm , check out my posts from 2006.

Norm is a master of negative attack ads and wedge issues; not surprising since he worked for Lee Atwater back in the 80?s. (He also shares a birthday with Cleveland Rocker Michael Stanley.)

If you are a lefty blogger from Colorado then please contact me. Norm is NOT a nice person and I would […]

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Blackwell campaign hurt by negative ads, lack of contributions

COLUMBUS – Those involved with the campaign to elect Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell governor argued among themselves and made a lot of mistakes in the months leading up to his defeat on Nov. 7.

On the other hand, those who ran Democrat Ted Strickland?s campaign stayed on message and made the right moves. ?You see the result,? said Norman Cummings, Blackwell?s campaign manager.

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“I’ve known Ken for a long time. I think he will make an excellent statewide candidate”
– Norman Cummings, Ken Blackwell’s Campaign Manager, 1994.

In 1994, Candidate Blackwell did not look like an excellent candidate for anything- especially not for statewide office.

His only political success had been at the local-level fifteen years earlier. Since then he had switched parties, lost a primary and was defeated by Charlie Luken in his run for US Representative from Ohio’s 1st District.

But George Voinovich and the Cummings Family were about to change that.

Norman Cummings

Norm Cummings spent the late 80’s […]

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Before ’84
Norman B. Cummings is a Republican political consultant. He is originally from Bartlett, Ohio.

He was born March 25th, 1948, the same day as Cleveland Rocker Michael Stanley.

Also in the news that day: a flying saucer crashes in Aztec, New Mexico and, in Washington DC, President Harry S. Truman gives a news conference pledging US support for the newly-formed nation of Israel.

Norman kicked off his political career in 1970 working on the campaign of Senator Robert Taft Jr. (the current governor’s father). He has been an active Republican politico at the state and national […]

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Norm Cummings is the highest paid and the longest serving member of Ken Blackwell’s campaign staff.

Over the past 12 years, the Blackwell campaign paid his rent, bought him a laptop and coughed up A LOT of cash for his consulting services.

Since 1994, Norm Cummings has received over $400,000 from Blackwell and his PACs- including $8,634 from Citizens for Tax Reform and $5,000 from the Ohio Taxpayers Protection Committee. This year alone he has taken home almost $65K.

Numbers are interesting- but only if you can put them into some sort of context.

These number had […]

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Kasich is making an announcement this afternoon regarding his deal with the casinos and as Budget Watcher points out, it seems very likely that video lottery terminals (VLTs aka slot machines) are probably going to be allowed at Ohio’s race tracks. I recommend you read the Ohio Budget Watch post. As with many, many other issues, I think you’ll be very surprised how accurate their predictions turn out to be.

Regarding the VLTs, I thought maybe I’d cover a little background and touch on some recent issues that are suddenly being resolved to make way for Kasich’s likely plan […]

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It looks like helping to sabotage one of Ted Strickland’s solutions for helping to balance the budget has earned Carlo Loparo a job with the Kasich administration.

Or maybe its his experience working for a group that has spent the past year fighting tooth and nail against Ohio’s transparency laws to keep the source of it’s funding private.

Either way, Carlo’s got a new job as the new spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and by every metric Kasich seems to consider important, Carlo totally deserves the job.

As we’ve noted many times […]

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After originally saying he was putting the lottery commission’s plans for slot machines at racetracks on hold, John Kasich backtracked a little last week. He’s now saying “he doesn’t really gamble but he’s not opposed to it” and he thinks “the revenue can be valuable.”

The Republican Governor-elect now says he will study the plan to put video lottery terminals at the state’s racetracks and, not surprisingly, we haven’t heard a peep from Loparo and his pals at who were so opposed to the idea when it was presented by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. is composed […]

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