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They’re baaack!  As we finish up the GOP nomination circus and begin to head into general election talk, we’ll begin to focus more on the re-election of Barack Obama here on PB.  One thing we know for sure about this period of the election is that the familiar smears will be back in force against President Obama.  Many of you will remember the run up to the historic election in 2008 and the many ugly email chains that were a big part of the desperate attempt to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President.

The campaign launched a valiant effort and […]

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Fight The Health Care Smears

On August 10, 2009 By

Remember Fight the Smears? I spent the better part of a year using it as inspiration and fodder to hammer insane wingnut lunatics out to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President by lying and sowing seeds of fear and loathing among the masses.

It didn’t work out well for them.

One reason it didn’t was a coordinated effort by the campaign and by bloggers like me who fought back – hard. It’s the only way you deal with insane ignorant bullies. Hit them hard and keep hitting them until those who might sheepishly go along are forced not […]

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I had to promote the following comment from my Jihad Candidate post. It’s just great and does a good job of making the case for fighting these things head on. All that follows is the comment:

I received “The Jihad Candidate” in my email today. It brought me back to the fear-mongering lies folks sent by email prior to the last Presidential election. My greatest concern is that Republican candidate supporters, in general, seem to have no qualms about forwarding political material filled with serious inaccuracies and logical fallacies, while the Democratic candidate supporters seem to demonstrate no […]

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I have to agree with Steve Elmendorf, Kerry’s 2004 deputy campaign manager:

Referring to Corsi’s most recent book, Elmendorf said, “It’s on the front page of The New York Times. It’s number one on The New York Times best-seller list. Right now, I would be very aggressive with reporters and factually going through the book and responding and making it clear that this is a bunch of bullsh-t.”

Don’t NOT, under any circumstances, repeat the mistakes the Kerry camp made in not going after these lies head on. Media Matters has already done a good job of […]

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THIS is how it’s done fellow progressive bloggers! This is how it’s done. Absolute perfection.

One voter at a time. Fight the Smears!

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Apparently the email chain smear merchants are taking their cues from the McCain campaign. My inbox if blowing up with readers sending in smears. The latest has been out before, but it’s main headline reads:


Hence, the post title.

Here is how characterized it:

This widely distributed message is so full of misinformation that we find it impossible to believe that it is the result of simple ignorance or carelessness on the part of the writer. Almost nothing it says about Obama’s tax proposals […]

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These people are ill. The latest email smear floating around (and wingnut meme) is that Barack Obama supports infanticide. He will not only fuck your white daughter, but he will take your babies, kill them, and eat them! Seriously.

The latest from the inbox originated from Frankie&Dwight (


Everyone needs to watch this.

great guy – huh
you make up your own mind.

Here is the smear video:

The interesting thing is that it features Jill Stanek, know anti-freedom crusader who has blogged that the Chinese eat fetuses. […]

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Ahum. That didn’t take long. I asked for it and it appears Team Obama is gonna give it to me (and many others all thinking and screaming the same thing: FIGHT!). This is really great to see and it’s only a warning shot straight across the bows of those who think it will work this time:

It’s called “Unfit for Publication,” but the subtitle could be: “We Are Not John Kerry’s Campaign.”

In an move that is one part genuine pushback and one part message-sending, Obama’s campaign has released a 41-page pdf file designed to rebut accusations […]

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So I got put in a pickle. Let me illustrate:

[rock] [eric] [hard place]

You see. I made it known how we were gonna fight anonymous email smears of Barack Obama:

1. Reply to everyone who got the email that you can tell (you may need to copy addresses from a quoted email that was forwarded). Tell them the truth.

2. Forward it to

3. Forward it to me and I’ll blog it (include the entire message including original sender/recipients)

All well and good until you get one from your own mother. This is how insidious this […]

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How could the removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans provide us a lesson about memorials dedicated to Ronald Reagan?

Hang on to that thought about The Gipper for a moment. Let’s look at the Civil War lesson first.

For years, public sentiment has questioned the appropriateness of an obelisk honoring the killing of police officers by white supremacists in the Crescent City during the turbulent post-Civil War period as well as statues depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Pierre Beauregard. Finally, there is action to remove these symbols of treason that date from […]

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The symbol of one political party is an elephant, known for its size, strength and memory. For modern elephants gone astray or rogue, forgetting is common, so factual reminders are needed to bring their collective memory current.

The following information released today by the White House is the best reminder so far of what the Patient Protection and Affordability Act [ACA] has meant just for Ohio. If you’re an elected Ohio leader who wouldn’t have voted for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act had you served in Congress five years ago, or who have attacked it since as a […]

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