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A new PPP poll shows Nina Turner leading Jon Husted by one point in the race for Ohio Secretary of State.    Turner leads with 45% versus Husted’s 44%.  12% chose “Not Sure.”

Turner leads by seven points with Independents, three points with women,  four points with 18-to-29 year olds and  and 16 points with 30-to-45 year olds.

Detailed results are below.

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Secretary of State Jon Husted on Friday dumped two Libertarian candidates from Ohio’s ballot.

Husted disqualified Charlie Earl, a candidate for governor, and Steven Linnabary, a candidate for attorney general.  Husted concluded that petition signature gatherers failed to comply with Ohio laws requiring them to be either Libertarian or a political independent and another requiring them to disclose their employer.  A court challenge is inevitable.

Husted’s motivations are obvious.  The Libertarian candidate likely would draw votes away from Governor John Kasich.  This isn’t a secret, even Republican state chairman, Matthew Borges, admitted that the GOP helped with [...]

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The Hamilton County Republican Party, backstopped by Secretary of State Jon Husted, continues its single-minded focus on disenfranchising African-American voters

Husted, who drew national attention for his iron-fisted approach toward making it as hard as possible for African-Americans to vote early,  will likely break an upcoming tie vote in the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Husted did the same thing in 2012 to keep the Board of Elections closed, and to prevent vote-by-mail applications from being sent. Foiled by the Voting Rights Act, Husted seems to have concocted a new [...]

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Jon Husted’s office says that it’s “worth looking into” whether or not absentee voters who cast a provisional ballot should be prosecuted.

I looked into it. Here’s the damn law:

If a registered elector appears to vote… and that elector has requested an absent voter’s ballot… but the director has not received… that elector’s [ballot]… the elector shall be permitted to cast a provisional ballot…

The statute doesn’t encourage voting provisionally, but it anticipates that voters will want to vote provisionally if they’re uncertain about their absentee ballot.  And it expressly permits what these voters did.

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Jon Husted is running the same urban voter suppression play that he ran in 2012.

In Cincinnati, he broke a partisan tie at the Board of Elections to send 59 voters to the county prosecutor for following the instructions of poll workers and BoE staff to vote provisionally. According to the Enquirer, “county prosecutors say, under the law the voter’s intentions don’t matter.” Yes, the fact that they didn’t break the law is what matters.

In Columbus, the number is 90 voters. And according to the Dispatch, “Preisse said during the meeting that it didn’t matter why people [...]

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“If we didn’t have a guy like Secretary of State Husted around, we would probably have to invent him.”

That’s that we wrote about John Husted back in December.  What was true then remains true now.

“Voter fraud does exist, but it’s not an epidemic,” Husted recently said in response to a report studying alleged voter fraud and voter suppression.

It was just one year ago that Husted was so fired up about voter fraud that he was demanding a meeting with the United States Attorney General to discuss the fact that some counties appeared to have more registered voters [...]

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Last month we broke the story of Republicans trying to disenfranchise Ohio college students.  The plan, buried in the Ohio House budget, would penalize Ohio universities that provide proof of residency documents to students who live on campus.   Without such documentation, many students would not be able to comply with voter ID laws and would be forced to vote provisionally.

When asked about the plan, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office told Talking Points Memo that “he is not pushing for the universities to provide students with documentation to help them register to vote.”

“This is not [...]

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Soon after taking office, Secretary of State John Husted started talking about the importance of “uniformity” in Ohio’s election process.  By this, Husted of course meant the elimination of early voting on the days most preferred by Democratic voters – especially African American voters in large counties – during an important presidential election year.

In case there was any reason why Husted and his fellow Republicans were trying to keep Ohioans from voting on the last three days before the elections Republican Doug Preisse made it clear when he admitted the goal of limiting early [...]

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Senator Nina Turner and State Rep. Kathleen Clyde are planning to introduce legislation to determine why Ohio continues to be non-compliant with federal “Motor Voter” laws and how the problem can be fixed.

As we reported on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Husted, for the second time in two election cycles, failed to deliver voter registration data to local elections officials within the time allowed by state and federal laws.   Ohio requires the data to be sent within five days.

Instead, Husted sent months of data all at once, and days before the primary election on May 7th. [...]

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Acording to State Rep Kathleen Clyde, John Husted has again failed follow state and federal laws regarding voter registration updates, causing extra costs, confusion and possible lost votes for next week’s primary election.

State law requires the Secretary of State to send voter registration data to local election officials within five days of acceptance.   But Husted had been sitting on months of data without transferring it to the local BOEs.

SOS Husted make the same mistake during last year’s Presidential election.

“How could the Secretary of State make this colossal mistake twice?” asked Rep. Clyde.  “Absentee ballots will be rejected because [...]

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Secretary of State Jon Husted announced this month that “year-end filing figures for new businesses indicate three consecutive years of growth.”

“2012 marks the third year in a row in which the number of new business filings surpassed that of the year before”, says Husted.

He even included a nifty graphic to help prove visually that, as we’ve been saying for years, the economic recovery in Ohio, the one Kasich claims he created, actually started a year earlier under Governor Strickland.


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