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According to Charity Watch, a group that analyzes the financial information and spending of non-profits, the most highly efficient and effective organizations should spend at least 75% of their expenses on program costs that go toward the organization’s mission, with only 25% going to administrative costs.    Organizations that spend only 60% on program costs are considered satisfactory, and given a C rating.  Anything lower than that,  and the non-profits are given an unsatisfactory rating.

Charity Navigator uses a similar rating system for non-profits.  ”We believe that those spending less than a third of their budget on program expenses [...]

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Last February John Kasich appeared at JPMorgan Chase’s Polaris Campus to announce big upcoming expansion plans for the financial company, which has strong ties to Kasich, the Ohio Republican Party and JobsOhio.   Despite a lot of hoopla, handshaking and bell ringing on behalf of Kasich and his team at JobsOhio, things, as usual, didn’t go nearly as well as they had planned.

JobsOhio and the Kasich Administration officially and proudly announced job creation tax credits for JPMorgan’s planned expansion on May 21st, 2013.  In exchange for these tax credits, JPMorgan was promising to create 500 new jobs.  A [...]

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If you recently tried to read our story about JobsOhio’s disappointing third quarter report you may have noticed that the link to the report no longer works.   That because JobsOhio removed the original report and replaced it with a new, modified version of the document.

The first file had a create date of 11/21/2013 at 3:18:08 AM and a modified date of 11/22/2013 at 3:29:08 PM.   It was quietly released on JobsOhio’s website sometime over the weekend of November 29th.

We wrote about the report on Sunday December 1st, noting that every single metric JobsOhio tracks was lower [...]

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Back in September, shortly after it was reported that six of the nine JobsOhio board members have serious conflict of interest issues, Board Chairman James Boland admitted to the Dispatch that JobsOhio is seen as a “self-dealing, secretive and unaccountable” organization  by the public.  (Note:  Boland was one of the six with potential conflicts )

Boland denied there was any problem at JobsOhio (“We have nothing to hide here”, he said) and said he didn’t have any plans to provide more transparency or public oversight of his organization to help change the image.

Instead, he planned to hire some new public relations experts.

Today [...]

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Release bad news when no one is looking.  That’s one of the tricks of political communicators.   And that’s exactly what Kasich’s JobsOhio did today.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, two days after Black Friday, and the day after the OSU-Michigan game, most Ohioans are not following politics or job numbers.   They are likely still hung over, possibly still wearing the same scarlet and gray clothes they went to bed in the night before, and most certainly are wondering what they can do with all those scraps of turkey they still have in their fridge.

Or, like me, they spent [...]

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The State Auditor’s Office released much-anticipated audit reports for JobsOhio and for Ohio’s Development Services Agency yesterday.   We already discussed the conflict of interest issues uncovered in the first report.   Today I’d like to discuss the over one million dollars in undocumented spending uncovered by the audits.  And then briefly wonder out loud why Auditor Yost has no interest in asking where all of that money went.

First up: JobsOhio employees and their corporate credit cards.

The JobsOhio audit found that JobsOhio employees were issued business charge cards for personal expenses and, in a large number of [...]

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And the award for worst headline of the day goes to… The Columbus Dispatch for this misleading BS about the state auditor’s report on JobsOhio:

“JobsOhio: Audit finds no conflicts of interest; some safeguards lacking”

Let’s talk about that conflict of interest thing first, since the Dispatch brought it up.

Back in July, the Dayton Daily News revealed that six of nine JobsOhio board members had financial ties to companies receiving money from JobsOhio.

JobsOhio Spokesperson Laura Jones told the paper that “We have a conflict of interest policy that we have in place that we utilize here at JobsOhio.  If [...]

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Jobs Ohio Update: Ohio Supreme Court
by Victoria E. Ullmann

The JobsOhio litigation, which has been going on since 2011, reached an important stage when the Supreme Court allowed oral arguments this week.  The litigation is not yet near completion however since this stage of the case concerns only whether or not the plaintiffs have standing to sue over this issue at all.

One thing that lawyers try to do is to view things from the perspective of the Court to be a better position to convince them to decide favorably.  The Supreme Court’s view of the  argument Wednesday [...]

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When Michigan’s semi-private, economic development organization (Michigan Economic Development Corp) faced criticism this week over some incorrect job creation numbers, defenders of the group came up with a great response:  hey, at least we’re not JobsOhio.


The mistakes in Michigan were caught during a public audit of the organization, something GOP lawmakers in Ohio have specifically outlawed with JobsOhio.

As the week progressed, JobsOhio suffered even more bad press.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Kasich’s pal Mark Kvamme, the mastermind behind JobsOhio who left government work to start his own Ohio-based venture capital company, received a 50 Million dollar investment from [...]

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Back in 2011 we made some predictions about John Kasich’s plan to change the way Ohio conducts business development activities.   Kasich had starting moving much of the work done by the Ohio Department of Development to his new, semi-private, totally-secret organization called JobsOhio which would, in turn, rely on a set of regional “partner” organizations to make recommendations on who should get loans, grants, and tax credits from JobsOhio and the state.

We warned that by “adding more layers” to the business development process, while making the decision makers “harder to reach”, Kasich’s plan would result in additional [...]

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According to the website for Ohio’s Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC), there are 465 active lobbyist registrations related to JobsOhio, Kasich’s secretive, public-private development organization.  Kasich’s long time friend Don Thibaut is personally registered to lobby JobsOhio for 9 different organizations.

Which leaves me scratching my head.

If JobsOhio really is a completely private organization, as the Kasich administration claims, then why do lobbyists have to register with a state ethics group in order to communicate with the organization on behalf of their clients?

Don’t get me wrong, given the amount of money we’re giving JobsOhio – $6+ Billion in public [...]

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