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JobsOhio released its annual report yesterday.  And the news was not good.

As the Dispatch reported, JobsOhio created “its fewest number of jobs since 2013” with a drop of “2,999 positions or 13 percent from the record set in 2015.” And “corporate investment in facilities and equipment declined $2.1 billion or 31 percent.”

JobsOhio took in a “record revenue of $1.075 billion last year” from liquor sales in Ohio.  But the jobs they actually claim to have created only “carried an annual payroll of $994 million — about $48,250 each — a drop of $106 million or 10 percent […]

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There it is, in plain sight, for all to see as 2017 starts.

After six years of doing precious little to propel Ohio to the promised peak of job-creating states, JobsOhio remains both unproductive and likely unconstitutional, even though it has a funding stream backed by taxpayer dollars that give it billions to dole out to companies willing to establish a presence in our slipping state.

On its website JobsOhio describes itself as “a private non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts.”  Created by a compliant Republican-controlled legislature at the behest of […]

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Is it really beyond belief that Ohio’s lame duck governor and losing presidential candidate this year, who’s widely known for his petulant and crusty personality, would let Wright State University lose hosting rights for the first presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle?

Ohio media that routinely coddles Mr. Kasich will never ask the question. But it’s more than curious that John Kasich’s pet job creation outfit, the super secret JobsOhio that he said when he first ran for governor in 2010 that he would become chairman of, doled out $10 million to the Republican National Committee for its presidential […]

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“He’ll do for Michigan what he’s done for Ohio. Create jobs,” a pro-John Kasich TV ad is telling Michigan voters in advance of next Tuesday’s primary.

Plunderbund has repeatedly reported how much Gov. Kasich has under-performed, so much so that some urban centers may not recover their pre-Great Recession job levels for years to come, as Ohio has lagged the national average for most of Kasich’s five years as governor.

JobsOhio reported on Tuesday that year-over year Ohio has 23,602 new jobs, a record, due to its efforts, and corporate investment rose $6.7 billion at the same time. […]

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Omnicare in 1998 moved from downtown Cincinnati to nearby Covington, Kentucky, the town literally across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, after receiving $4 million in economic development incentives to make the move.  After that economic development package expired (as in, Kentucky could no longer legally ask the company to repay the benefits it was given), Omnicare announced in 2011 that it was…. moving right back to downtown in Cincinnati after receiving $6 million in economic incentives from the State of Ohio under Governor Kasich.  Because the commercial landlord that owned the space Omnicare moved to ALSO was receiving economic incentives, the new […]

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An overwhelmingly number of Buckeye lawmakers, virtually all them Republican, voted last Tuesday to fast forward a proposal to the fall ballot that would monkey-wrench an amendment that would carve out real estate in the Ohio Constitution for ten commercial marijuana growers in the same way four casino owners got their real estate in 2009, by winning a statewide vote.

Dysfunctional Defenders

There’s suddenly an out cry from certain quarters to protect the Ohio Constitution from certain invasive interest groups whose causes are deemed too crass to be in the people’s founding operations manual. Long overdue, polls show an […]

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This is the true story of how John Kasich and JobsOhio got one of its own inaugural board members fired and left Ohio taxpayers with giving the company an $8 million subsidy to boast the stock price to benefit a Swedish billionaire.

In 2011, first term Governor John Kasich was desperate to change the subject.  In the first year of his term, Kasich already had approval ratings in the mid-30s after picking a fight he couldn’t win against working families with SB 5, a bill that would have essentially eliminated the right of police officers, firefighters, teachers, and government workers […]

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John Kasich headlined the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 year end review in downtown Columbus on Thursday.  The governor’s message and delivery were virtually identical to last year.  From keeping Ohio’s fiscal house in order to creating a climate for job creation, Gov. Kasich was swooned over by Senate President Keith Faber, who will return in that role for the next two years, and House Speaker Bill Batchelder, who first entered the legislature in 1968 and whose final day arrives Dec. 31.

Now on the long list of possible GOP presidential hopefuls for 2016, Gov. Kasich told a ballroom full of […]

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Not only is Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s private and secret job creating engine very likely unconstitutional, a conclusion experts predict the Ohio Supreme Court would reach if a case challenging Kasich’s creature ever reaches it, but it apparently can’t create many jobs either.

Two new reports detailing Ohio’s poor job creation performance show the Wizard of Westerville’s so-called “Ohio Miracle” is mostly a self-basting, feel-good illusion.  Many workers are still waiting for Kasich’s promised land of jobs galore to materialize in their lifetime.

If Gov. Kasich’s Reagan-era grab bag collection of poor-to-non-performing economic policies, programs and initiatives he likes […]

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A statewide meeting organized by the Ohio Liberty Coalition drew about 300 people to a church in Lewis Center, Ohio, Saturday.  Speakers at the Reload 4 Liberty 2014!  event discussed the Heartbeat Bill, a Right to Work ballot initiative and a strategy for winning races they say are ripe for picking.  They also spoke on camera about Kasich, JobsOhio and RTW.

Ted Stevenot, who failed to qualify for the Republican primary ballot earlier this year, spoke about his precinct project. Stevenot has emerged as an activist who, despite his inability to challenge first-term incumbent Republican Gov. John R. Kasich in […]

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By all real measures used by actual economists, Ohio’s job growth stalled two years ago – right about the time that JobOhio, Kasich’s non-transparent and unconstitutional money hole, started handling economic development for the state.

While the U.S. has regained all of the jobs lost during the Great Recession, economists calculate that Ohio is still down 139,900 jobs from our pre-recession peak.   Not surprising since Ohio’s job growth has lagged the U.S. average for almost 20 months in a row.

But Kasich isn’t going to let facts get in the way of him continuing to push his Ohio Miracle story.   Especially not […]

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