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The “Gorilla” of Wall Street and The Governor of Ohio were very buddy, buddy once upon a time. In the years preceding the housing bubble going pop, this Wall Street “Gorilla” made a fortune running Lehman Brothers before his name, as   Bloomberg News said recently about Dick Fuld as he reemerges from national ignominy over the meltdown on Wall Street, “became synonymous with the hubris that preceded the financial crisis and the chaotic years that followed.”

Known for his brusque style, Mr. Fuld found a kindred spirit and bosom buddy in John R. Kasich, whose similarly brusque style […]

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From last night’s Daily Show, John Stewart tracks Kasich’s quick drop from “cool new boyfriend to psychotic stepdad.”

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Here’s John Kasich in today’s Reuters story about his former praise of Lehman Brother’s CEO Dick Fuld:

“Fuld is an awesome guy,” Kasich told New York Observer for a September, 2001, story. “He is the kind of guy you want to go into battle with,” the article quoted Kasich as saying. “He is a great leader.”

Kasich backed away a little from his association with Fuld during his Reuters interview, saying: “I called him a good leader because of what he did after 9-11.”

Kasich, though, was interviewed for the story before September 11 and […]

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John Kasich is a Dick #145

On December 16, 2009 By

Sure, he’s not throwing hot cups of coffee at his campaign manager, but his dickishness certainly comes through in this ‘interview’…

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On Tuesday night in Celina, a Republican stronghold in northwest Ohio, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley mercilessly harpooned John Kasich and his agenda over the last six years like Ahab going after Moby Dick. According to the Daily Standard, she’s “sounding as if she’s ready to enter the 2018 gubernatorial race.”  Whaley is widely regarded as a “progressive, pragmatic leader with a track record of getting things done.”

Others have similar thoughts on Whaley’s talents and Democratic futures. Liz Walters, a Summit County Council Member and former Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director, primed the pump Thursday with a solicitation for […]

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Appearing on Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday to pump his latest book, “Two Paths: America Divided or United,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich enjoyed another national TV appearance free of worry that his dog-whistle, faith-based preaching would be challenged despite ample evidence that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Kasich called his new book a “cry of the heart,” saying he wants people to live “life a little bigger than ourselves,” classic Kasich rhetoric heard throughout his long, losing campaign for president last year.

The term-limited governor normally loves to talk about how many CEOs he talks to […]

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Coming out of his first meeting with President Hillary Clinton at the White House last Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who flatly ruled out voting for her last year, showed what a uniter he is by wishing her well even though he didn’t vote for her.

“It’s sort of like being on an airplane,” the 64-year old lame duck governor said about the first woman to be president. He added, showing he values country over party, “You want to root for the pilot. You don’t want the pilot to screw up.”

Is this dishonest fake news? Absolutely. It’s fake […]

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What type of creep looks at the photos of tank-like Humvees and police officers in military-grade combat gear facing down Standing Rock Sioux protestors trying to protect their water supply and thinks, “Those cops need some help. Let’s get our state in on this chewy clusterfk.”

What kind of unconscionable dickweed sees pictures of protestors shot in the face with rubber bullets and decides that his own state troopers should be involved, pulling the trigger, blasting the sound canon, spraying the mace?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, apparently.

From the Springfield News-Sun on Saturday:

A contingent from the Ohio State […]

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This week’s winner in the “Even right-wingers can be right every so often award” is Ann Coulter for her description of John Kaisch:

“ …the spitting image of a homeless man. He’s got the slouch, the facial tics, and a strange way of bouncing his head and looking around that makes you want to cross the street to avoid him. It looks like he cuts his own hair, and his suits are Ralph Nader cast-offs. He wolfs down food like a street person, has a hair-trigger temper, and rants about religion in a way that only he can understand. “


Dick […]

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Add Prince LightJoy (aka Ohio Gov. John Kasich) and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman to the growing list of Republican dunderheads who somehow believe the American people didn’t overwhelming re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012 giving him a clear and inarguable Constitutional responsibility to fill any vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court between January 2012 and January 2017.

Try as I may flipping through my pocket version of the U.S. Constitution, I can’t find the paragraph where it says that a sitting President somehow losses this responsibility if it’s politically inconvenient to the opposition party. In fact, I’m sure that’s not […]

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A couple of months after Dick Ross and staff from Governor Kasich’s office created the Youngstown Cabinet, the Youngstown Takeover Plan took shape.  The first appearance of the plan in email was a well-formed “draft” that was sent to Dick Ross from Buddy Harris, ODE Senior Policy Analyst, on the night of February 12.  That draft was updated and sent again on the morning of February 13.  The emails were not sent to the members of the commission by Ross or Harris, and the document was created at the Ohio Department of Education.  The emails and those two drafts are below:


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