Search results for "letohiovote" was the organization that was formed, at one time, to try to subject Governor Strickland’s video lottery terminals (VLTs) at horseracing track proposals to voter repeal by referendum.  It is widely believed that it was funded by the backers of the constitutional amendment that mandated casino gambling in Ohio, who feared VLTs would cut into their business.

We don’t know because so far the only donor that LetOhioVote has disclosed is a Virginia-based company called New Models.  Suspecting that New Models was being used as a front to hide the true donors.  Secretary of State Brunner subpoenaed to […]

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After originally saying he was putting the lottery commission’s plans for slot machines at racetracks on hold, John Kasich backtracked a little last week. He’s now saying “he doesn’t really gamble but he’s not opposed to it” and he thinks “the revenue can be valuable.”

The Republican Governor-elect now says he will study the plan to put video lottery terminals at the state’s racetracks and, not surprisingly, we haven’t heard a peep from Loparo and his pals at who were so opposed to the idea when it was presented by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. is composed […]

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Dan Gilbert owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s also the guy who going to own the Cleveland and Cincinnati casinos once they are built.

And it’s looking pretty likely that he’s also the guy who’s been funding has been so far hiding the source of the millions of dollars it used to collect signatures to get their anti-slots proposal on the ballot.

Up until last week it was in Dan Gilbert’s best interest to keep slot machines out of Ohio race tracks because they would compete with his soon-to-be-built casinos.

But last week “the Ohio State Racing […]

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Back when started their lawsuit to protect the names of their contributors The Dispatch reported

…the court also delayed a subpoena issued to Norm Cummings, identified as a consultant for living in Colorado. Cummings and Crawford had argued that Brunner cannot issue subpoenas out of state.

Cummings, as we’ve recently noted, has been living and working on a campaign out in Colorado for the past year.

It’s hard to really track where he really lives though.

He may be living and working in Colorado now but he and his wife have registered home […]

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In case you haven’t been following the drama, has been actively fighting a plan by Governor Strickland to use race track slots to help fill a hole in the state budget.

The group has been using the courts to block the plan and delay its possible implementation until after the gubernatorial election in November.

The group was formed by former-Ken Blackwell staffers Carlo Loparo, Gene Piece and Norm Cummings and has received millions in funding from a shady DC-based group named New Models, which is also run by another former-Blackwell staffer named Tim Crawford.

Recently Secretary of […]

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A few days ago Carlo Loparo, Ken Blackwell’s former campaign spokesperson and current Strickland revenge seeker, said “he doesn?t know the ultimate source” of the funding has received from a Virginia-based group called New Models.

Today I find out the man running the show at New Models is Tim Crawford, yet ANOTHER Blackwell campaign alumnus.

Wow. Small world.

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From the Columbus Dispatch. filed their first campaign finance report, but it’s hardly illuminating:, which is led by three conservative activists, reported that it has raised nearly $1.6 million. All of that money came from a political nonprofit that specializes in polling called New Models, based in a suburban Washington office building.’s spokesman, Carlo LoParo, said he doesn’t know the ultimate source of the group’s money.

In other words, New Models is being used as a proxy donor to hide the real source of the Blackwell alumni revenge society’s actual money.  Nothing like being […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports that the group is over 27,000 signatures short to get their ballot initiative on the November ballot. (Over a third of its signatures were deemed invalid.)

The group has ten days to get the necessary signatures.  Here’s another non-shocker: no statement from the group in reaction. 

I bet the Blackwell campaign alumni association known as won’t even bother, even after they took their case to the Ohio Supreme Court just so they could throw the state budget in chaos so that they could push for a referendum issue that will never make […]

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It doesn’t surprise me at all that Gene Pierce and Carlo Loparo’s revenge-seeking anti-slots group illegally used 12 felons to circulate petitions.

Hell, I don’t even know if it’s illegal to hire felons. I guess Jennifer Brunner doesn’t either since she referred the complaint to AG Cordray.

And honestly, I don’t even care.

I’m just saying: it doesn’t surprise me.

And it shouldn’t surprise Loparo, et al either. What else do you expect when you use Craig’s List as your recruiting tool?

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On December 20, 2009 By

For weeks Gene Pierce, Carlo Loparo and the rest of the anti-Strickland, 40-watt club members over at have been promising to deliver at least 350K signatures to get their anti-slots-at-racetracks plan on the ballot.

Their stated goal of 350K is already far fewer signatures than they will actually need once the signatures are validated (normally around 50% actually pass the validation process). And it turns out they could even hit that.

Even with the help of Craig’s List and Arno Political consultants, they only delivered 325K signatures.

Sorry, boys. It’s not looking so good for your […]

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Carlo LoParo’s organization plans to turn in 350K signatures on Sunday as part of their evil plan to get revenge against Governor Strickland for beating Ken Blackwell 3 years ago.

At first glance, you’d think they were well on their way to being successfull since they only need 241,365 signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

However the very shady group they are using to gather the signatures – Arno Political Consultants – average ?just under 51%? accuracy in their signature gathering efforts. Which will probably bring them in at about 178K, well under the number of […]

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