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From his Twitter.

I don’t know what this guy’s problem is.  A friend of mine who works with special needs kids took one look at the infamous Naugle video and said “Aspergers.”  That might explain a lot, but not all of it.  Either way, here’s hoping the kid gets some medication soon before we have to detail this any further.

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I’ll give Matt Naugle credit.  He’s totally calling out Kasich on this one.

Turns out that Naugle’s done a little bit more research on Kasich’s paid actor.

He found this on the guy’s MySpace page:

Then, and perhaps more troubling, is the guy’s criminal record for battery, theft, and forgery.

John Kasich just used a convicted felon to attack Ted Strickland.

Um, wow.

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Some days, I really don’t even think Matt Naugle believes what he writes.

Today, Matt Naugle accuses the Fisher campaign of being racist for….

….using Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.

Matt’s right.  The Fisher campaign should have used non-Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.  How dare they!

[UPDATED:] Matt goes all in crazy.  Equates the Fisher ad to Willie Horton.

Naugle’s entire post is that featuring any one of any race other than a white person must be racist.

He honestly doesn’t think that Fisher’s use is no different than the Bush […]

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I’m going to remind any in the media of comments like this the next time they’re thinking of even listening to this loser.

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Yesterday, the Carpetblogger alleged that Strickland running mate said at her press conference that the Second Amendment is irrelevant to the Governor’s race.  He claims to quote a story but doesn’t cite the source or link to it.

Of course, it’s a complete fiction as McGee Brown actually said that her personal views are irrelevant as she supports the Governor and he sets the policy for the State.  Despite my demand that Keeling correct his post, he’s refused to respond.

Not to be outdone, Matt Naugle admits what Keeling ignores (that the Associated Press and the Cleveland Plain […]

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I’ve been trying to figure out why Matt Naugle seems to go out of his way to write such glowing posts to help Josh Mandel’s State Treasurer’s race out so much.  After all, the State Treasurer isn’t an appointment board position.  It’s a rather uneventful and boring job.  Josh Mandel was a liberal Democrat in OSU, until he realized that he had a better shot running as a Republican to get elected to the Statehouse.

And, let’s face it, Naugle’s not the most religiously tolerant guy around, to put it nicely.

So, a few months ago, I found this on […]

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I saw this on Naugle’s Twitter feed and almost stop breathing I was laughing so hard…

Matt Naugle stands by it so firmly that when he first wrote this argument in a blog post three years ago, he scrubbed the post off the Internet entirely within 24 hours of posting it.  He later scrubbed the entire blog as well.

And again, Naugle is wrong to claim that the right to counsel for indigent defendants didn’t exist until the Warren Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright.  Except as I pointed out […]

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Despite the fact that he once wrote a post in which he claimed that the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution does not explicitly afford a right to counsel (a post he long since scrubbed in embarrassment), Naugle likes to fancy himself a legal expert despite no qualifications whatsoever.  Even though time after time, Matt Naugle’s foray into legal writing is just a laughable joke.

Earlier this week, Naugle even claimed there was a constitutional right to reckless driving.

Now, Naugle is asking his conservative readers to blatant violate […]

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But this is the appropriate response.? Nice work, ODP.

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Matt Naugle is notorious in Ohio political circles for doing two things: 1. Shopping any and all oppo given to him by the GOP and 2. Attacking the families of his political adversaries personally. If you pay any amount of attention to Matt you know he has what can only be called a crush on Sandy Theis, someone who is known to most in Ohio politics. Matt has one of those punch you and run away crushes on Sandy.

This past week Matt decided again to go personal. He posted this on his Twitter account:

The link […]

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We now know just what it takes for Tim Russo to watch his candidate lose a primary on a Tuesday, then come to the defense of the victor the following Wednesday.? It takes Mark Naymik.

Maybe Mark Naymik is trying hard to paper over his track record during the primary of taking Lee Fisher’s attacks against Jennifer Brunner, swallowing them whole, and regurgitating them verbatim.? Because now, that’s precisely what he’s doing for Rob Portman, proving yet again that Republicans have reporters like Naymik on Pavlovian speed dial for literally any horse shit attack Republicans want to pitch.

In what […]

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