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Boy, I love me some irony.? What the hell else did they expect given her history of quitting on her home state of Alaska so that she could travel around in a custom bus taking dollars from unsuspecting sycophants?

Seriously. Palin’s little book tour appears to be like honey to stupid bees.

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Not sure, but this may be the first blogger produced video shot at a Sarah Palin book-signing campout.? We hit Camp Palin outside the Borders in Dublin, Ohio, outside Columbus.

It’s been a long night.? We heard that people had begun camping out at the Dublin (Columbus area) Borders as early as 7pm, for a book signing at 6pm the next day (today).? So […]

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Imagine that. Sarah Palin’s “Bus Tour” is a big fake.

Of course it is.

While having a belated Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend at my in-laws’ house my mother in law told me a friend had seen the Palin bus behind their house parked behind a Target. The day before the Columbus signing.

Odd, huh? Then I read all the ruckus online about how Palin is not actually traveling across country on a bus doing a book tour:

It seems now that Palin hasn?t been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and […]

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The video that launched a thousand camera carrying bloggers at the vapid soul of the conservative movement, which became the #7 Most Viral Video of the 2008 presidential campaign, and created an entirely new genre of cinema verite starring the most ignorant fools ever to engage in political discourse….the McCain Palin Mob, as of this post, is less than 400 views away from hitting 2 million.?? At the current rate of around 300-400 views a day (which is a bump thanks to last week’s Palin book signing fun) it will cross 2 million views by Thanksgiving.

Some more […]

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This guy says he was camping out in Columbus and ended up at some other Palin book signing….we missed him.? Maybe he wasn’t suited up yet.? Via…who else….Wonkette.

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After Tim published the last video from the all-night Palin book signing camp-out in Dublin Ohio, people began to ask us if we had more footage. But of course!

When we originally went out to see what was happening at the Border’s bookstore in suburban Columbus Ohio where people were camping out to be the first in line for a Sarah Palin book signing event, we had no idea what we’d be in for. It’s always this way. What was apparent right away was that these people were literally dug in for the long haul on their support […]

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Tim and Eric’s latest video from the Palin book signing/homeless encampment includes a debate between Tim and some kid over which cost more: the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or the Stimulus Bill (AARA).

The short answer, just based on actual spending approved by Congress, is the War. By a few hundred billion. Sorry duct tape shirt kid but you are wrong on this one.

According to a report by the Congressional Research Services from two months ago:

“Congress has approved a total of about $944 billion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and […]

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You could probably have figured this out by now.? The more liberal economist is saying the stimulus was not big enough and another infusion will be needed to get the economy fully on track.? The more conservative economist is saying the stimulus has been a disaster and is not working, proving that big government is bad.

The snipping is all well and good.? Those less likely to inject politics into the mix admit the stimulus is working to, um, stimulate the economy despite it’s failings:

But with roughly a quarter of the stimulus money out the door after nine […]

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[Updated with video from CSPAN]

For those of you who tuned in late, here’s the full transcript of tonight’s Vice Presidential debate:

OCTOBER 11, 2012


RADDATZ: Good evening, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential debate of 2012, sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. I’m Martha Raddatz of ABC News, and I […]

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Sarah Palin’s last visit to Ohio for a book signing turned out to be a great video opportunity for Tim and Eric in front of the Dublin Border’s book store.

I expect nothing less from Palin’s next visit on March 5th.

According to the website for the event: “Purchasing a ticket (for $40) guarantees you a comfortable seat and a great view of Sarah Palin as she shares her experiences related to the Pro Life Movement. Refreshments will be available for purchase prior to the event.”

Mmmm…. refreshments for purchase. And a comfortable seat.

That really beats sleeping […]

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So, the Columbus Dispatch, has more details on exactly how the Senate GOP would fill the gap with less than a full freeze of the final income tax cut:

Raids $30 million from the Housing Trust Fund Removing the requirement that schools provide all-day kindergarten starting next school year, and the requirement that they meet class size restrictions. Restoring $25 million this year and $35 million next year to private, chartered schools, most of which are Catholic. The schools were hit with significant cuts in the two-year budget. Creating a commission to study state functions that could be […]

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