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Shortly after Governor Kasich introduced his latest budget bill a few weeks ago (HB472), it was split up into a series of different bills that addressed different topics and was distributed to the appropriate House committees. The education components were written up as House Bill 487 and sent to the House Education Committee. Last week, that bill quietly passed out of the committee (and is expected to be considered by the full House on April 9) with a variety of small changes and with one very significant addition.

House Bill 487 would require every student attending a private […]

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Ohio’s leading legislator in implementing education reforms, who I have frequently urged you to contact about needed changes to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee law, has stopped listening to constituents.  Senator Peggy Lehner, chair of the Senate Education Committee appeared on 10tv’s Capitol Square program last Sunday and clearly stated that she is firmly behind the law as it has been enacted, especially the mandatory retention component that will hold back any third grader who doesn’t achieve the arbitrary cut score on Ohio’s standardized reading assessment this Spring.

Said Lehner, after stating that neither the state nor school districts […]

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This is the story* of two third grade boys, Brady and Nick.  The two 8-year old boys are neighbors and best friends living in Columbus in a fairly typical north-side neighborhood.  As it so happens, the boys even share the same birthday — August 22, 2005 — and up until this year they attended the same school, Valley Forge Elementary, in the Columbus City School District.

At the end of last school year, Nick’s parents applied for and were granted an EdChoice voucher to send Nick to a private school.  They chose to use the taxpayer-funded voucher ($4,250) […]

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Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase most commonly associated with the medical profession.  The phrase translates to “first, do no harm”.  Ohio’s legislators would do well to adopt this concept when considering the laws about education.

As we first wrote yesterday, research studies show that the mandatory retention component of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law will do irreparable harm to thousands of children by increasing the likelihood that they will drop out of school later on.  Since this evidence contradicts the intended outcome of the law, we must push the Ohio General Assembly to immediately amend the law to […]

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If you’re a parent with a child in third grade this year, then you are probably aware of Ohio’s new Third Grade Reading Guarantee law that puts added pressure on your son or daughter to score (nearly) proficient or greater on the state’s reading achievement test or else they will end up in summer school and most likely be retained.  A week ago, we wrote about how the total number of students expected to be retained this year is in the neighborhood of 19,000 statewide.

The new law was written in such […]

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Senate Bill 21 seeks to change provisions relating to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (TGRG) passed last year.  A key component of this bill has been overlooked, but was highlighted yesterday by Senator Peggy Lehner as she introduced it to the House Education Committee.

According to Lehner in her testimony, the original legislation was never intended to affect teachers in grades K-2, and it was misinterpreted by the Ohio Department of Education after its passage (this is debatable as the original language could be claimed to be faulty and/or ambiguous).  Lehner’s SB21 (passed 30-1 by Ohio Senate) corrects the confusing […]

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The Senate Education Committee will be discussing Senate Bill 21 this week, a bill that seeks to change the requirements of the teachers involved in reading instruction under the Third Grade Guarantee.  The legislation likely does not go far enough in providing schools the flexibility they need to roll in the required changes to reading instruction, but the introduction of legislation to modify the rules is a start.

Senate Bill 21 seeks to remove the requirement that students “…shall be assigned a teacher who has been actively engaged in the reading instruction of students for the previous three years…”


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Ohio’s legislators’ misguided belief in their infinite wisdom of education reform continues to be exposed as Senate Bill 316 — their most recent attempt at demonstrating their knowledge of schools — has become law.  The latest display of their ignorance of the education system can be found in the requirements that exist as a part of the “Third Grade Reading Guarantee.”

The “guarantee” is detailed in Ohio Revised Code 3313.608 and has been explained as a way to ensure that all students are proficient readers before moving on to the 4th grade.  A key component of the new […]

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Last week John Kasich submitted his latest education reform bill to the legislature via Senator Peggy Lehner.  We’ve posted about that introduction of ideas now known as Senate Bill 316, and I personally wrote about a proposal referred to as the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  The proposal is an ill-conceived method of enforcing big-government ideas onto local school board decisions under the guise of providing the “best” solution for students.  But when the administration revealed the research that is the driving force behind this recycled plan, they revealed their own flaws in reading and […]

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Last October, we wrote about the exorbitant cost of obtaining a Reading Endorsement to meet the requirements of teaching the primary grades under Ohio’s Third Grade Guarantee law.  At the time, we projected the cost to be over $17,000.  That figure may have dropped a bit as universities have been scrambling to find a way to address the thousands of panicked teachers seeking to obtain the endorsement, but will still cost thousands of unnecessary dollars.

We have a message for those panicked teachers: Stop it.

Senate Bill 21 has moved on to the Ohio House with […]

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For a Governor and political party that professes to want a smaller government, Ohio’s Republicans sure seem to like laws that impose greater government control over our personal lives.

One latest example that doesn’t involve a uterus is Governor Kasich’s proposal to implement a “guarantee” that all children are proficient readers before being allowed to move on to the 4th grade.  His explanation is that students who aren’t able to pass the third grade reading test are less likely to graduate from high school and should therefore be held back for (at least) a year.

In fact, Kasich […]

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