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You remember the cartoon cliché of the big guy nonchalantly stiff-arming the forehead of the little guy who swings his arms wildly at the big guy and catches only wind?

That’s the analogy I’d like to employ for the dust-up between Donald Trump and John Kasich when Trump held his first campaign rally at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Monday.

Now imagine the little guy has a team of sycophants in Ohio and throughout the media who respond to this little display by writing headlines like “John Kasich gets the better of Donald Trump in Buckeye State battle,” as Full Story...

State Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, continues his laser-like focus on the most pressing needs in our great Buckeye State, this time around presenting a bill to make sure Uncle Conrad and Aunt Jennie can arrive strapped while dropping little Timmy off at day care.

An email from the Buckeye Firearms Association elaborates:

Substitute House Bill 48… is scheduled for a vote by the full House on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

The bill, which passed out of the House State Government Committee back in June by a 9-2 vote, seeks to restore Ohioans’ right to carry in day care facilities (unless they post “no-guns”), private airplanes, school safety […]

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Party animal that I am, my Saturday night was spent listening to the Democratic Presidential debate while reading history on the friendship between Henry Adams and John Hay. Born to be wild.

My reading put me in the mind of statesmanship, and U.S. history, and I noted that the three Democrats on stage all displayed substantially thicker Presidential timber than anything offered by the termite-infested woodcraft on the GOP stage.

Sometime around mid-summer, I decided that if anything remained of the Republican Party’s collective brain after 35 years of deformation by obvious parasitic infection, they might do well to select Florida U.S. […]

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The bill has come due, and it’s $1.3 million. That’s how much money in attorneys fees Attorney General Mike DeWine cost Ohio by losing the defense of his religious beliefs in our name.

That figure is not to mention the time and money he spent in court hours, staff hours and the personal attention DeWine gave the case.

For his effort, the U.S. Supreme Court in June handed DeWine a righteous and swift kick to the back of the pants, ruling against him in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case 5-4, thereby ensuring marriage equality throughout America.

From Justice Anthony Kennedy, […]

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I spend a lot of time reading about education issues in Ohio and throughout the nation, but was grateful to have the opportunity recently to hear the issues straight from the people impacted by them: students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

I come from a family of educators, so I feel a sense of home in a public school, a certain rush of energy and motivation. I believe our schools, all our schools, should be palaces, thriving testaments to our civilization’s commitment to and investment in the power of learning.

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors […]

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They’re certainly going after their mileage with the ginned up Planned Parenthood controversy.

Ohio state representatives Robert McColley and Kyle Koehler are asking their colleagues to co-sponsor a “proper disposal of product of conception” bill.

Throughout the 300-word letter, McColley and Koehler assiduously avoid the term “fetus.”

We will soon be introducing legislation that seeks to promote and protect the dignity of the unborn through proper burial or cremation and strengthen Ohio’s laws on informed consent.

I can only imagine what garish provisions they have in mind for “strengthening” Ohio’s laws on informed consent.

Currently, Ohio Revised Code prohibits the […]

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Nina Turner’s hair is on fire. That’s an urgency metaphor.

She set the room on fire at the Athens County Democratic Party fall dinner Thursday night. That’s a metaphor about her ability to transfer her sense of political urgency and energy onto an audience.

As engagement chair for the Ohio Democratic Party, former state Sen. Turner is nothing if not engaging. I’ve covered these things for over a decade and while it wasn’t the first standing ovation I’ve seen, it was the first time I’ve heard party regulars unleash yelps, hoots and hollers of approval.

Why is Nina Turner so fired […]

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It’s not often you get a news release announcing ProgressOhio and Opportunity Ohio have teamed up, but when you do, you know things have gotten pretty bad.

ProgressOhio is the state’s largest progressive advocacy organization and Opportunity Ohio is a free-market research organization.

The two have joined in asking the Auditor of State and Office of Inspector General to investigate revelations that Ohio State University employees said they faced retaliation for questioning the performance of IQ Innovations, a firm under contract with OSU for a distance learning clearing house.

The workers said the retaliation came from a top appointee at the Ohio […]

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This might be it, folks, Issue 3 marijuana law reform or bust.

ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal for a constitutional amendment to legalize medical and recreational marijuana sales in Ohio won a major endorsement last week from a pro-medical marijuana group that has been attempting to get its own proposal to the Ohio ballot since 2013.

The Ohio Rights Group has thrown its support behind ResponsibleOhio’s Issue 3 proposal, saying that while the group was initially resistant to the amendment, after meetings and negotiation, the ORG now feels Issue 3 is the state’s best shot to reform marijuana laws for […]

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The Buckeye State, it seems, has achieved a nadir in statesmanship contributing to our national dialogue.

Sure, we’ve had embarrassing representation before. But when U.S. Rep. Clement Laird Vallandigham was wire-walking the line of treason in the 1860s as leader of the copperheads, at least we had people like U.S. Rep. Benjamin Wade, Gen. U.S. “Unconditional Surrender” Grant, Gen. Wm. Tecumseh Sherman, U.S. Sen. John Sherman, and Brigadier Gen. James Garfield, amongst others, on the other side, breaking their lances for freedom. The good far outweighed the bad.

In October 2015, we have Ohio Gov. John Kasich telling folks he’s going to cut […]

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It’s time to circle the wagons, folks. No doubt about it, public education is under attack. So it’s heartening to see advocates standing up, speaking out, and organizing a summit to rally the troops for the long battle ahead.

Last week I was invited by Public Education Partners’ Jeanne Melvin to a summit in Dublin, Ohio, on Oct. 17 titled, “Public Education Matters.” The event will be a statewide conference for parents, teachers and any other Ohioan who is concerned about issues impacting schools.

Participants will learn ways they can advocate for kids and schools, an event invitation […]

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