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Republicans in the Ohio House are known to do a bang-up job of displaying what horrible people they can be, and their latest scheme with Healthy Ohio is a showstopper.

The folks over at the Akron Beacon Journal couldn’t help but notice, pointing out that even though 500,000 Ohioans now have health insurance through Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the callous hearts in the House Majority will try all they can to undermine it.

The Republicans are concerned, you see, that providing health insurance under Medicaid expansion leads to a “culture of dependency.”

That concern drove the House to include […]

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A variety of southwestern Ohio lawmakers recently made excuses for not supporting equal marriage rights, and the general spinelessness is striking.

At least with a good, candid bigot, the lines are clearly drawn. But these days there is a growing tendency among some who support inequality to hedge, waffle, and deflect blame.

Take state Sen. Bill Coley, R-Liberty Township, who told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he doesn’t support or oppose equal rights for same-sex couples.

“I don’t put my thumb on the scale on that one,” he said. “The prohibition against it is in the constitution, so it’s not really a […]

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A couple of state representatives want to decide on Ohio marijuana legalization before voters get a chance to do so for themselves, and their preference is to make it as limited as possible. Their preference is to legalize marijuana solely for the medicinal treatment of seizure disorders, and nothing else.

This is actually a bipartisan proposal, put forth by state Rep. Wes Retherford, a Republican from Hamilton, and state Rep. John M. Rogers, a Democrat from Mentor-on-the-Lake. The Columbus Dispatch did a big ol’ feature on their proposal, House Bill 33, but failed to mention either of their names […]

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John Kasich continued to pretend he’s not campaigning for president this week while traveling to New Hampshire to campaign for president. And he apparently impressed upon everyone just how golly-gee nice he is by declining to attack Hillary Clinton.

A column in the Boston Globe titled, “Ohio Governor John Kasich’s positive politics,” came on the heels of two national magazine profiles that referred to Kasich as arrogant, prickly, rude and and off-putting jerk.

In the Globe piece, columnist Scott Lehigh was struck by Kasich’s failure to Obama thrash and Clinton bash.

“Indeed, he declined even when an audience […]

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Happy Primary Election Day, Buckeye State voters. This is perhaps as good a time as any to reflect on our ability to exercise the franchise.

For some, it isn’t so easy, and those of us who believe in democracy know that we must continue to strive to eliminate barriers to the ballot box. One would think, in 2015, online voter registration would be a simple enough step to encourage and facilitate voter participation.

Apparently, one would be wrong.

In Ohio, the idea of online registration has been tossed about for years, but the American Civil Liberties Union recently released a […]

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“The thing about John Kasich is, he’s kind of a jerk,” writes The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball in her profile of the Ohio Governor April 30.

Kasich has been getting into the glossies more and more recently with these types of profile pieces meant to introduce him to the national political audience, including another profile in the National Journal by Michelle Cottle, titled, “How (Arrogant, Prickly, Smart) John Kasich Would Upend 2016.”

In both pieces, Kasich’s self-aggrandizement is on full display: The governor is somehow of the belief that despite his ravaging of state aid to the poor […]

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Ohio Gov. John Richard Kasich has a Nixon-like ability to belch up disingenuous flatulence that would drop a horse fly.

Witness his recent speech to the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., as reported by

“In my state of Ohio, we find that we can’t commercialize… Why? Because there’s not a culture of innovation. There’s not a culture of risk-taking. There’s not a culture of people getting excited about new ideas. There’s not a culture that says, ‘Damn the status quo, it’s time to move ahead before we die.’”

What the hell does this man see when […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t want to “go out there and waste (his) time,” campaigning for the presidency if he’s not going to win.

Well, John Kasich is not going to win, but I’d love to see him go out there and waste his time anyway.

His feints toward presidential ambition have been so knee-slappingly entertaining thus far, I’d hate him to forego the opportunity to dance across the national stage one more time. I’m a man who enjoys a good show.

And while the GOP clown car unloads with the likes of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand […]

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Athens County is not home to any hydraulic fracking activities of the sort that would create jobs or economic development i.e. actual drilling. But it is home to seven fracking waste injection wells, and in 2014 was the second most heavily injected county in the state—first for out-of-state waste.

An eighth injection well that was recently given the green light from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is poised to jump Athens County from receiving a little less than 3 million barrels of waste per year to as much as nearly 7 million, well outpacing any other county.

Residents of Athens […]

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Dopers, smokers, midnight tokers, lend me thine bloodshot eyes.

We push ever-closer toward legalizing the devil’s lettuce in Ohio.

Did you know that there are in fact four different proposals to legalize the use of marijuana to some extent or another, two in 2015 and two in 2016?

While some proposals, in my opinion, are better than others, all are better than the status quo.

I’m going to skip the whole bit about arguing the numerous points why weed prohibition is arbitrary, wasteful, needlessly limiting (both medicinally and economically), and hopelessly absurd.

The case has been made and proved time and again. The […]

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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland told fellow Democrats in Athens County Saturday night that they are living through an unprecedented and challenging time in American politics.

Strickland was full of fire for these Democrats in the foothills of Appalachia during their annual spring party dinner at the the local American Legion Hall. He called on party members to stand up for what they believe in and to stand against an extremist Republican Party.

“We have a Republican Party that in my judgment has been taken over by such extreme thinkers they don’t believe in compromise,” Strickland said. “They are slash […]

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