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Do you recall the tale of Brave Sir Robin? In Monty Python’s search for the Holy Grail, Sir Robin’s minstrels sang, “When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled. Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about, and gallantly he chickened out. Bravely taking to his feet, he beat a very brave retreat.”

Pondering Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s moral courage by sticking up for gun rights in the wake of yet another massacre, I could not help but think of old brave Sir Robin.

Kasich’s reaction to the tragedy, to defend a political constituency that never switches out […]

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Up with this we must not put, dear Ohioans. One-party rule in the Buckeye State is despoiling public education with profit-driven cronyism, fraud, abuse, and corruption. Whistleblowers are falling victim to intimidation and retribution. All avenues of redress are being systematically sabotaged.

Where to begin?

Plunderbund broke a story this week showing that a charter school operation owned by one of Ohio’s biggest Republican donors has been failing standards and retaliating against would-be whistleblowers while Hoovering up $100 million in state government contracts, according to a study out of Ohio State University.

Even worse, the study was conducted as […]

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A video is making the rounds today of U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, asking Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards a question and then repeatedly interrupting her with same question each time she tries to answer. He did so 19 times in five minutes.

I imagine Jordan walked out of that room feeling like a tough guy, proud and serenely unaware of what a fatuous boob he looks like in the video.

The whole thing centers, of course, around this summer’s sting video of Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the donation of fetal tissue to medical science. Anti-choice activists edited this video […]

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Here’s a shocker: A majority of Ohioans respect and revere women. Unfortunately, Republican leaders do not.

A new survey from Public Policy Polling of likely Ohio voters shows they overwhelmingly support laws that would require paid maternity leave and equal pay for equal work, and they oppose a bill that would make it illegal to abort a fetus with Downs Syndrome.

The poll was conducted Sept. 22-23.

The progressive group Progress Ohio issued a press release Monday noting that Ohio’s Republican governor and legislative majority don’t much give a damn what likely Ohio voters think on these issues, and they don’t share […]

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Ohio’s favorite reactionary crank from Mt. Lookout is twisting his toe into the starting blocks to try to enact a so-called ‘right-to-work’ law.

When state Rep. Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr. isn’t gamely designing to regulate the reproductive lives of Ohio women, he likes to hack for the anti-labor interests that have been trying to undermine and destroy unions since they first fought their way into existence.

In a letter to colleagues Wednesday, Brinkman asked for co-sponsors to private sector ‘right-to-work’ legislation he said he would soon be introducing.

He noted that neighboring states Michigan and Indiana have already served this hemlock to […]

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I think I’ve bitten my tongue long enough with regard to that wicked woman in Kentucky who keeps making all the headlines.

The Eye of the Tiger bit where Mike Huckabee held her hand up like she just knocked out Mr. T, and the dumb hick crowd cheered like 13-year-old girls at a Bieber concert? Much too much.

Brothers and sisters, the gloves are coming off. So forgive the ad hominem, I have no patience for self-righteous stupidity and intolerance, much less the flouting of the U.S. Constitution and the hijacking of the banner of religious freedom.

America has a great […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and compadres, I hope you had a happy Labor Day. The Democratic Party/progressive heritage in my family extends to me from my grandparents, blue collar labor on one side, and educators on the other. As such, Labor Day and the history of the labor movement has grown to become deeply significant to me.

This year, as we honored workers, I began to wonder at how controversial the idea of paying a living wage has become. After all, even that great criminal Richard Nixon advocated a a guaranteed minimum income.

But modern Republicans get […]

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This week, we’ve seen a significant number of Ohio’s public officials band together to come out forcefully and take a strong stand. This is rare. Unfortunately, the strong stand revolves around the stupidest “controversy” in the news cycle, and their united hysteria is nothing short of facepalm-embarrassing.

Yes, I’m talking about the renaming of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. asked followers on Facebook whether they cared that the mountain was renamed and the responses ranged from a flat, “No,” to shrugs, snark, and sarcasm.

President Wm. McKinley, you see, was an Ohioan, so naturally it falls upon Ohio’s politicians to bang […]

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This company Navient is quickly gaining a reputation as the Henry F. Potter of the U.S. student loan industry, and now one of Ohio’s finest public servants is preparing to drop the hammer on them.

Have I mentioned lately what a smart move it was for President Barack Obama to appoint former Ohio Attorney General and Treasurer Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Smart as a whip, I tell ye, as a whip.

As is Cordray, incidentally—smart, that is. And his efforts at the CFPB appear to be creating wounds that smart […]

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Thousands of working poor Ohioans qualify for an extension of federal food aid, but shall Gov. John “The Tenderheart” Kasich extend it to them, concerned as he is about his postmortem meet-and-greet with St. Peter?

In the words of Bishop Bullwinkle, Hell No, to the no, no no. Aw, Hell No, to the no, no, no.

From a new report by Policy Matters Ohio:

“Federal rules allow states to waive time limits in areas where working-poor adults cannot find enough work hours (without a waiver, recipients are restricted to food aid for three out of 36 months unless they work at […]

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I hope my fellow Ohioans are as impressed as I am by the statesmanship and serious, somber reflection we’ve been enjoying as a nation throughout this Presidential Primary season thus far.

“Do we want nice people or do we want horrible human beings?” The Donald Trump is asking his audiences. “I want horrible!” is his answer. I believe him. He leads by example.

In New Hampshire, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has moved up to 2nd place behind Trump in the GOP primary, with an average of 11 percent according to Real Clear Politics, and taking 11 percent to […]

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