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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland does not believe Ohio’s renewable energy standards are coming back any time soon. In fact, he believes that Senate Bill 310 represents little more than an underhanded effort to kill them altogether.

“My fear is, this is the death of these standards,” he said in an interview earlier this month. “I can’t imagine these folks ever, in two years, deciding to bring them back. It was just an effort to kill it.”

On Friday the 13th of all days, current Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed SB 310 into law, which will put a two-year freeze [...]

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Ed FitzGerald reclines, relaxed, methodically taking notes as though he were culling together arrows for his political quiver.

He glances up periodically to scan the reactions of the 125 Athens County Democratic Party members gathered at the local American Legion hall listening to area favorite Debbie Phillips introduce the man who will challenge Ohio Gov. John Kasich this November.

Athens County Democrats haven’t gathered a crowd so large for a party dinner since another local favorite, Ted Strickland, was running for governor in 2006. The doors to Post 21 have been flung open to allow in the cool Saturday night [...]

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Well it sure is nice of the radical right to provide a blueprint of at least part of their agenda this year. This way we know exactly what the crazy-and-dangerous soup du jour shall be in 2014.

Koch Brother Industries’ pet model legislation agency, ALEC, over the last couple of years, has given us through our various state legislatures everything from attacks on collective bargaining (Senate Bill 5), to the Stand Your Ground laws, to “right-to-work,” to disenfranchisement bills, to moves to privatize schools andprisons, to anti-environmental protection legislation.

In fact, when one [...]

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The fact that the American Legislative Exchange Council has disbanded its anti-voting-access task force will not dissuade Ohio Republicans who insist on assaulting the franchise.

ALEC, the Koch Brother-funded “model legislation” hook-up apparatus for conservative state legislators and multinational corporations—think MeetMe for plutocrats and their sycophants—scaled back their work on non-economic issues following the Trayvon Martin controversy.

ALEC, by the way, would prefer their model legislation not be referred to as such so much, as it counts itself among those “charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit” organizations that should not have to pay taxes for Full Story...

Stinging wind and cold rain ripped through Dealey Plaza last week in stark contrast to the sun-soaked warmth of that fateful Friday 50 years earlier when the president was murdered on Elm Street.

In third grade I developed a passion for presidential history, memorizing every name, in order, of those often funny-looking men whose pictures stretched across the bottom of the classroom chalkboard.

The picture of John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood out among them in my young mind, not only as the first color photograph in the series but also from the knowledge of his untimely demise and the fact that the incident [...]

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