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The Harvard Business School released is third annual survey on U.S. Competitiveness this month, and it is appointment viewing for anybody who wishes to speak with any degree of authority about the American economy, so don’t expect it to make it to John Kasich’s bedside reading table any time soon.

The report highlights something quite remarkable about the “recovery” of the American economy, or what the researchers call a troubling divergence: “Large and midsize firms have rallied strongly from the Great Recession, and highly skilled individuals are prospering. But middle- and working-class citizens are struggling, as are small businesses.”

This [...]

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This is what happens, America, when one of our two viable political parties makes its raison d’être the abject vandalism of our self-government. This is what happens when the conversation starts at crazy, zooms through madness, and comes screeching in at full-on, batshit insane. This is the game where facts don’t matter, and consequences be damned.

“Cancer survivors, their relatives, physicians and supporters will fan across Capitol Hill today to urge Congress to do something it has no intention of doing right now: Providing substantially more money for cancer research, including clinical trials of promising drugs and treatments,” reports Stephen Koff, Washington bureau chief for the [...]

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In a dazzling confirmation of his utter lack of political courage and unwillingness to engage in policy discussion outside his comfort zone, U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, of Ohio’s 6th Congressional District is ducking all debates this cycle.

Johnson, who surfed into Congress in 2010 on the Tea Party wave like Johnny Utah, represents the district that stretches along Ohio’s eastern border, and is facing a challenge from former state representative, Democrat Jennifer Garrison.

The Garrison for Congress Camp sent out a petition email Friday declaring that he will be “AWOL at candidate forums and debates” this election season, and slamming [...]

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Political satirists and PAC, Central Ohio Countering Kasich (COCK), who are not shy about (a) double entendres, and, (b) making a mockery of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, were recently kicked out of an Ohio State Buckeyes Grill-A-Palooza featuring The Guv himself at Campaign HQ Saturday.

First, Cheers to COCK for taking advantage of the preposterous Citizens United ruling and creating an equally preposterous PAC, which can be found at And cheers to COCK for the good-faith effort to befuddle Kampaign Kasich at an obvious pseudo event, and otherwise throughout election season.

But, of [...]

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Here’s an acid test for any true Ohio political junkie: When was the last time a Republican U.S. Presidential candidate won without taking our Great River state?

None, going back to the first Republican nominee Abe Lincoln himself.  That’s o’er a hunder’d and fi’ty years. No Democrat has won without Ohio since Kennedy.

This little factoid seems to have stuck in the dendritic channels of the Grand Old Party’s collective memory as they look piningly at 2016.

Noted goober Reince Preibus, who also serves as Republican National Committee chairman, announced this summer that Cleveland will host [...]

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The Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Thomas Suddes has laid out what a possible second term of Ohio Gov. John Kasich might look like: No alarms and no surprises, Suddes predicts the Guv will keep on funneling tax dollars toward his rich friends while dancing the Mamushka at the ICU bed of public education.

From Suddes: “Whether Ohio’s (current) taxes discourage business investment in the state is subject to debate. But tax cuts are close to a religious belief for Kasich and Republicans in the General Assembly. And everyone knows Ohio Republicans like religious beliefs so much they try to [...]

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U.S. Rep. David Joyce, R- Geauga County, wants us to drill. Baby, he wants us to drill and not stop drilling. He wants us to drill now, drill deep, and drill hard. Then when we are done drilling, David Joyce wants us to drill some more.

David Joyce has the answer to all of America’s problems, and if you haven’t guessed by now, it has to do with drilling. He’s raised his oily hands in praise of the drilling gods.

In a recently posted YouTube video dating from Aug. 18, Joyce is seen giving a speech advocating his cutting-edge, [...]

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In a new chapter of, “Is Ohio Going to let Kasich Get Away with this Shit,” continued their month-long obituary for Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald in our great state’s Gubernatorial Smackdown, 2014 Edition.

Henry J. Gomez reports that two dozen Democratic “activists, operatives, local party leaders and elected officeholders spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss a future based on an expectation that FitzGerald will lose to Gov. John Kasich,” and the “jam the party is in and about which candidates they’re looking at for 2016 and 2018.”

On a condition of anonymity, two dozen [...]

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I looked, and there before me was a pale horse. Its rider was named Becker, and Lynch was following close behind him.

The Zealot of Union Township, ever-paranoid and stabbing at shadows, has finagled a new scheme to turn Ohio into a Voter Photo ID state.

Remember all those times you risk felony indictment by stealing your neighbors’ bills to impersonate them at the ballot box, scheming for one more vote for the winning team? No? Neither does anybody else, because nobody does that.

But because it never happens is not enough to dissuade state Reps. John Becker and [...]

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Ohio’s 15th U.S. Congressional District is Picasso-esque in the strangeness of its geometry. It stretches from western Clinton County across the state to eastern Morgan County, but when it gets up north to Franklin County it gets truly weird.

It twists, it turns, it loops back and around, it weaves in and out and around and claws back down just enough to include the home of its elected congressman, U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Upper Arlington. Ohio’s Fighting Fifteenth, taken alone, looks more like something to be found in a Rorschach Test than a map of U.S. Congressional Districts.

Suffice it [...]

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David Pepper hits his talking points, leaning forward, fingers crossed, arms on the meeting room table at Ohio Democratic Party headquarters in downtown Columbus. He’s dressed in campaign casual: Blue blazer, khakis, light-blue checkered button down.

He deploys his argument tightly, expertly. He knows construction. A former managing editor of the Yale Daily News, Pepper understands concision and the economy of words. He’ll wax on, but only when he feels like it or when his passion is stoked. That’s when the flames leap.

“It’s a foundational issue: You cannot have an attorney general of a state who is the worst [...]

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