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Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly have devised a great new way to tackle redistricting “reform” while crowing about bipartisanship and solving exactly nothing, at least not for anybody who cares about fair elections.

And Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is pushing hard to get it done by the end of the year.

With shades of Senate Bill 5’s “last best offer” provisions, one proposal being offered by House Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Huffman, R-Lima, is an “impasse resolution” that would allow four members of the majority party to draw the districts, then go to voters to ask [...]

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I don’t blame U.S. Sen. Rob Portman for not having a firm grasp on the political philosophy of Jemmy Madison, our fourth president and known in his lifetime as the “Father of the Constitution.” Portman’s walking a wire, as he looks longingly for a place in the Grand Old Party Presidential Pageant of 2016.

I do, however, find more than a little troubling the fact that two of three members of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, constitutionally speaking, can’t find their ass with both hands. A decision last week by that court upheld anti-gay marriage laws in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and [...]

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The language arts may not command strict reverence among ordinary folk using colloquial American dialect, and that’s OK, but when our elected representatives fail to grasp the meaning of the word “entitlement,” the rights of those so legitimately entitled become beset by a slow-acting poison.

With Republicans now controlling both chambers of U.S. Congress, and a president obsessed with bipartisanship clearing his throat about “entitlement reform,” the poison is reaching late stage cerebral edema.

Little things like the right to a dignified retirement, health care in old age, and the commonwealth’s social safety net, get placed by self-anointed “prime movers” under the [...]

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The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office under Jon Husted was ordered in late August to give back-pay and raises to Communications Workers of America, Local 4501, union employees totaling $475,000 in a class action pay dispute, but over two months later still has not done so.

Instead, yesterday, Nov. 3, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office made a motion for the arbitrator in the matter to reconsider and clarify his decision.

A copy of the arbitrator’s decision obtained by Plunderbund and dated Aug. 28, reveals that the dispute revolves around raises that were given to 14 non-bargaining employees.

“During the contract [...]

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Less than 50 percent of Ohioans will cast votes in this mid-term election. Happy Election Day.

In 2011, 47 percent voted. In 2010 it was 49 percent. In 2009, 45 percent. The last time voter participation went over 50 percent in a non-presidential year was 2006, at 53 percent. Before that? It was 1994 at 57 percent.

Presidential years show much higher participation. For instance, in 2012, a shade over 70 percent of registered voters participated. In 2008, a shade under 70 percent participated. In 2004, it was nearly 72 percent.

With the floodgates for campaign finance wide open, [...]

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Democrats in Ohio thirst for the chance to boot Treasurer Josh Mandel out of statewide office this coming Tuesday. In fact, the first name mentioned out of Ohio Democratic Party canvassers knocking door-to-door is Mandel’s challenger, state Rep. Connie Pillich, of Montgomery.

Pillich has represented Ohio’s 28th House district since 2009, having before that obtained her law degree from the University of Cincinnati, served in the United States Air Force in Operation Desert Storm and again in Desert Shield, and practiced law as a partner in Webb & Pillich in Hamilton County. She has been a 26-year Hamilton County resident.


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Well, folks, it’s time for Who Do You Trust? Hubba Hubba Hubba, money, money, money, Who Do You Trust?

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, launched a whopper of a campaign ad this week against Democratic opponent Nina Turner, entitled—you guessed it—Trust.

It really is a hoot, complete with condescending voiceover, static pictures of Turner wrapped in sepia tones, and spurious personal charges. It concludes by asserting Turner can’t be trusted before cutting to a slow-pan, full-color shot of the Family Husted in Sunday casual exchanging loving glances.

The tedious display of Poli-Ad, 100-level hackery, combined with Husted’s record in [...]

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The Libertarian candidate for Attorney General, Steve Linnabary, has now endorsed the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, David Pepper, after the Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, kicked him off the ballot earlier this year.

Husted also kicked Libertarian candidate for governor Charlie Earl off the ballot, because Fk democracy, apparently.

“Libertarians in Ohio have been targeted repeatedly by the powerful GOP machine. We’ve learned that they can’t be trusted to fairly and evenhandedly administer the law,” Linnabary said. “I believe David Pepper is a man of integrity and common sense. His term in the Attorney General’s office will give [...]

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What’s a little harassment and threat of violence between colleagues?

Just a bit of fun in Mike DeWine’s office, apparently.

According to the Associated Press, two cases of internal harassment cases have recently surfaced in DeWine’s office that involved a “partial departure from protocol.”

The first occurred after “DeWine requested and received the name of a confidential informant thought to have knowledge of someone committing sexual harassment.” That case was reportedly “closed days later after the initial witness declined to cooperate and no harasser could be identified.”

The second case involved an assistant AG in DeWine’s employment-law section, [...]

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As Ohio Gov. John Kasich ignores the re-election bid in front of him, condescending to all Ohioans that he’s simply entitled to another term in office with no debate and no substantive discussion of his record, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is smelling opportunity.

This is because Kasich is openly bucking for a position on the 2016 GOP Presidential ticket by peddling the worst idea in American politics—a balanced budget amendment. He is making appearances with national Republican personalities, and winking at profiles speculating on the stress grade of his presidential timber (never mind the termites). And [...]

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The Plain Dealer’s endorsement of Mike DeWine for another term as Ohio Attorney General surely must contain some thread of logic somewhere.

It can’t simply be the scattershot, disjointed mess it appears to be, can it?

After over an hour-and-a-half interviewing the candidates together, the Dealer’s big takeaway is the shocking—SHOCKING!—revelation that Pepper and DeWine don’t exactly get along.


The “crescendo” of the meeting that I have to assume included at least a little substantial policy discussion, apparently, nevertheless was a snarling Mike DeWine smacking a table in frustration.

This anecdote the Dealer follows with a strange and [...]

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