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State Rep. Theresa Fedor, D-Toledo, put on an inspiring display of courage this week in arguing that women must be in charge of their own personal medical decisions and not be critically limited in options by governmental interference. She knows, you see, she’s been there.

Ohio Republicans were on their third try at “heartbeat bill” legislation that would ban abortions once a fetal heart rate can be detected. House Bill 69 eventually passed 55-40 with partisan defections on both side. The Ohio Senate is unlikely to do anything with it, having refused to do anything with it two years ago.

In arguing […]

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When less than half of registered voters actually show up to vote, Ohio Republicans are happy. Voter turnout this past November in Ohio was the lowest it’s been since 2007, with 40.65 percent of eligible voters casting ballots, and Republicans cleaned up.

So Presidential election years bring on The Headache for Buckeye State GOPers. What with all the young people and minority populations showing up to participate in their self-governance, Republicans are inconvenienced with having to worry about appealing to a wide spectrum of voters: Total frekin’ bummer, man.

And they don’t do so well at it, losing the state twice to […]

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Tax season must be hell for John Kasich. Hunched over his W-2’s pained and frowning, Line 17 haunts the governor: State income tax withheld. How many rounds of golf has that line stolen from him? How many filets has he foregone? How long must he suffer?

Kasich will do just about anything to destroy that terrible Line 17 once and for all, and whatever devastation is visited upon others as a consequence, well, them’s the breaks, because Line 17 must go, at any cost.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

A high-school senior in a wheelchair faced state lawmakers yesterday, […]

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Give state Rep. Tim Schaffer points for persistence, the Republican from Lancaster wants drug testing for cash assistance in Ohio and he’ll do just about anything to get it. He’ll water it down. He’ll pitch it as a pilot program. He’ll illustrate his proposal with flow charts: Anything to stick this feather in his conservative tricorne.

Of course what he will not do is acknowledge what a colossal waste of time and resources his proposal is, in any form, nor the utter failure of such programs in the other various states of these united American.

Schaffer’s office sent out a feeler to […]

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Deerfield Township Trustee Chris Romano fails to mention in his neatly bullet-pointed “Government Leadership Philosophy” his enthusiastic support for discrimination and exclusion. He does boast his approach to problem-solving: Make quick decisions with the information that’s available, then implement and move on.

For Warren County’s Mr. Romano, if the information available is that a lesbian couple would like to employ your business venue to host their commitment ceremony, the quick decision you make is to deny them, and then move on by blustering self-righteously over your belief in the supernatural.

Some background from our friends at (with […]

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Much hay has been made over the merger between AT&T and DirecTV, but one aspect that should not go un- or under-acknowledged is the fact that the merger will vastly expand union membership in Ohio and elsewhere.

As the largest full-time unionized employer in the country, at 41,000 strong Communication Workers of America, AT&T has long respected the rights of its employees to organize under union representation.

AT&T is now nearing completion of its $48.5 billion deal to acquire DirecTV. By folding DirecTV into the mix, 16,000 more employees will have the ability to make their own choice about joining a […]

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Why should health care workers be afforded such cushy luxuries as overtime pay and minimum wage requirements? It’s not like health care workers have some of the most physically and emotionally draining jobs possible. It’s not as though health care work demands Buddhist-level patience, compassion, and understanding. They certainly aren’t exposed to potential illness and bio-medical hazards on a daily basis.

So why on God’s gray Earth would George W. Bush-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon grant these 2 million moocher-class health care workers dastardly socialistic benefits such as being guaranteed a minimum wage or being assured of appropriate […]

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I’m not sure why the Columbus Dispatch decided to do an end-of-the-year profile on state Rep. John Becker. In the world of newspapering, it is a difficult time of year to find decent copy to feed the beast. But why so many other interesting, or even sane, people were foregone in favor of Becker, I can’t venture to guess.

Nevertheless, I’m glad they were, because for yrs. truly the career of John Becker has become a nearly metaphysical exercise in comical absurdity. And the Dispatch piece is a treasure trove of glimmering Becker crankery.

Among other things, the piece recalls the […]

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It was revealed today in Plunderbund that NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation has been having a difficult time getting public records requests met by the Ohio Department of Health relating to its relationship to Ohio Right to Life.

One entity that hasn’t had much trouble getting its records requests met by the ODH is Ohio Right to Life itself. Documents obtained by Plunderbund show the ODH fulfilling public records requests by ORTL regarding disciplinary action taken toward the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center and the Bedford Heights Health Center/Planned Parenthood the very same day they were requested, and before the clinics […]

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My favorite part is the photo caption:

“James Obergefell, of Cincinnati, wants to be judged legally married to his late partner, John Arthur.”

Oh the humanity! Those ever-blessed gays, conspiring to gayify our cemeteries and death certificates. When will the madness end?

If only Ohio had some sort of leader, some great and glorious knight in shining armor to “stand athwart history, yelling STOP” at the insidious Gay Agenda that so offends our common decency by extolling such dastardly things as love, compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, social justice, and equality before the law.

Atop his great steed rides Attorney General Mike DeWine […]

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A battle-hardened veteran of the anti-poverty effort in Ohio, Jack Frech maintains a genial disposition. He speaks with the soft, compassionate tones of a person used to helping people who may feel embarrassed to find themselves in desperate need.

In the 1980s, Frech transformed the concept of the local county welfare department in Ohio, turning the agency he was hired to oversee in Athens County into one that actively sought to help poor people, and to advocate on their behalf. No longer would the agency stigmatize poverty or begrudgingly hand out benefits. Under Frech’s stewardship, it would take the poverty […]

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