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What in sweet sassy molassy was Gov. John Richard Kasich thinking? Apparently, very little.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced this afternoon that they would be launching an inquiry into Kasich’s recently announced Community Connections mentorship program and whether it violates the First Amendment.


Any school district that wants a piece of that state money must partner with both a church and a business – or a faith-based organization and a non-profit set up by a business to do community service.

No business and no faith-based partner means no state dollars.

“You must include a faith-based partner,” United Way of [...]

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Sharen Neuhardt wants an Ohio Democratic Party leadership and membership that represents the diversity of its various regions and constituencies.

Most recently a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Neuhardt has also run twice for U.S. Congress in 2008, and 2012. She lives in Yellow Springs and grew up in Dayton. She graduated from Northwestern University and earned her law degree from Georgetown University.

She has practiced business law in western Ohio with Smith & Schnacke, which became Thompson Hine. After serving for a period as general counsel at Lexis/Nexis, Neuhardt returned to Thompson Hine as head of the firm’s corporate group.

“I [...]

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“Meet the GOP’s newest power player,” the ABC News banner instructed us, thus anointing Ohio Gov. John Kasich when he appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning.

Before the interview even began, Stephanopoulos made sure to plant a big and slobbery on Kasich’s posterior.

“Now with back-to-back wins and a booming Ohio economy, this party maverick with a reputation for plain talk is stirring up all kinds of White House buzz,” he gushed in his intro.

Good God, George, I know that Sunday Morning Hackery has become an American Institution, but did Kasich’s team write this line [...]

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Robert F. Hagan wants to lead an Ohio Democratic Party that stands up for and represents the interests of working Ohioans.

Hagan is a 27-year veteran of the Ohio General Assembly from Youngstown, having served in the Ohio House from 1987 to 1997 and from 2007 to today, and in the Ohio Senate from 1997 to 2006. In November, he was elected to represent District 8 on the State of Ohio School Board.

He grew up with 13 brothers and sisters, with his parents marching in the Civil Rights movement and himself marching against the war in Vietnam. Hagan has worked [...]

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Democrats around the country struggled on Election Day 2014, and while what happened in Ohio happened everywhere, David Pepper believes it’s more important that the party get things fixed in Ohio than just about anywhere else.

“Although it was a national trend and we had some statewide issues that made it especially bad here, I don’t think pointing fingers at the national scene is the answer for Ohio,” he said in an interview this week. “It’s so important that Ohio be organized, Democrats in particular, for 2016, and then mobilize and take whatever we build in ’16 and make it [...]

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Portman, Not For President

On December 2, 2014 By

Well that ended quickly.

My dear Ohio, we will no longer have the presidential aspirations of Robert Jones Portman to speculate over. Mr. Portman gathered up his fedora out of the Grand Old Party ring Monday night and sauntered away from a bid for the high office of our land.

“I don’t think I can run for president and be an effective senator at the same time,” Portman said. “While I appreciate the encouragement I have received from many to run for president, my focus will remain on Ohio and running for re-election to the Senate in 2016.”

With the [...]

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Ohio is the quintessential swing state, its political hue such a deep purple you can almost hear a Smoke on the Water riff.

But for the second mid-term election in a row, a majority of the low numbers of voters who showed up have put the reigns of power into the hands of Republicans in all five statewide administrative office as well as both chambers of the General Assembly

The Ohio Democratic Party faced some tough losses in 2014 but can now take stock and re-emerge with renewed energy and a refined focus. In a series of interviews, Plunderbund is asking party leaders [...]

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Over the weekend, for the second time this year, Ohio law enforcement officers shot and killed a black person carrying an air gun.

In the first case, in Beavercreek, John Crawford III, 22, was shot by police in August while carrying around an air rifle sold at the Walmart store he was in. No officers were indicted. In the second case, in Cleveland on Saturday, police shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir E. Rice who was carrying an airsoft replica handgun at a playground.

A 12-year-old… playing with a toy gun… at a playground.

Both killings came in [...]

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Republicans in the Ohio General Assembly have devised a great new way to tackle redistricting “reform” while crowing about bipartisanship and solving exactly nothing, at least not for anybody who cares about fair elections.

And Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is pushing hard to get it done by the end of the year.

With shades of Senate Bill 5’s “last best offer” provisions, one proposal being offered by House Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Huffman, R-Lima, is an “impasse resolution” that would allow four members of the majority party to draw the districts, then go to voters to ask [...]

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I don’t blame U.S. Sen. Rob Portman for not having a firm grasp on the political philosophy of Jemmy Madison, our fourth president and known in his lifetime as the “Father of the Constitution.” Portman’s walking a wire, as he looks longingly for a place in the Grand Old Party Presidential Pageant of 2016.

I do, however, find more than a little troubling the fact that two of three members of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, constitutionally speaking, can’t find their ass with both hands. A decision last week by that court upheld anti-gay marriage laws in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and [...]

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The language arts may not command strict reverence among ordinary folk using colloquial American dialect, and that’s OK, but when our elected representatives fail to grasp the meaning of the word “entitlement,” the rights of those so legitimately entitled become beset by a slow-acting poison.

With Republicans now controlling both chambers of U.S. Congress, and a president obsessed with bipartisanship clearing his throat about “entitlement reform,” the poison is reaching late stage cerebral edema.

Little things like the right to a dignified retirement, health care in old age, and the commonwealth’s social safety net, get placed by self-anointed “prime movers” under the [...]

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