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A recent email response from one of Ohio’s State School Board members called the “5 of 8″ rule “outdated” and stated that there are many other specialist positions that school must hire these days.  While it is true that there are many additional specialists that schools and districts need to employ these days than when the rule was created, the specialists that are mandated by this particular rule are uniformly critical to all children while other needs vary widely across the state.

In fact, I would make the case that the “5 of 8″ rule is outdated because it does not require all of the key […]

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When outgoing Ohio Representative Gerald Stebelton introduced House Bill 661 to increase the annual salaries of Ohio’s elected officials, he missed a grand opportunity to put his money where his mouth is.  Stebelton has long decried the current standard pay scales that teachers typically follow, pushing a merit-based pay structure for school districts.  In his bill, however, Stebelton simply seeks to update the existing legislative pay structure for elected officials where everyone gets the exact same base pay regardless of their individual efforts.  It’s beyond hypocritical.

House Bill 661 isn’t likely all […]

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Last week, the Ohio House Education Committee, led by Gerald Stebelton, moved to eliminate the minimum salary schedule requirements from state law via House Bill 343.  The bill passed out of the committee along straight party lines, with the approving Republicans stating that this move was designed to give local school districts flexibility in negotiating salary schedules, especially advocating for merit-based pay for teachers.

Committee chairman Gerald Stebelton, a Lancaster Republican, said the longstanding teacher pay scales that increase pay based on years of experience and degrees earned by a teacher, should no longer be required by the state. […]

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Rarely do I come across a statistic about education that stops me in my tracks, but it happened to me first thing this morning.  The Columbus City School District puts out a “Fact of the Day” each morning and today’s especially caught my eye.


Think about that for a second.  4,500 children and youth experiencing homelessness in Columbus.  Even considering that Columbus is the largest school district in Ohio, that number is still staggering.  The concept of that number becomes even more interesting when we put it in perspective across the entire state.

Ohio has a […]

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Tomorrow at 4:30 pm, the Ohio House Education Committee will reconvene at the Statehouse to consider, among other legislation, House Bill 343, which was quickly amended this past week to eliminate the minimum salary schedule for teachers from state law.

The specific amendment is AM3586 and was adopted by the committee along straight party lines.  The new bill is expected to be voted upon during tomorrow’s meeting.  You can read our post about this proposed change: Ohio House Wants To Eliminate Minimum Salary Schedule For Teachers

If you are able to […]

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This past Tuesday, in a packed meeting room where individuals were set to provide testimony against the Ohio State Board of Education’s plan to drop the requirement that school districts hire licensed arts and physical education teachers, social workers, nurses, and counselors, Board President Debe Terhar abruptly changed the agenda at the very moment the testimony was to begin.  Her decision to push back the testimony by hours caused consternation among those who had taken time off from work and adjusted their schedules to follow the Board’s published agenda.

When her fellow board members tried to question her move, she proceeded […]

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The Ohio House Education Committee swiftly amended House Bill 343 this week to include a change that would eliminate the minimum salary schedule from Ohio Revised Code.  This change was made under the guise of giving local school districts “much needed relief” and “more flexibility” to determine how they compensate teachers.  Apparently the minimum salaries required by law are too steep.  Let’s take a look:

Here is the minimum salary schedule set forth by Ohio Revised Code 3317.13:


As you can see, the law requires that a teacher fresh out of college with their Bachelor’s […]

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Today I sent this email to the members of the Ohio State Board of Education respectfully requesting that they refrain from eliminating the requirement that school districts have licensed professionals teaching the arts and physical education, better known as the “5 of 8″ rule.  I urge all Ohioans to do the same (all email addresses conveniently listed at the bottom of the post).

Dear Members of the Ohio State Board of Education,

I am writing to urge you to reject the proposed change to eliminate the “5 of 8″ Rule from Ohio Administrative Code and retain the existing language which states:

“A […]

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Social media blew up this weekend over proposed changes to Ohio’s Operating Standards by the State Board of Education.  The major issue is a change that seems to eliminate a requirement for districts to have specialists to teach the arts and physical education.

As always, we’re interested in providing more information to our readers about stories, so we want to provide you with the full story and let you decide what’s really happening.

First, the State School Board is performing a normal review of the education-related sections of the Ohio Administrative Code.  Legislation is enacted by the Ohio General Assembly, published […]

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Senate Bill 329, introduced in April by Senator Joe Schiavoni, is finally getting a hearing by the Senate Education Committee this week.  The bill is striking in its simplicity — it seeks to hold charter school owners & operators accountable for how they spend public dollars.  The simplicity of this bill also reveals just how lax Ohio’s oversight of charter school spending has been for the last decade and a half.

Here’s the one-sentence addition to Ohio Revised Code in SB 329 that could have a drastic change in exposing how charter schools are spending public tax dollars:


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Ohio House Bill 597, which would repeal the Common Core curriculum and the associate PARCC testing, passed out of a House Committee on Wednesday, setting up a possible vote by the full House.  The real question now is whether or not the leaders of the House will force the current members to take a very public stand on this controversial topic.

In addition to repealing the Common Core State Standards, the bill would require Ohio to develop new content standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies not later than June 30, 2017.

The bill would require that the […]

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