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Gov. Kasich’s two-year active political campaign emerging from recycled presidential ambition is apparently having little useful effect in impressing a national audience. He is hardly an asterisk in the national polls. Maybe it’s something about his curb appeal.

It’s largely a media-driven campaign with the national pundits making scant effort to scratch below the surface of the boastful blue-collar kid whose father, we are forever told, was a mailman.

Questions arise. Is he a RINO? A born-again, will he run out of Biblical references before he runs out of money. Did he really balance a federal budget that was zillions […]

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When Gov. Kasich finally settles down in Ohio from his adopted residence in New Hampshire – political decency will require it, folks – he will be forced to face an unspeakable charter school scandal with Team Kasich’s fingerprints all over it.

The latest ugly chapter was well recorded by reporter Doug Livingston in today’s Beacon Journal. It was prompted by a $71 million U.S. Department of Education grant to the failed Ohio charter school system. But it now appears the reviews of such national grants were submitted by the very same school choice hucksters who have a reputation of eliminating […]

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Soon after Texas-bred Scott Scarborough settled into the president’s office at the University of Akron in June 2014 with a unique sweetheart contract, he set out to show everyone that there was a new sheriff in town. If the school was to meet the challenges of heavy debt, declining enrollment and shrinking support from the Kasich Administration, there would have to be dramatic changes in how UA would be tending to higher education. Anybody for “rebranding”?

He zealously put the faculty on notice that he would insist on punctual discipline from everyone, even telling the Chronicle of Higher Education that […]

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Yogi And Scott Walker, Humorists Gone

On September 23, 2015 By

In a blink, America lost two of it well-known humorists this week. Yogi Berra died at 90. Scott Walker gave up his presidential bid when his campaign died.

We could all laugh when Yogi would say profound things like: “We made too many wrong mistakes.” Or: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

Or when the sleepy-eyed Walker, the Wisconsin governor, would boast: “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.” That was his response to a question about ISIS, his confidence swollen by his victory over public employes unions in his state.


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Did you happen to get a look at Wednesday Night Live? The Republican debate, I mean. Eleven characters in search of love and respect, most of whom were acting like playground bullies piling on this Donald Trump fellow as if he were the churlish intruder who burst onto their turf.

If you missed it, you may want to know that Gov. Kasich complained that many viewers would turn off their TVs. (The friendly Plain Dealer noted that he had fulfilled his game plan of rising above the fray. )

The most fashionable line of this dress rehearsal began “I am […]

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I tried very hard not to feel weepy about Rick Perry’s crash as a presidential candidate. Here, after all, was a fellow who bought himself a set of professorial glasses and said he was blessed for his second go-round as a Republican candidate from Texas and that life was good to him.

But despite his “smart-guy” eyeglasses and shoes that replaced cowboy boots, people began to suspect that his new cosmetically altered upholstery couldn’t disguise the fact that he was still Tom Mix. Within a year or so after washing out of the 2012 race, he turned up at a […]

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While Kim Davis was gamely  trying to bear up under the current  version of the Hallelujah Chorus from the throngs who greeted her tearful exit from prison, she seemed unaware of the political fire that she had ignited by casting herself solely to the authority of God.  It is a frightful  sign of the times when a far removed  Kentucky county clerk is hailed as a martyred heroine by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex partners.

History is filled with the exploits of Christian soldiers, kings and Biblical prophets.  Bloody and seemingly endless religious wars have been fought as one […]

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Reporter:  Governor, there are growing reports about a serious charter school scandal involving David Hansen, your school choice director and  husband of Beth Hansen, your campaign manager.  What can you tell us about it?

Kasich:  Look, I’m a blue collar guy whose father was a mailman in western Pennsylvania.

Reporter: But with all due respect, governor, a lot of Ohioans back home are concerned about the doctoring of charter school grades  to make a school’s performance look better than it was…

Kasich:  Hey, fellow.  I’m running for president and I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t
love my country. The issue is […]

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For the herd of Republican presidential candidates who are desperately looking for a way to throttle Donald Trump, we have a proposal: oil up Dick Cheney’s mechanical heart and draft him as a candidate. It would instantly draw the national media into a new Twilight Zone because, like Trump, Cheney has never been at a loss for dumb things to say. Besides, unlike Trump, who grabs your attention with theatrical rants, Cheney is Mr. Cool in projecting his wildest lies. The Republican herd badly needs coolness these days.

It probably wouldn’t be a hard sell to recruit Cheney. He and […]

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Did you see that President Obama’s renaming of Mt. McKinley up in Alaska was called  a “political stunt” ?  You could find “stunt” in big letters on the Beacon Journal’s front page, courtesy of an “irritated” former Rep. Ralph Regula, 90,  a Republican from Navarre who has fought the name-change idea well before Obama  entered office.

It figured.  Obama’s opponents have found him to be a convenient lightning rod for anything that goes wrong in our daily lives, from rain delays in baseball games to pie crust that sticks to the pan.  In this instance, however, the president’s co-conspirator is […]

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Can we all agree that the Republican battle cry, as shouted by the gang of impostors running for the White House, has upstaged gay marriage, abortion, religious liberty and President Obama’s birth certificate as the the key to success?

As wildly as Donald Trump wails of undocumented immigrants who are rapists, gang leaders and the parents of anchor babies, it has the same effect as Paul Revere’s “the British are coming.”

Historically, the melodrama at the Mexican border is another ugly chapter in America’s blurred reaction to a color-coded phenomenon that it doesn’t understand. There was the “Yellow Peril’ advancing […]

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