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If Gov. Kasich’s coy notions about a presidential candidacy continue on the current track, he will doubtless confirm his grandiose national plan from atop preacher Rex Humbard’s abandoned tower in Cuyahoga Falls. As you may have noticed, Kasich has been injecting his contract with God into every stop these days, claiming the Creator has placed a decisive hand on him.

You don’t need to be for this religion or that one – or have none at all – to start worrying about politicians who want you to join them at the altar on Election Day. We think of all of [...]

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OK. Here we go.

The season is underway for wedging and winnowing. Former New York Times columnist Russell Baker once described the dreadful moment as the “great mentioning game”. It’s that period when political writers, groping about in a vacuum, become so bored in the absence of an exciting clearcut narrative that they spend a lot of their time mentioning garden variety… potential, possible, long shot, dark horse, putative, water-testing, hat-not-quite -in-the-ring presidential candidates. And that’s not to mention dithering others who could yet wedge themselves into the swollen field of wannabes and never-to-bes.

Latest word from the front comes [...]

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There are said to be leaked classified reports that NASA’s scientists are throbbing with so much confidence after finding possible ancient life on Mars during its Curiosity rover mission that there is already talk of setting up the next more challenging  mission:  Sending Curiosity over the cratered U.S. House Representatives in hopes of detecting life forms.   “That would be  a huge undertaking,” said one spacey source. “But think of the size of the benefits on behalf of all Americans if it worked”.

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Christmas Shopping For The In-Crowd

On December 8, 2014 By

I went Christmas shopping over the week end. Not among the mall crowds that are more bruising this year than ever by so many people texting while oblivious to my shoulders and limbs as they drift past me. Nope. I chose the rarified ads in the New York Times that swept into a higher universe while I was seated safely at home.

Right off, I will say that escapism is too slight a word to describe what I found in the Season for Giving, particularly for recipients who not only have everything but always pretend to be duly shocked upon [...]

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John Boehner, who awakens each morning with a glowering game face tightly in place as the King of the Naysayers, is at it again. He has told Ohio’s Republican legislative leaders that he likes the state’s lopsided congressional districts the way they are today, thank you. So the Speaker urged his crowd to stop fooling around with them by drawing up new districts.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Boehner has talked to Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder and Senate President Keith Faber – Republicans, of course – to stonewall any current efforts to change the district lines, saying: “I frankly [...]

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The Era Of Right-Wing NoBamans

On November 30, 2014 By

As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, the White House is in the merciless throes of the NoBama plague that has had everyone on edge. For six years, the president has faced assaults from the NoBama GOP that will feverishly grow for another couple of years. Even the party’s newly minted African-American Democrat-turned-Republican , Ben Carson, a doctor from South Carolina of all places, has added to his conservative star power by accusing Obama of presiding over worsening race relations,which takes a lot of white guys off the hook, right?

Keep an eye on him. He’s an author, essayist [...]

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My unimpeachable Republican underground source at the next table at Wendy’s discreetly told me of a new GOP scheme to shatter President Obama’s “royalty” before millions of American TV viewers. “They’re calling it the gold standard of character destruction,” he said as he washed down a cheekful of cheeseburger as well as every other syllable.

It would happen at Obama’s State of the Union Address in January. Here is the plan:

Seated behind him with tall pointed hats, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, both stone faced, will link their cones with a wire that suspends the U.S. Constitution.

All of [...]

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Dear John:

Permit me to interrupt your howling at President Obama for his action on immigration reform. Your darkest views on releasing millions of illegal immigrants from the bondage of practiced anonymity have reached into my own ancestry. And as the President reminded us, they didn’t all cross borders but came by planes and ships, too.

Mine came on ships from the Mediterranean (that’s the enormous freshwater sea, John, that provided some of the routes for the tidal waves of immigrants seeking a better life on our shores – although many were deceived by the cynical transporters and debarked instead [...]

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Under the heading, 20 Republican wannabes to watch, POLITICO published its bulging preseason roster of possible GOP presidential candidates, largely rounding up the usual suspects. Several have been around long enough to have shrinking options for their brain throbs. (Santorum? Not again, for God’s and our sake.)

But you might find interesting POLITICO’S brief bios as will the Vegas crowd that will be laying odds while all but one of the 20 will be laying eggs.

In the middle of the list you’ll find Gov.Kasich, who seems to have fascinated the pundits by his crushing victory over an opponent [...]

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The frequent photos of Gov. Kasich with outstretched arms suggest that he might consider one of those megachurch arenas for his base before he wanders into the wilderness of a presidential campaign. Voters would be expected to respond not only to the preachy profile but also to his recurring references to how he and the Lord get along so well. As he told us on election night, God had put his hand on him.

In the old days, ii was called mysticism, a one-on-one conversation with God. Today it woudn’t be a stretrch to say that more politicians than [...]

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When America’s electorate finally awakens from its slumber, it may be surprised to discover what it left to the historically low turnout to decide for all of us.

No later than the fading hours of Election Day did the wingnuts in control of the Senate and House gather as though it was Walpurgis Night to whoop it up. With both chambers and the committee chairmen in their hands, there will be no limits to their misguided arrogance of power. What seemed painful before the polls opened is now confirmed to be an irreparable paralysis all the way to 2016.

The [...]

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