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On July 21 Gov. Kasich’s Starship will touch down in the Student Union at Ohio State University. There, with word from the Lord, he will announce his intention to seek the presidency to rescue America from President Obama as well as the immortals who are already on the Republican list of first responders to the lure of the Oval Office..

Not a moment too soon. For months he’s been flying around the country with the itinerary of a Johnny Appleseed, planting his bountiful seeds for voters in such dog-eared candidate visits as New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Not since […]

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Now that the Supreme Court has spoken grandly  on two issues so damaging to Mike DeWine’s holy war in Ohio, shouldn’t the attorney general’s friends give him a gold watch and send  his agenda down to a burial mound on the Ohio River?  It would be a major step in ushering the state into the  21st Century.

As you may have heard, the Supremes ruled that Obamacare was the law of the land and also decided that same-sex marriage was OK in all 50 states. Both meteoric decisions struck a fatal blow to DeWine’s own failed reading of […]

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Once upon a time, in the land of Milk and Money, it came to pass that a political man  of some note chose to lead his Republican  colleagues in a determined effort to humiliate the first African-American president into historic disgrace forevermore. So it was that John Boehner  (often pronouned Boner by his crude enemies) wore his title of Speaker proudly in presiding over more than 50 attempts in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  And in a clever maneuver to hang the measure as a millstone around the president’s neck, decided to call it Obamacare […]

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Did you see that the new Gov. Kasich has now decided to reveal his more engaging  side by cracking one-liners during his standup campaign appearances? Henny Youngman he’s not, but that doesn’t discourage him from snapping off several in a single monologue,  as he did at  the Ingham County Republican reception in Lansing, Mich.

A brief sample of his humor is all that I can suffer from the hard-edged guy who once limited his talent to acidly  slamming anybody who annoyed him.

“Do you know  why God created economists?” he cracked. “To make astrologers look accurate.” There are countless variations […]

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There were moments during Jeb!’s official entrance onto the presidential glory road when I had to wonder whether he was Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney or the Man of La Mancha. I finally settled on the latter when he broke into an Hispanic tongue to prove his validity as an authentic one-of-them. For the current geographics, it won’t be the last time that an eager collegial Americano sent a personal self-serving message to an amigo or two.

But the bigger story of Jeb!’s announcement is that he reaffirmed his commitment not to be Jeb Bush. Surnames are no longer fashionable for […]

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The New York Times reports that Jeb Bush, now officially a presidential candidate,  plans to “play down his surname”. With presidential candidacies morphing as fads these days,  you must wonder how Jeb plans to elude repertorial references to his family name with an alias that will spring him from the mob scene of other candidates.  Jeb Reagan might  be worth a try, but several other GOP candidates may be ahead of him already.  Marco Rubio is said to be toying with adopting Polo as his surname, which would at least be more familiar to most young people entering the voting […]

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The story lines in this season’s political discourse have been stranger than normal for a bunch of would-be achievers at the local and national forums.  For starters, the seismic effect on the Akron mayor’s race by Don Plusquellic’s  volatile departure after 28 years has dug deeply into the viscera of not only his opponents but also his supporters. Seismic?  Three Democratic  mayors  in a blink? Hardly time to change all of the official stationary at City Hall to bear the name of Jeff Fusco, Democratic county chairman until a moment ago who stepped aside for county Councilwoman Sandra Kurt.   […]

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Back in June, 2000, the Beacon Journal printed an excerpt from a not very subtle letter by Akron businessman David Brennan to Ohio lawmakers. It came directly to the point of a leading Republican contributor interested, as always, in profiling his potential recipients who were meekly laboring in the Capitol’s back rooms:

“Enclosed is a questionnaire that addresses education, economic competitiveness, and civil justice issues. Though you will receive – and likely already have received – other questionnaires, I trust you will take the time to complete and return this one. We are prepared to use responses to act on […]

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It took NBC Guru Chuck Todd and Ohio Gov. Kasich no more than a few minutes on Meet the Press Sunday to leave all of us with more questions than answers. It also heightened the shortcomings of national pundits who invite Kasich to their tables without much homework about who the guy really is.

Kasich told us that he liked Jeb Bush, loved his country,would pray for Vice President Biden in the loss of his son, hired John Sununu for Team Kasich because there was none better than the Cuba-born ex-Republican senator from New Hampshire, and…and (take a breath)… that […]

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Have you noticed that the old John Kasich is now the new John Kasich? Right.

The snap and bite in his words have disappeared. So have the swagger and metallic self-confidence. No more “bustin’ chops” with his friend Chris Christie before the awful bridgework. No more ill-humor that led to a blistering attack on a cop in a traffic stop. Not more warnings to lobbyists that if they’re not on his bus they will be run over. No more assaults on unions (he says he’s only against those unions that “don’t make things.”) He doesn’t ‘even feature his loony balance-budget […]

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UA: Take That, John S. Knight

On May 24, 2015 By

OK, class.  Whose dumb idea  was it for the University of Akron, a public enterprise, to withhold information from the media (read: public info)  about  the rebranding studies by four consultants  paid from  an unrestricted   foundation grant bearing the name of the late John S. Knight?

For the enlightenment of the campus newcomers on the block, no one was more  aggressive about press freedom than Knight, but  the $111,000 from the grant did just the opposite.  How ironic.  How dumb. (And we didn’t even mention those four presidents of northern Ohio public universities who strongly criticized  new UA president […]

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