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When Speaker John Boehner, the frightful leader of the GOP’s white-collar goon squad in the House, insists his lawsuit is not about him but rather a way to protect the Constitution against a rapacious president, don’t believe him. If it weren’t the Constitution, Boehner would surely find another ruse to put Barack Obama in his place. For the rest of us witnessing this Theater of the Absurd, we must steel ourselves for two more years against the frustrated congressman from southwestern Ohio, no matter the millions it will cost you and me.

The Constitution is a flaming buzz word on [...]

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By the light of the silvery moon, John Boehner is said to have secretly hatched a plan to deflect growing criticism that his lawsuit against President Obama was costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The Republican Speaker, who presides over a GOP House caucus that has no moving parts, reportedly will cut the pay of court stenos and bailiffs 50 pct. and will pay the janitors nothing. Party insiders say he will announce his bold plan in his keynote speech at an event honoring Ayn Rand at the Koch Brothers’ tax-free private estate on one of their French Alps.

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When the late Chuck Noll, the iconic coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was once asked why he called for an onside kick that had failed in the team’s loss, he crisply replied that winning football games do not depend on geography.

Ah, but Atty. General Mike DeWine,whose trained seals are in a defensive mode these days, do think geography is quite important in awarding debt collection work to companies with little or no experience in return for generous campaign contributions.

The AG’s spokesman, Dan Tierney, put it in a way that only a few people could understand by saying the [...]

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Didn’t get into the Arshinkoff/Spitalieri/DeWine Bermuda Triangle in the preceding post.  Saving the best for last. In assessing the Ohio attorney general’s magical powers of choosing the ablest private firms for his collections agency, legal experience can be trumped by political contributions.

As the Dayton Daily News reported, a veteran debt collections agency that had worked with five previous attorneys general was bypassed in the awarding of lucrative work to a company that was formed only two days before DeWine set out to take care of his contributors. He chose, instead, CELCO, bossed by Pete Spitalieri, the Hudson guy [...]

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The Dayton Daily News investigative report on Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine’s elaborate campaign fund-raising scheme widened the narrative of the AG’s money machine by mentioning Summit County Republican chairman and lobbyist Alex Arshinkoff as one of the varsity enablers. Who knew?

Still, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Arshinkoff has long – and I mean long – prided himself in his ability to lay piles of campaign money at the doorstep of this GOP pol or that one. The rule of politics Alex once breezily said, “is all about money.” He so impressed DeWine that he once served as the AG’s [...]

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry, now with a quite studious image wearing dark-rimmed glasses and without a cowboy hat, says he will seek the Republican nomination for president again with a three-step plan of (1) sending the 82nd Airborne Division to the Texas border (2) sending himself to Iowa and (3)…and (3)…he concedes he can’t remember the third!

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In the Republicans’ efforts to make conservatism palatable to 51 pct. of the voters, they have yet to agree on a workable code name. George W.Bush came up with “compassionate” conservatism, which oddly suggested that other forms were not. Sen. Rob. Portman arrived at the Cleveland City Club on Friday to promote his anti-poverty , “constructive” conservatism, a term which you may fairly conclude, dismisses all that came before it as quite destructive.

Nearly a decade ago, Rod Dreyer, one of National Review’s gurus, introduced “crunchy” conservatism to define those who “embrace a counter-cultural, yet traditional (!) conservative lifestyle.” I [...]

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When I think of Mike DeWine, I think of God-given goodness.

(Bear with me, folks.)

When I think of Mike DeWine, the over-achieving Republican attorney general of Ohio, I think of random acts of kindness, of rainbows, of the morning dew glistening in the break of day, of the yellow brick road of Oz, of….

At least , that’s what Mike DeWine wants me to think. But he’s been around long enough for me to have second thoughts, that his political career invokes something much less warmly engaging than his current public mythiness despite friendly editorial embraces from Ohio’s mainstream [...]

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Rep. Darrell Issa, America’s grim subpoena king, apparently has decided that his pool of political targets is shrinking beyond recovery. He is said to be despairing, one insider said, because Darrell “loves to question famous people”. Indeed, there are now whispers in his ranks that Issa, an unrequited madman really, may turn to sports for his next batch of subpoenas.

Topping the list is Derek Jeter. Issa reportedly wants to question the Yankee star about the legitimacy of the infield fly rule, which the congressman considers just one more burdensome regulation. Jeter shrugged off the report, saying the rule is [...]

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Days in Northern Ohio have become much livelier in the heat of summer. The past week or so, for example, has produced three tornadic events: A real tornado in Medina County, LeBron James’ epic decision to return to the Cavaliers, and, of course, the Republican eruptive choice of Cleveland for its 2016 national convention.

So far, the GOP hasn’t found a way to blame the tornado nor LeBron’s flight from Florida – a key battleground state – on President Obama. But Marco Rubio is doubtless still working on it in James’ case, including it in a new immigration reform package [...]

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The goofy level of global warming criticism has found a new, and still more bizarre, rationale in the deductive logic of a Kentucky state senator. Republican Majority Whip Brandon Smith says the myth of climate change caused by humans can be refuted by the fact that the planet Mars has no coal mines.

Sharing his perceived wisdom at a hearing on proposed EPA restrictions on the release of greenhouse gases by coal mines, Smith said environmentalists are sniffing down the wrong shaft in search of polluters. In his words:

“I think that in academia, we all agree that the [...]

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