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Did you see that President Obama’s renaming of Mt. McKinley up in Alaska was called  a “political stunt” ?  You could find “stunt” in big letters on the Beacon Journal’s front page, courtesy of an “irritated” former Rep. Ralph Regula, 90,  a Republican from Navarre who has fought the name-change idea well before Obama  entered office.

It figured.  Obama’s opponents have found him to be a convenient lightning rod for anything that goes wrong in our daily lives, from rain delays in baseball games to pie crust that sticks to the pan.  In this instance, however, the president’s co-conspirator is […]

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Can we all agree that the Republican battle cry, as shouted by the gang of impostors running for the White House, has upstaged gay marriage, abortion, religious liberty and President Obama’s birth certificate as the the key to success?

As wildly as Donald Trump wails of undocumented immigrants who are rapists, gang leaders and the parents of anchor babies, it has the same effect as Paul Revere’s “the British are coming.”

Historically, the melodrama at the Mexican border is another ugly chapter in America’s blurred reaction to a color-coded phenomenon that it doesn’t understand. There was the “Yellow Peril’ advancing […]

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The year 1968 could fill volumes citing  the troubled life on our seismic planet.  The war in Vietnam was going badly.  Lyndon Johnson dismissed himself as a candidate for reelection.  Alabama Gov. George Wallace’s wife Lurleen died.   She had been chosen as the interim governor when her uber-segregationist husband was limited by law  to two successive terms. (He returned later.)

America’s cities erupted in riotous protests when two icons of the civil-rights movement, Martin Luther King, and a few months later, Robert Kennedy, were assassinated.

It also was the year that a gentle African-American lawyer, Louis Stokes, from Cleveland’s […]

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Rep. Jim Renacci, the Wadsworth Republican, is  making a gallant effort to reach the cutting edge of the  professional woman’s class movement.  He’s hosting  an event  at the Strongsville Holiday Inn on Oct. 20 to inform the guests on how to be successful in conquering the “challenges facing professional women.” His keynote speaker will be a right-wing, anti-Obamacare, anti-abortion, anti-tax  Republican congresswoman from South Dakota – Kristi  Noem (Right – I couldn’t place the name, either), who will be there to tell the guests how to crack the glass ceiling. He describes the affair as an “open exchange from professional […]

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The Walkoff Wild Pitch Debate

On August 6, 2015 By

Having just suffered the  hyped Fox “presidential ‘debate” from Cleveland for the Republican candidates who didn’t make the cut, I  would say it didn’t quite rise above the walkoff wild pitch that cost the Indians another game the day before.  So where was the debate?

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With Gov. Kasich beginning to levitate in the stretch before the “debate”, the national media are finally taking a closer look at his dark side back in Columbus.  Until now they have offered the short course of the governor’s overwhelming reelection without mentioning his phantom opponent. .

But  the  Huff Post Blog, as well as the Washington Post,   riddled his image with a piece exposing to the rest of the nation  what we have been talking about for a long time – his deference  to major Republican contributors in Ohio’s messy billion-dollar charter school industry.

 Kasich’s total lack of honesty […]

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Lock your doors. There will be a Martian landing in Cleveland Thursday night. In clown capsules. It must be the real thing this time because Orson Welles has been dead for nearly 30 years.

I refer to the arrival of the hysterically heralded Fox “debate” of the people’s choices for the Republican presidential nomination. These things used to be so simple. Lincoln vs. Douglas. Kennedy vs. Nixon. Obama vs. McCain. Blah blah blah. Today, anyone with a Photo ID can run in a Republican primary. Unfortunately, many do.

They’ll be at The Q., the great hall where LeBron James, who […]

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Are you enjoying the summer of mosquitoes, Donald Trump and chaos on the University of Akron campus?

Thought so. There are, however, two rays of hope. The mosquitoes will move out with the season. And the public will tire of Trump’s hysterical comedy routine.

Unfortunately, the UA chaos is another matter that could become the face of its new polytechnic brand around the land..

The workout on the school’s budget deficit could hardly have been handled in a more ham-handed manner and raises serious questions about the competence of the school’s president (Toledo was the last stop in his […]

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With Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine, life is just one damn presidential candidate or another. That much became clear in a Plunderbund report that DeWine has again switched an endorsement for a GOP presidential contender.

If you’ll recall, DeWine pulled the same stunt in 2112 and startled the planet when he switched from Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum in the heat of the GOP primary season. It was a down moment for Mitt and served DeWine’s ally, Summit County Republican chairman Alex Arshinkoff’s need to join the parade by splashing Santorum into a big Republican county dinner, where Alex could boast […]

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Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story titled “The Euphio Question” in which a fictional Dr. Fred Bockman, a physicist, had picked up a strange hiss from a void in the Universe with a radio telescope. As he amplified it for friends with a contraption he called a euphoriaphone, everyone within hearing range became uncontrollably happy. When a friend tried to explain it later, he described the mysterious sound as “the voice of nothingness”.

I thought of Bockman’s device as I watched Gov. Kasich’s announcement of his presidential candidacy, which had become a cliche for months as he travelled the land […]

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Donald Trump’s virulent assault on Sen. McCain is further evidence that he is Joe McCarthy with layered hair.



Who can forget that it was the monstrous Republican Wisconsin senator who  smeared President Eisenhower,  members of Congress and others as “comsymps”  at the height of the Red Scare of the 1950s?  But it did finally contribute a memorable response from Joseph Welch, the grandfatherly lawyer at the Army-McCarthy hearings whose law firm was a member of the alleged red National Lawyers guild.

“Until this moment,” Welsh hurtfully replied to McCarthy at the televised  hearing, “I think I never […]

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