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Cliff Rosenberger made it to the Cleveland City Club podium Friday as the new Ohio House Speaker, splashing about a lot of cliches about how he plans to deliver the state into the future. The Plain Dealer covered the visit by the 33-year-old Clarksville Republican that dealt almost entirely with Gov. Kasich’s proposed tax reforms – or not – and the need for bipartisan support from the handful of Democrats in the legislature.

The PD’s report could easily be summed up by his non-committed views on these matters that went this way:

“Rosenberger told the City Club that he […]

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Kardashian To Senate Podium?

On February 26, 2015 By

As national media reports arrive that the two sullen Republican leaders on Capitol Hill – Sen. McConnell and Rep. John Boehner – haven’t spoken to each other in two weeks because of differences that could shut down the government, there is unconfirmed speculation that there are other critical issues that separate the two.

Seething over Boehner’s purely private lone wolf decision to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, McConnell reportedly is considering inviting Kim Kardashian to speak to the Senate in hope that a wardrobe malfunction will arouse the Republican caucus from its slumber. A McConnell ally […]

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OK, I did survive it. Gov. Kasich’s hour-long lecture on Tax Cuts 101, I mean, in his State of the State address to an audience of more than a thousand mostly white guys in black suits in Wilmington. I hung around to watch the live transmission on TV because that’s what I do in my never-spare time. The follow-up of the PBS documentary The Italians made viewing worthwhile again.

About the speech: with the governor’s defiantly protruding lower lip pointed at the seated following, he repeatedly rambled through his version of the evils of taxation. And when he mentioned that […]

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Former Ohio House speaker William Batchelder, whose cupboard was never bare in the 38 years that he spent in the legislature, is back, filling out his retirement days by taking care of the same business. He just doesn’t want anybody to think that he really is doing what he seems to be doing, complete with his familiar jolly disposition..

As the Beacon Journal’s Doug Livingston reported on Saturday, the Republican conservative, who was term-limited from his old job in December, will be teaching law and politics at the University of Akron and Cleveland State. But that’s only part of […]

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As Gov. John “Sunny” Kasich’s budget proposal wobbles forward, he may come to realize that with friends like the Plain Dealer, he will have to hunker down before more enemies. That reality burst onto the media scene in the PD’s full page blast at the governor’s nearly $1 billion sweetness-and- light plan for charter schools.

With a commanding depiction of swirling $100 bills, the paper roared: Charter schools can expect a tsunami of cash “while traditional public schools resources ebb.”

“The governor’ plan would continue the cannibalization of Ohio’s public schools,” the paper observed. . “That’s especially so since […]

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While Gov. Kasich was doing his sunny Project Runway cameo in South Carolina, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reported today that Ohioans hardly share his widely touted Ohio Miracle. Indeed, the Buckeye state finished 47th in the survey, just ahead of Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Might have been even worse, but didn’t Ohio State just win the national collegiate football championship?

Each of the 50 states were rated in the 2014 poll from more than 176,000 interviews based on five “essential elements of well-being”, Gallup said. These included “motivation to achieve goals… positive social relationships… economic satisfaction……feeling safe and […]

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Republicans oppose President Obama’s immigration plan because…

(1) Latinos are not skilled in working as greeters at Sam’s Club

(2) More Taco Bells would force Chick-fil-A into bankruptcy

(3) Major League baseball teams already have too many shortstops on their rosters

(4) The illegals’ buttocks are bulging with diseased cantaloupes

Republicans oppose same-sex marriage because…

(1) Most have no idea how gays do it in bed

(2) God is reacting to the rise of such abominable unions by casting a measles plague on America with gay locusts

(3) If Obama supports it, it must be bad

(4) Polls […]

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The hard-working dandies on the Republican team in Columbus are demonstrating that Ohio is on the move!

Here’s the latest exciting evidence:

Gov. Kasich is transporting his “Sunny Persona” ( Washington Post reference, not mine) to South Carolina and West Virginia to continue his pitch for a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel spoke at a fund-raising “gala’ by a conservative group in Washington.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted also went to Washington to testify on the evil effect of President Obama’s immigration policy that would screw up his epic battle to rid the voter rolls of […]

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Gov Kasich’s mad dash to school tax reforms that played off suburban districts against their poorer cousins took a direct hit from an old friend that posted its complaint in a full- page layout on Wednesday titled: Not Good Enough.

While allowing that his formula contained “some sense”, the editorial declared:

“Poorer districts should get more money, but it should not come at the expense of often struggling suburban districts that are just climbing out of the Great Recession.”

Coming from the PD, such dissent from Ohio’s biggest newspaper might remove a little of the edge from his swaggering […]

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From the Onion, the media voice through whose halls all news is worth satirizing, comes word of a unique project to prepare all of the Republican presidential wannabes for their paths to glory..

It is the full-scale replica of a fake “struggling Ohio town” of Stocktonville that is set somewhere in Central Montana. It is inhabited by 33,000 actors who have been coached to portray middle-class Americans such as small-business owners and auto workers. The idea is to teach the candidates how to respond when they meet these unfamiliar folks along the campaign trail.

The Onion “quotes” Republican national […]

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A funny thing happened to Mike DeWine, Ohio’s driven attorney general, on his way to doing harm to the Affordable Care Act. An old friend, the Akron Beacon Journal, decided that enough is enough.

In a decidedly unfriendly editorial, the paper accused the state’s loosely-defined top lawyer (and spiritual leader with born-again Gov. Kasich catching up) of “over the top language” in his lawsuit against Obamacare that claims federal health-care tax was “unprecedented”. Such hysteria by a public servant, even when untrue, has long marked DeWine’s s sleepless nights in assailing the act that the U.S. Supreme Court has […]

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