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The Ohio Republican Party says it has found a scandal in Democratic State Sen. Nina Turner’s campaign against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. According to the party’s top flak, Chris Schrimpf, Turner is …um…”too partisan”.

Who knew?

Although Schrimpf’s assessment of Turner hardly rises above the level of playground insults, it is the stuff one would expect from a spokesperson who once labored in the non-partisan inner circles of righties like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue.

Schrimpf doesn’t think Turner is playing nice by referring to Republicans as “stupid and dumb”, words not unfamiliar to [...]

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John Kasich wants me to know that he grew up in humble surroundings that seeded his deep concern for ordinary, hard-working folks. He seldom fails to mention in his TV ads that his father was a mailman for 29 years. His reelection campaign is spending millions of soft-earned contributions from the highest rollers that pay for these ads. He’s just a regular guy, they tell us – or as National Review defined him, “a blue-collar kid from a little town near Pittsburgh called McKees Rocks. (Historians tell us Alexander McKee was a colonial British Indian agent who was loyal to [...]

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Husted’s DOA Redistricting Ideas

On August 16, 2014 By

Among the more aggressive political myths projected by the state’s editorial writers and garden variety pundits is that Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, has earned a big gold merit badge for his concern about Ohio’s scandalous congressional district lines. After all, he talks about it all the time.

But wait! Husted is a Republican. The gerrymandering was carried out by Republicans who are quite comfortable with their congressional victories at the polls. Both houses of the General Assembly are controlled by Republicans. Gov. Kasich and his crowd are all Republicans. Question: Why would any of these operatives want [...]

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May we pause for a moment to give thanks to the presence in our midst of comic opera diva Sarah Palin, who brightens each day with cheerful lyrics that sustain us in the rush of awful news from around the world.

Her latest aria, voiced from a truck stop north of Fairbanks, and played quite broadly, told us there is a brighter future for people who work for minimum wages – or less. Reaching a high C, she reminded all of us that such jobs are not lifetime endeavors but rather “stepping stones” to something quite more rewarding. Another controversy [...]

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In view of the fuss over another questionable appointment by Gov. Kasich – to wit, Rick Hodges as state health director – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the governor’s creative writers will come up with a new category for guys like Hodges who are absent of qualifying credentials under state law. The statute requires the director to have “significant experience” in the profession. Oh? Hodges was the director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Unless your job is remedying potholes, not even close.

But as Plunderbund pointed out, when the kitchen became hot from criticism, his application was altered [...]

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The word from deep in the heart of Texas is that when the Republican congressmen return to their House after a five-week break for potty training, their first order of business will be to pass crazy Lone Star Rep. Louie Gohmert’s s bill to move the remainder of the session to Stonehenge. A Gohmert aide explained that this group of Republicans is eager to be part of ancient history and there would be no better setting than the mysterious circle of tall standing stones.

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How did you feel when you woke up Friday morning to learn from TV that the U.S. House had been taken over in a bloodless coup by a deranged Republican senator (!) from Texas?

Yep. Ted Cruz, he of the satanic smile and slitty eyes, emigrated into the House’s backyard, violating congressional courtesies simply because he could, to strip Speaker John Boehner of any claim to the leadership that comes with the territory. Drum roll, anybody?

Talk about fouling your own nest! The least he can do now is take away Boehner’s limo ride to Congressional Hill , golf clubs, [...]

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When Speaker John Boehner, the frightful leader of the GOP’s white-collar goon squad in the House, insists his lawsuit is not about him but rather a way to protect the Constitution against a rapacious president, don’t believe him. If it weren’t the Constitution, Boehner would surely find another ruse to put Barack Obama in his place. For the rest of us witnessing this Theater of the Absurd, we must steel ourselves for two more years against the frustrated congressman from southwestern Ohio, no matter the millions it will cost you and me.

The Constitution is a flaming buzz word on [...]

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By the light of the silvery moon, John Boehner is said to have secretly hatched a plan to deflect growing criticism that his lawsuit against President Obama was costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The Republican Speaker, who presides over a GOP House caucus that has no moving parts, reportedly will cut the pay of court stenos and bailiffs 50 pct. and will pay the janitors nothing. Party insiders say he will announce his bold plan in his keynote speech at an event honoring Ayn Rand at the Koch Brothers’ tax-free private estate on one of their French Alps.

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When the late Chuck Noll, the iconic coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was once asked why he called for an onside kick that had failed in the team’s loss, he crisply replied that winning football games do not depend on geography.

Ah, but Atty. General Mike DeWine,whose trained seals are in a defensive mode these days, do think geography is quite important in awarding debt collection work to companies with little or no experience in return for generous campaign contributions.

The AG’s spokesman, Dan Tierney, put it in a way that only a few people could understand by saying the [...]

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Didn’t get into the Arshinkoff/Spitalieri/DeWine Bermuda Triangle in the preceding post.  Saving the best for last. In assessing the Ohio attorney general’s magical powers of choosing the ablest private firms for his collections agency, legal experience can be trumped by political contributions.

As the Dayton Daily News reported, a veteran debt collections agency that had worked with five previous attorneys general was bypassed in the awarding of lucrative work to a company that was formed only two days before DeWine set out to take care of his contributors. He chose, instead, CELCO, bossed by Pete Spitalieri, the Hudson guy [...]

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