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One of the cautionary notes as the Kasich/Taylor campaign burst crazily into spring is that it’s folly for the governor’s opponents to make things up to discredit him. The Kasich team has already demonstrated beyond doubt that one of its perfected specialties is selling him to the voters with little regard for reality even if you allow for the routine embellishments of political engagement.

Just arrived, for example, is a paean from Ohio Republican Headquarters with a toast to the daring wisdom of Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who also heads the state insurance department, in her most recent assault on [...]

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Good grief! The rollout of the Kasich TV ads have crashed into my viewing pleasure and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. Here’s a guy who needs no introduction who will spend millions re-introducing himself to Ohio voters simply because he can. He needn’t worry about the origin of the millions after calling upon God to bless billionaire casino elephant Sheldon Adelson.

The theme won’t surprise anyone. It will largely dwell on a slightly altered old Broadway hit, “There’s no business like my show business” as he sets out again to let the good times roll in Buckeyeland.

For [...]

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I doubt that two of Gov. Kasich’s old Republican friends will be turning up at the governor’s campaign  appearances this year:  Mitt Romney and Chris Christie.

The Columbus Dispatch, long friendly to the governor, has published before -and-after photos of  Kasich with Mitt in 2012 at Otterbein University.  A big Romney campaign sign in a photo that turned up on Kasich’s campaign website, revealed Republican Mitt Romney’s motto: Real Change Day One…

The sign has been scrubbed from a photo on the Ohio governor’s  website. It speaks volumes of the new twist in the Kasich reelection bid.  Indeed, in the closing [...]

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It was really painful to watch. John McCain, the hawkish old soldier at the Senate hearing, scolding John Kerry in the hushed tones of a discreet insider. John McCain, with the haphazard expertise that the Sunday morning TV news panels regularly find so seductive.

With the annoyed secretary of state sitting before him, the Republican senator from Arizona would, by God, let everyone in TV-land know that the foreign policy of the President, in general, as effected by Kerry, was a mess in the hands of the weakest in the universe. The same John McCain who was censured by his [...]

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With the rise of pay inequalilty for women looming as a strong political issue, a new organization called Americans for Pay Disparity is reaching out to companies to counter the challenge with a simple response:  Fire all of the female employees on their payroll.  According to a recent advisory to companies, unequal pay for women would not be  a negative issue if all of the workers were men.

Problem solved.

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Did somebody hurt  Charles Koch’s feelings? You know, the CEO of Koch Industries, a  vast enterprise big enough to be its own country managed by hand-picked servile Republicans.

It certainly seemed that the politically active billionaire felt bruised by villainous opponents as he spoke out hurtfully in the op-ed piece he wrote for the Wall Street Journal.  Let him explain:

“Instead of encouraging free and open debate, collectivists strive to discredit and intimidate opponents.    They engage in character assassination ( I should know, as the almost daily target  of their attacks).   This is the approach that Arthur [...]

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In the heated moments following President Obama’s announcement  that the Affordable Care Act had surpassed its goal, a panicky John Boehner reportedly  called in his inner circle to  create a caustic response.  They agreed on cherry picking a 94-year-old recluse in Idaho who had enrolled 63 times in Obamacare because he was told he would be rewarded with a year’s supply of  shotgun shells. Although some of his advisors doubted that many people would believe the story,  the Speaker said it would at least do until the House voted again to repeal the law.

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Well, the reviews are in for Gov.Kasich’s headliner role in a reprisal of the movie Honeymoon in Vegas. Not good!

Headliner?   Kneeliner  is a better fit for his groveling performance to impress  Sheldon Adelson, the Midas-like figure whose riches are based on casinos. Adelson spends hundreds of millions promoting politicians who would be expected to protect his gambling empire.  Of late he’s in a huge campaign to block on-line gambling that he fears would nibble at his casinos.

Allow me to quote New York Times columnist David Firestone, who wrote:

“It’s hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathesome than [...]

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Kasich Plays Wheel Of Fortune

On March 30, 2014 By

Should we be surprised that Gov.Kasich  earned the coveted Sheldon Adelson White Guy  Mr.Congeniality Award at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring conference in Las Vegas?  That became a slam-dunk as the governor daringly referred several times to the mega-casino owner – for God’s sake one of the  richest men in the world – on a chummy first-name basis. Unless you are a car salesman, you don’t get much friendlier than that.

Nosy reporters, of course,  wanted to know whether the governor was running for president by trying to suck up as much cash as he could in Las Vegas from Adelson’s [...]

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On Friday, I spent part of the day asking several friends whether they knew where our  Governor John Kasich was spending the weekend.

Two were confident that he would show up with his compatriots on Fox News.

One said he would be sharing a Lenten dinner at a church in Steubenville.

One said he thought the governor would surely be in  a hideaway in the attic of the governor’s mansion with his cronies in JobsOhio to work out the best possible  face in the state’s employment picture.

Another said he would be in Lima for no good reason.

Several said [...]

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The comfort zones of Fox News host Neil Cavuto and John Kasich overlapped this week with one more installment of the network’s ongoing effort  to launch the Ohio governor as its presidential candidate of choice.

Although Kasich has coyly dismissed talk  of a national candidacy at the top of the Republican ticket, it has not discouraged Cavuto and other foxy talking heads from celebrating  the network’s former news host as the GOP’s compelling go-to guy in the already heaviliy forested field of presidential candidates.  Besides, the governor is is hardly a Gen. Sherman when it comes to presidential ambition.

Fox has [...]

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