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Under the heading, 20 Republican wannabes to watch, POLITICO published its bulging preseason roster of possible GOP presidential candidates, largely rounding up the usual suspects. Several have been around long enough to have shrinking options for their brain throbs. (Santorum? Not again, for God’s and our sake.)

But you might find interesting POLITICO’S brief bios as will the Vegas crowd that will be laying odds while all but one of the 20 will be laying eggs.

In the middle of the list you’ll find Gov.Kasich, who seems to have fascinated the pundits by his crushing victory over an opponent [...]

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The frequent photos of Gov. Kasich with outstretched arms suggest that he might consider one of those megachurch arenas for his base before he wanders into the wilderness of a presidential campaign. Voters would be expected to respond not only to the preachy profile but also to his recurring references to how he and the Lord get along so well. As he told us on election night, God had put his hand on him.

In the old days, ii was called mysticism, a one-on-one conversation with God. Today it woudn’t be a stretrch to say that more politicians than [...]

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When America’s electorate finally awakens from its slumber, it may be surprised to discover what it left to the historically low turnout to decide for all of us.

No later than the fading hours of Election Day did the wingnuts in control of the Senate and House gather as though it was Walpurgis Night to whoop it up. With both chambers and the committee chairmen in their hands, there will be no limits to their misguided arrogance of power. What seemed painful before the polls opened is now confirmed to be an irreparable paralysis all the way to 2016.

The [...]

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The Plain Dealer finally took an official but less than persuasive step toward explaining why it pulled a video of the gubernatorial candidates’ group meeting with the editorial board of the Plain Dealer and the Northeast Ohio Media Group.(NEOMG)

In a long and painful la nostra culpa on Friday, Ted Diadiun, NEOMG’s reader representative, courageously led the reader along a bumpy path to the cut-and run decision that lay squarely in the hands of Chris Quinn, NEOMG’s vice president of content. But soon after the video’s brief appearance on, Quinn turned to damage control as the shameful inexplicable maneuver [...]

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Ohio Republicans are effusively claiming success in several ways following last week’s election. Among their achievements, they say, is the low turnout by voters. A source in Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office, which strongly supported restrictions on voting rights; said: “I’m not a mathematician, but with fewer voters casting ballots, the better the chance to reduce the opportunities for voter fraud, which is something we’ve been trying to accomplish all along.”

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Well, it was just a matter of hours before the Columbus Dispatch set all of us on the right track for the 2016 presidential election with whoopie speculation about two of its favorite Republican Buckeye politicians, Gov.John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman.

In a long front- page piece, the story began by describing Kasich’s “smashing” win and Portman’s “key role in helping the GOP take control of the Senate”.

Smashing? But only if you merely consider the raw numbers after the governor ran up the score against Ed FitzGerald’s posthumous campaign to a cheering [...]

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For all of the alarm over government spying,  the fear is  obviously  less than  skull deep for those politicians who have yet to pick up on the modern digital age. In short, there is always somebody  listening… somebody recording… somebody filming – and they’re not the nosy government. The whole scheme to hold you foolishly accountable largely derives from a small device with James Bond potential  that many people grip in one hand in shopping malls, football games, political meetings and anywhere else where the “real”you could be exposed.

Let’s call it the Romney Matter-over-Mind Moment  when – you still remember, don’t [...]

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In an 11th hour move to seal his hold on Kentucky celibates, a beleaguered Sen.  Mitch McConnell reportedly will announce on Monday that his first step if he is re-elected will be to declare a one-year moratorium on sexual intercourse in his state, except for horses and cows.

“I’m not a gynecologist,” McConnell says, “but there is no better way to reduce the scandalous number of abortions than to attack the problem at its source by eliminating sex altogether for at least a trial period.”

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Ohio, We Have A Problem

On October 31, 2014 By

Gov. Kasich’s boorish behavior during his so-called appearance before an editorial board collection from the Plain Dealer and NEO Media Group emphasized once again that his ego has placed strict limits on even mildly deferring to the media and his political opponents. He likes his own rigid vision of governance in an open society.

Sort of name, rank and serial number. He even felt it was unworthy of his unique status to return a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland as he slouches toward Election Day.

From video clips, I caught a few glimpses of his [...]

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Can we talk?

As some of you surely know, much of my professional career plunged me into the printed word – newspapers, magazines, books, some crabby letters to editors and now the digital offspring, blogs.  I say this only because some of you may be wondering why I’ve been picking on newspapers so much during this dreadful election year for which they must accept some of the responsibility for its odor.

I do want to say that the decline of newspapers, which is now past the point of no return, gives me no joy. Still too much printer’s ink in [...]

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Republican strategists reportedly are ecstatic over their new fail-safe response to critics of the party’s climate-change deniers. Their candidates have now resorted to “I’m not a scientist” to shrug off questions about their dismissal of environmental issues.

We can now look for the same pattern of self-denials on other issues as their gang backs away from such delicate matters as ebola. Chris Christie, who is coming to Ohio to campaign for his buddy John Kasich as the comic relief, is already dodging a flap over quarantining ebola victims. “I’m not a doctor,” he booms. Atty Gen Mike DeWine might choose [...]

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