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With the arrival of the new Republican flash mob on Capitol Hill, it soon became obvious that the saints didn’t go marching in. They swiftly greeted us with assaults on President Obama’s immigration policies, and brutally damned same-sex weddings, women’s issues and climate change. Sort of ghoulish, don’t you think?

It being Super Bowl week, you might be surprised to learn that despite the GOP’s nasty agenda, one of the biggest losers was Speaker John Boehner, the forever dyspeptic conniver.

Boehner is the fellow who sneakily set up Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s March speech to a joint session […]

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It’s fair to wonder when some of our national pundits will stop swooning over John Kasich’s widely ga-gaed landslide victory over (fill in the blank) in November’s virtual election for governor.

I mean, there was conservative columnist David Brooks, with the New York Times op-ed as his podium, rating Kasich with an”A” as presidential material ,writing:

“The Ohio governor is easily [!} the most underestimated Republican this year. He just won a landslide victory in the swingiest of the swing states. He carried 86 of Ohio’s 88 counties. He won Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, and which President Obama […]

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Doug Livingston’s piece on charter schools in Friday’s Beacon Journal blew another hole into Ohio’s billion-dollar cash cow. There have been frequent reports about how this system of privately operated charter schools is failing in its academic mission at taxpayers’ and public education’s expense. But now, as Livingston wrote, David Yost, the Republican state auditor, has just issued his investigative report that much money is being spent on kids who are represented in charter classrooms by empty seats.

And once again the river of money has been channeled into the accounts where it will do the most good for […]

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Thoughts on the Night Out for President Obama’s State of Union address:

At one point, I began to feel a tinge of sympathy for John Boehner, who dead-panned and occasionally pumped his lips as Obama spoke. His pathetic attempts at ceremonial courtesies gave new meaning to the sound of one hand clapping. Had to be painful for him as Obama rolled out one economic surge after another. Hadn’t the diehards warned us that a second Obama term would guarantee an economic disaster, soaring unemployment and $6 a gallon gas? It would have been better for everyone concerned if Boehner had […]

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As we approach the season of county Republican fund-raising dinners, you might keep in mind that many are no longer dedicated solely to Abraham Lincoln, whose name has been held captive by the GOP for these events like a distant uncle who might yet bequeath the party with more than walking-around money.

Now there are a collection of Ohio counties who refer to the feast as Lincoln Reagan indulgences to remind donors that, for whatever reason, they ought to remember the Heroic Gipper at their tables. It’s really cult-ifying behavior. A few days ago. Ohio Republican chairman Matt Borges even […]

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I once asked Jim Rhodes whether he would run for another term for governor. In his staccato voice with a rush of clipped words , he retorted: “Can you tell me if your wife is going to be pregnant?” The small clutch of bystanders got a laugh out of his nonsensical response. But for reporters who were paid to uproot answers from him, it was just another day at the interview. As Rhodes forever replied to modest inquiries:

“I generally don’t answer questions with a yes or no.”

It was his sanitized version of dismissing inquiries deviating from his mindset […]

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A Telling Tale Of Two Senators

On January 11, 2015 By

While Sen. Majority leader Mitch McConnell was boastfully crediting Republicans as the force behind today’s recovering economy, Ohio’s Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown was firing up opposition to a GOP plan to erode Social Security Disability Insurance. There could be no greater contrast in the behavior of a vengeful obstructionist who will be the Senate megaphone of his party’s reactionaries and Brown’s forceful stand to protect the Federal program from an assault by the newly-elected chest-pounders.

In a prepared statement this week, Brown sounded a clear alarm against the enemy at the gate. In this instance, he’s referring to a move […]

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We should all be thankful that we live in an age in which such expert economists as Mitch McConnell can lead the nation into a new era of economic prosperity for all.

We once thought that such recognition should go to Mitt Romney, who told us as a presidential candidate that although the economy was getting better, President Obama made it worse.

But the owlish new senate majority leader has out-reasoned Mitt with his profound explanation of economic progress – and you can thank the Republicans on Capitol Hill for that.

Here’s what he told the Washington Post: “We’re finally […]

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The Last We Heard From 2014

On January 5, 2015 By

Cleaning up my 2014 files, here’s what we found in the Bartlett quotations deep inside Plato’s cave:

Gov. Kasich, at a meeting with casino mega-mogul Sheldon Adelson: “Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me and I want to thank you for giving me a chance to come here and speak.   I don’t travel to these things much, but this is one I thought was really important.  And God bless you for what you do.”   (One of the things that Sheldon does is to heap millions of dollars on Republican candidates. Don’t know if God has an app for that..)


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The Columbus Dispatch has never been subtle about its choices for running the government. Firmly lodged in its menacing redoubt across the street from the Statehouse, it has dared Democrats, particularly the liberal sort, to violate the paper’s sanctity as an unelected voice of the state’s destiny. With a plantation mentality, it has served to protect the family’s banks, broadcasting studios and vast other properties in its swollen portfolio.

A Wolfe family enterprise for more than a century, the city’s sole surviving daily newspaper has swallowed two other dailies whole and worked its influence all over town, including Ohio State […]

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Yes, Dick Cheney Is A Booliboo

On December 20, 2014 By

Dick Cheney is a booliboo.

Booliboo? Don’t run to your dictionary to look it up. No such word. I made it up.

That’s what you can do when you enter Cheney’s fantasy world. On his unlit planet, Dorothy’s yellow brick road is more authentic than Interstate 71. Pinocchio’s nose doesn’t extend but grows backward into his skull. The invasion of Iraq would lead to a peaceful conquest in a few weeks.

Booliboos resort to Orwellian newspeak, the patron of duckspeak in which it is perfectly OK for apples to fall up from trees rather than to the ground below, Newton […]

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