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Ohio, We Have A Problem

On October 31, 2014 By

Gov. Kasich’s boorish behavior during his so-called appearance before an editorial board collection from the Plain Dealer and NEO Media Group emphasized once again that his ego has placed strict limits on even mildly deferring to the media and his political opponents. He likes his own rigid vision of governance in an open society.

Sort of name, rank and serial number. He even felt it was unworthy of his unique status to return a questionnaire from the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland as he slouches toward Election Day.

From video clips, I caught a few glimpses of his [...]

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Can we talk?

As some of you surely know, much of my professional career plunged me into the printed word – newspapers, magazines, books, some crabby letters to editors and now the digital offspring, blogs.  I say this only because some of you may be wondering why I’ve been picking on newspapers so much during this dreadful election year for which they must accept some of the responsibility for its odor.

I do want to say that the decline of newspapers, which is now past the point of no return, gives me no joy. Still too much printer’s ink in [...]

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Republican strategists reportedly are ecstatic over their new fail-safe response to critics of the party’s climate-change deniers. Their candidates have now resorted to “I’m not a scientist” to shrug off questions about their dismissal of environmental issues.

We can now look for the same pattern of self-denials on other issues as their gang backs away from such delicate matters as ebola. Chris Christie, who is coming to Ohio to campaign for his buddy John Kasich as the comic relief, is already dodging a flap over quarantining ebola victims. “I’m not a doctor,” he booms. Atty Gen Mike DeWine might choose [...]

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Rick Santorum has been running for president for at least 50 or 60 years and is back to the lodestone of such candidates: Iowa. This time he’s out there campaigning arm-in-arm with Rep. Steve King, the sociopathic Hawkeye congressman-of-faith who will forever be remembered for identifying immigrant kids because their calves bulge like cantaloupes from smuggling drugs across our border. He’s assailed Planned Parenthood for promoting “ghoulish, ghastly and gruesome” practices! His latest: He said that if he gets to Heaven he doesn’t expect to meet gays.

Once again, Santorum isn’t reluctant to cast stones against his own perceived villains [...]

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Karl Rove, a jack of all shades when political cash is on the line, is back in the shadows of the giant money tree gathering up millions of campaign dollars that are falling like the autumn leaves. His latest venture through his Super PAC, American Crossroads, will spend $10 million to enrich the campaigns of four Republican Senate candidates. He has few equals in following the money that doesn’t rattle in his collection plate.

Have you noticed how experts, fully conditioned by their fail-safe rules of today’s politics, lay out the odds in any campaign by tilting to the candidates [...]

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Even in these shrinking days before the November election there are still a few surprises left in the media world.  I refer to the Plain Dealer’s full-page endorsement of Democrat Nina Turner over her Republican opponent, Secretary of State Jon Husted.   The paper’s statement was more than an act of altruism for a hometown candidate, although her residency in Cuyahoga County couldn’t hurt.

No, Turner is an aggressive, extremely savvy  state senator – the kind of spirited person you would  want to have on your side in any confrontation with the enemy.  In a state buttoned down by a Republican dynasty, she [...]

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Chuck Todd, the NBC news pundit, has added his spin to red state-blue state America, dividing us  into  “Starbucks Drinkers” and “Chick-Fil-A  eaters.

Well, now.  As anyone who frequently lines up at the Starbucks  counter at a mall, it’s only natural to want to learn more about how Todd’s yin and yang shakes out to  represent  Americans.    According to Talking Points Memo, Todd classified states llke Montana as Chick-Fil-A Eaters. But there are  no Chick-Fil-A-Eateries in the Big Sky Country.  On the other  hand it is the home of a dozen Starbucks places.

If you looked hard enough from [...]

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It’s been a dreary election season, folks. No debates that invited the public to see the contestants going at it eye-to-eye. No gubernatorial contest. Gov. Kasich shoveling soil in his confident high definition mode as though he were needlessly digging up more campaign cash. The media in Cleveland, Akron and Columbus tacking, as always, to Republican candidates. Inventive endorsements that pardon their choices for glaring flaws. Not a good election season all around.

A prime exhibit was the odd word salad in which the Beacon Journal endorsed Republican Ohio House member Anthony DeVitis over his Democratic opponent, Paula Prentice, a [...]

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When somebody mentions that John Kasich wants to cut the income tax rate, let’s try to remember that a more forthright governor, Democrat Jack Gilligan, daringly laid a new income tax at the wallet of every Ohio voter.

“If you don’t want an income tax,” Gilligan warned during his 1970 campaign, “vote for the other guy.” He won anyway, defeating Roger Cloud, and forcefully promoted the 1971 measure that earned him the title of “Father of the Ohio Income Tax”. The voters upheld the tax in a 1972 referendum, proving there are things that concern them more than Republican guff [...]

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When I am trying to absorb a monotonal speech by Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine why do I feel I should be sitting in a pew? As I’ve noted in the past, DeWine comes across as bottled goodness. He’s the people’s lawyer, the righteous guy to defend the law, the go-to family man to protect all that is wholesome in American life. Still, Biblical scholars will tell you that there is nothing specific in the Book about modern pay-to-play.

There is nothing in his words to lead you to believe that this 67-year-old social conservative is the same wheeler-dealer who [...]

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Have I Missed Anything, Josh?

On October 6, 2014 By

When the Beacon Journal endorsed Democrat Connie Pillich for Ohio treasurer over incumbent Republican Josh Mandel on Sunday , it told us that even a centrist newspaper might only accept so much mischief from Josh. Referring to Pillich, the BJ said “she has proved an effective legislator, engaged, knowledgable and capable of reaching across the aisle”.

As for Josh, his exposed back-channel fund-filled moments comporting with Canton businessman Ben Suarez and other big donors were simply too much to earn him a reprieve from the paper.

After Mandel burst onto the state political scene he created his own parallel universe [...]

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