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It seems like just yesterday that two starry-eyed Republican governors, John Kasich and Chris Christie, staged a hug-in on Arizona soil to reaffirm their enduring fraternal and political bonds.

Enthused Kasich to the Columbus Dispatch:

“Christie is going to do great out there. Are you kidding? Christie, he is like a force now. People want to be around him. He came out to Ohio during my last campaign, people just loved him. He said if you don’t elect this guy, I am coming back here New Jersey style. They liked it.”

Enthused Chris Christie: “I love John Kasich….We get along […]

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Did you see that Robert Mercer, the full-pocketed Wall Street hedge fund zillionaire, went out and bought a Republican presidential candidate? Yep, crazy Ted Cruz. Mercer, described in a New York Times report as a hard-right “recluse”, likes Cruz. They are soul mates on stuff like taxes. And Mercer doesn’t mind paying for it.

It’s a perfect match inasmuch as Mercer’s Renaissance hedge fund has been tailed by the IRS with claims that it owes $6 billion in back taxes. Mercer , to the delight of his right-wing crowd, wants to abolish the IRS, a thought neither original with him […]

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It’s so appropriate that in the week that Economist magazine carried a glowing obituary of leading fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, one of America’s leading fantasists, Dick Cheney, went on another rant. It may be rude to link fantasies here. Pratchett, after all, wrote books that sold in the millions (in 37 languages), a series featuring oddly named characters and events brought together in his literary conception of Discworld. A man of humor, Pratchett even brushed off talk that he had found God. Unlikely, he said, because he couldn’t even find his keys.

On the other hand, Cheney, a […]

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The New York Times Sunday magazine added to freshman Sen. Tom Cotton’s scrapbook rise to celebrity with a full-page interview and tall photo of the young Arkansas Republican who fatuously wrote the letter to Iranians warning them of a bad outcome for the deal supported by the U.S.

The vital statistics of the man included his NBA dream team (which, alas, did not include LeBron James!) and his non-answer as to whether he is dreaming about more trivial matters as a vice presidential candidate on the GOP national ticket in 2016. He cryptically answered: “I am focussed on the work […]

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We should all be a tad relieved that our tag-along Republican senator, Rob Portman, didn’t join the flash mob that called for cratering Iran in the wake of our potential nuclear deal with Iran. As usual, he cautiously did leave us between the middle and center of the road with his remarks to Neil Cavuto on Fox News before the deal was even announced. But unlike some GOP Rambos, he stopped short of delivering the payloads.

He said we’d be better off if Iran got it’s nuclear material “out of the country – something Iran says it doesn’t want […]

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As hell was breaking loose over Indiana’s “religious freedom” law, Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine was busily doing what has come naturally to him in his mission to keep Ohioans, eh… morally straight: He filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that same-sex marriage had “no fundamental right” in the Buckeye State.

As we all know by now, DeWine is passionate about warding off trending human relationships. It is further evidence that the AG as well as other conservative politicians in Columbus serve at the pleasure of the religious right, beginning with the guy at the top: Gov. […]

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As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood aside Benajmin Netanyahu in Israel for a back-home photo-op, it left no doubt that the Republican gang on Capitol Hill had added Bibi to their new rank of honorary Jewish member. In the Senate the newly elected Israeli leader would feel rather isolated inasmuch as there are no other Jewish Republicans. (Democrats have 10, plus Bernie Sanders, an independent) ) Speaker John Boehner, who also is a big-time Schmoozer with Netanyahu, can claim one Jewish congressman – New York’s Lee Zeldin) in his household. (Democrats have 21!)

What’s the matter with this head […]

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been fumbling around in the swamp ever since he crossed the Rubicon by signing a discriminatory anti-gay law. Julius Caesar had the good sense that his rash ill-fated decision would not go well and declared “Alea iacta est” – the die is cast. But with a trapped look, Pence has been in a full damage-control mode to insist he meant no affront to gays when he set out to protect religious liberty with his approval of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ( Who thinks up these titles?).

Whether warding off direct hits on ABC’s […]

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The awful deed to limit voting in Ohio is nearly done. It’s the rider snuck into the state transportation budget late in the game that would weigh heavily on out-of-state college students who want to vote in Ohio. It’s all part of the ongoing Republican fears of non-existent voter fraud – a red herring to help the GOP at the polls.

The new language in the bill will have these students convert to an Ohio driver’s license, register their cars with Ohio plates and assume a few other costs that would raise their out-of-pocket expenses to an estimated $100.

May […]

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Reporters who have traveled with Gov. Kasich on his national stand-up stage tour have quoted him as warming up  to  “people’s problems”.  Here’s how Kasich, a practicing born-again, explained his new concern for the less fortunate during a stop in West Virginia:

“For some reason the Lord has made me more aware of people’s problems.  And I take that awareness seriously.”

Kasich often reminds us that he’s a blue-collar kid from Western Pennsylvania, so you have to wonder why it has taken all of these years to recognize the needs of others.  As a sort-of black-collar witness of the coal […]

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If you happened to suffer through Ted Cruz’s mad announcement of his candidacy for president, you have experienced one of the great theatrical performances of modern politics. As a Joe McCarthy figure in appearance and hostility, he also wanted to impress the planet that he’s also a Christian and “Reaganesque “. On that score, he was not only Ted Cruz playing McCarthy but also as Ted Cruz playing Elmer Gantry as we all awaited the parting of the heavens.

Get ready for it, folks, the circus has officially come to town. And in what more hospitable tent than Liberty […]

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