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We spent a few moments following up on the state’s new motto, “Ohio, find it here.”

Our curiosity was aroused by Tourism Director Mary Cusick’s comment that the Buckeye State was not reaching as many adventurous far-flung tourists as, we’d add, Virginia’s boast of “lovers”. So now we will have a $6 million blitz of TV and other advertising channeling the things you would find within our borders if you only looked.

We figured that might include the Ohio legislature, a rather medieval rural oriented body centrally located between Circleville and Sunbury, that clearly needs rebranding if it is what President […]

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A woman in a doctor’s office in our area was heard to say she was happy to know that any effort to keep out refugees would stop all of those “Sicilians” from landing on our shores. That was a head-turner as various nations desperately try to figure out what to do with massive war-driven migration across European borders. It once again alerted us to the unwashed views of many folks about the staggering reality of a horrific world that defies solutions.

So you can forgive the woman’s error about the terrorist peril and paralysis the past few days that even […]

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Kasich Says He’s Flawed

On November 8, 2015 By

The current issue of the New Yorker (Nov. 9) has a long piece by George Packer of the Republicans’ painful beauty contest that we used to call a presidential campaign. While reviewing the entire landscape titled “The Republican Class War”, Packer gets to Gov. Kasich in the New Hampshire precincts with some delicious paragraphs about the Ohio Traveler.

Some of the Kasich stuff we’re heard many times before. He boasts that he knows how to land a plane, a metaphor of his skill when he gets to the Oval Office . There’s his Sunday morning sermon in his dismissal […]

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John Kasich is flailing.

He is driven to be more kinetic as a gimicky attention-getter to improve his awful polls. His campaign is selling “limited edition” lapel buttons for $25 each. He is running a lottery for a free trip to Milwaukee for the next Republican debate. There are his for-profit Kasich coffee mugs. But hurry.

To his doubting right-wing hackers who scorn his support of Medicaid, he insists he’s been a conservative all of his life. He invites us to read the Bible , which he reports has a “new part” and an “old part” to define his […]

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Did you happen to see that Gov. Kasich’s starship made it to the Sunday comics pages. But it’s doubtful that he would be comfortable spreading the word. We meet him in Doonesbury in which two guys are talking about the presidential election. One of the characters said he was still undecided, but “John Kasich is growing on me.” The discussion goes nowhere until his shocked friend says in the last frame: “Dude! Do you LOOK at the ratings? Nobody knows who freakin’ Kasich is.”

Maybe we can help. He’s the guy that New York Magazine described as a “fidgeting neurotic” […]

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You have to hand it to Fox News. It will always find a way to bring home the bacon.

In this instance, it’s really bacon. Rushing to shield the bacon and red meat industry from a report by the World Health Organization that these things aren’t that good for you, Dana Perino, Dubya’s former White House Press secretary, led her colleagues as co-host of “The Five” on a rip-roaring laugh-in as several chomped on bacon strips. Ha. Ha.

Perino is such a climate-change denier that she maintained the WHO report was a sinister plot to link global warming to consumption […]

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Were you able to follow Scott Scarborough’s recent State of the University address?

That was quite a performance by the University of Akron President, using his time to counter his critics who have cast him as the bull in the China shop. It went on for nearly 90 minutes with a dizzying barrage of PowerPoint figures, a new video of a supportive LeBron James, historical readings (!), warm greetings to politicians among the swollen audience of hundreds in E. J. Thomas Hall, cherry-picked quotes from projections by experts on the fate of universities, and a requisite introduction of his wife.

E,J, Thomas Hall, for Heaven’s […]

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The GOP Crazies Are At It Again

On October 19, 2015 By

You’d think that with the whirlwind surrounding the Republican fuss over a new House Speaker that the party people would have come up with a compromise by now to get on with their golf games.

We have, however, heard of one proposal that a faction has drawn up that will not please any of the clear-headed others and for that reason could work. According to my source, a good listener at House water coolers, the plan would have alternating speakers divided equally among three groups of representatives and classified as “Crazy”, “Crazier” and “Craziest.” Each would take turns serving as […]

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Gov. Kasich’s two-year active political campaign emerging from recycled presidential ambition is apparently having little useful effect in impressing a national audience. He is hardly an asterisk in the national polls. Maybe it’s something about his curb appeal.

It’s largely a media-driven campaign with the national pundits making scant effort to scratch below the surface of the boastful blue-collar kid whose father, we are forever told, was a mailman.

Questions arise. Is he a RINO? A born-again, will he run out of Biblical references before he runs out of money. Did he really balance a federal budget that was zillions […]

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When Gov. Kasich finally settles down in Ohio from his adopted residence in New Hampshire – political decency will require it, folks – he will be forced to face an unspeakable charter school scandal with Team Kasich’s fingerprints all over it.

The latest ugly chapter was well recorded by reporter Doug Livingston in today’s Beacon Journal. It was prompted by a $71 million U.S. Department of Education grant to the failed Ohio charter school system. But it now appears the reviews of such national grants were submitted by the very same school choice hucksters who have a reputation of eliminating […]

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Soon after Texas-bred Scott Scarborough settled into the president’s office at the University of Akron in June 2014 with a unique sweetheart contract, he set out to show everyone that there was a new sheriff in town. If the school was to meet the challenges of heavy debt, declining enrollment and shrinking support from the Kasich Administration, there would have to be dramatic changes in how UA would be tending to higher education. Anybody for “rebranding”?

He zealously put the faculty on notice that he would insist on punctual discipline from everyone, even telling the Chronicle of Higher Education that […]

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