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In case you missed it, our friend Jill Miller Zimon is running for state rep in Ohio’s 12th district against incumbent Democrat John E. Barnes Jr.

In the past few weeks, Jill has picked up a long list of endorsements that includes: the Ohio Democratic Party, the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, the Ohio Education Association, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, the Ohio AFL-CIO and dozens of other important individuals and organizations.   You can check out Jill’s campaign website for the most recent list.

Mr. Barnes’ website does not appear to be active, so the only actual endorsement we have [...]

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A new PPP poll shows Nina Turner leading Jon Husted by one point in the race for Ohio Secretary of State.    Turner leads with 45% versus Husted’s 44%.  12% chose “Not Sure.”

Turner leads by seven points with Independents, three points with women,  four points with 18-to-29 year olds and  and 16 points with 30-to-45 year olds.

Detailed results are below.

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A new PPP poll shows John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald tied at 44% with 11% of respondents choosing “Not Sure”.

FitzGerald leads by seven points with Independents and by two points with women.  FitzGerald shows strong support from younger voters, holding a 16 point lead with 18-to-29 year olds and an eight point lead with 30-to-45 year olds.

A PPP poll from December showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 40% to 38%.

Details of the latest poll are below:

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For the past few months, John Kasich’s campaign has been running deceitful ads trying to convince his supporters that a donation to John Kasich in 2014 can be used for a tax credit on 2013 tax filings.

This is a lie.

The ads look something like this:

The implication is obvious: give me some cash now, and you can take it off your taxes on April 15th (today).

Ohio law clearly states that only money donated in 2013 can be used for a deduction in 2014.   But that hasn’t stopped Kasich from running the ads [...]

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Josh Mandel is the son of a rich corporate lawyer.  He grew up in a rich, Northeast Ohio neighborhood.  And he married into one of the richest families in Ohio.

But Josh Mandel really wants you to think he’s just a regular, working-class guy.

During his 2012 campaign for Senate, Mandel tried to earn his blue-collar credentials by appearing with also-rich-guy Mitt Romney at a rally in Beallsville, Ohio.   The backdrop seemed perfect: a bunch of hard working men in hard hats, and Mandel talking about the importance of coal and coal-related jobs.

But then Mandel, in his freshly-pressed, nicely-tailored [...]

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Last week State Rep Andrew Brenner published an article titled “Public education in America is socialism, what is the solution?” on his wife’s Brenner Brief blog.   Brenner opened his article quoting the definition of socialism from Wikipedia, explained how this applies to public schools, and then went on to offer his solution to “the problem.” ”We need to do something that was done about 25 years ago in the former Soviet Union and eastern bloc,” Brenner wrote.  ”Sell off the existing buildings, equipment and real estate to those in the private sector. ”

Brenner argued that we need to “privatize everything”. [...]

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In an earlier Cookbook story we discussed howMike Gonadakis, head of Ohio Right to Life, used the influence of his anti-abortion organization to support Mike DeWine in his campaign for AG.   Once DeWine was elected, DeWine granted Gonadakis special access to himself and his top staff, enabling Gonadakis to grow his lobbying business.

Last week, ProgressOhio revealed that a similar arrangement seems to exist between DeWine and Phil Burress, head of the anti-LGBT group Citizens for Community Values (CCV).

After spending years criticizing DeWine for being too liberal, Burress and CCV suddenly changed their tune and publicly endorsed [...]

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Since the early days of the Kasich administration, the governor’s office has maintained a secret contact list containing the private phone numbers and email addresses of Kasich’s staff.  Everyone from mail clerks to Kasich’s chief-of-staff are included.  The governor’s office has refused to release the latest, unredacted copy of the document.

Back in December we asked for the latest version of the internal contact list and we were provided with a heavily redacted pdf file that was stamped CONFIDENTIAL and DO NOT DISTRIBUTE.    The redactions included all of the personal phone numbers and email addresses.  No reason was given [...]

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The Brenner Brief is a blog run by Sara Marie Brenner, a former Powell city councilwoman and wife of Ohio State Rep Andrew Brenner.    Mr. Brenner is a regular contributor to the blog, having recently written a piece that received nationwide attention, claiming that “Public education in America is socialism” and the only solution is to “privatize everything” just like the Soviet Union did 25 years ago.

Yesterday, the blog published an article titled: ”Was Sandy Hook a hoax designed to advance gun control laws?”

The piece was written by Fred DeRuvo, who is listed as an assistant editor of the site.  DeRuvo also runs a right-wing ministry where he claims [...]

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It’s nearly Spring here in Ohio, and you know what that means: time for the right-wing wackadoodles to start introducing homophobic and misogynistic bills!

Back in December we previewed a bill State Rep. Becker was planning to introduce.  In his sponsor letter, Becker warned that a recent US Supreme Court decision could result in a “tax advantage for homosexuals that heterosexuals can’t take advantage of.”   Becker, the ever-vigilant defender of straight people’s rights, could not let this injustice stand.

Yesterday his bill (HB 396) finally got a hearing.    Intrepid reporter Marc Kovac was there and Full Story...

Pat Flanagan is a Dayton-area lawyer with deep connections to the Ohio Republican Party. He’s also a big donor to Mike DeWine’s campaign. And in DeWine’s Attorney General’s office, that’s a recipe for special access.

On March 20, 2011, DeWine sent an email to his scheduler, instructing her to call Pat Flanagan to set up a meeting with lawyers from his law firm. “Discussion will include future work,” DeWine wrote.   The meeting was to include Mary Mertz, DeWine’s Chief of Staff, and Michael Hall, his  Director of Outside Counsel.  Hall responded shortly after confirming that he had recently spoken with [...]

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