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A new memo has surfaced, shedding some disturbing light on the ongoing battle pitting local law enforcement and county sheriffs against Governor Kasich and his hand-picked leadership at the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Highway Patrol.

According to the memo, sent by Highway Patrol Lieutenant Mark Leach on December 31st, 2013, ”The Highway Patrol will no longer redirect service calls to any Sheriffs Office.”  ”If the Division receives a call for service and has no units available to handle the call then a neighboring post will be dispatched to handle the incident,” writes Leach in the memo. [...]

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According to Charity Watch, a group that analyzes the financial information and spending of non-profits, the most highly efficient and effective organizations should spend at least 75% of their expenses on program costs that go toward the organization’s mission, with only 25% going to administrative costs.    Organizations that spend only 60% on program costs are considered satisfactory, and given a C rating.  Anything lower than that,  and the non-profits are given an unsatisfactory rating.

Charity Navigator uses a similar rating system for non-profits.  ”We believe that those spending less than a third of their budget on program expenses [...]

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Mike Gonadakis, director of the anti-abortion group Ohio Right to Life (ORTL), was a big supporter of Mike DeWine’s bid for Ohio Attorney General in 2010.   And, like many of DeWine’s other political allies, Gonadakis was given special consideration and access once DeWine was elected.

In 2009, when DeWine announced his intentions to run for Ohio Attorney General, many on the right scoffed, viewing him as too soft on immigration, guns and even abortion issues.  DeWine needed help reaching out to those on the extreme right, and he found a strong advocate in Mike Gonadakis.

“Thank God for Mike DeWine [...]

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On February 18th, Libertarian candidates for Ohio Governor and Attorney General (Charlie Earl and Steven Linnabary respectively) were certified to be on November’s ballot. Soon after, multiple challenges to both candidates magically appeared.

The challenges were supposedly brought by individuals claiming to be Libertarians, or at least not Republicans. But the whole thing still seemed fishy and bit too well organized.

Today we figured out why.

In a shaky video interview with Marc Kovac on February 28th, Matt Borges, Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, admitted that his people “were the ones who filed the complaint”…

Borges quickly [...]

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In the 2010 Attorney General’s race, Mike DeWine’s main line of attack on then-AG Rich Cordray was the lengthy processing time for evidence in AG crime labs.  Cordray inherited the decade-old problem, and was implementing improvements that DeWine would later take credit for, but at the time, this was DeWine’s core campaign message, and he enlisted the help of fellow Republicans whenever he could.

One such Republican was then-Fairfield County Prosecutor David Landefeld who, when urged on by DeWine, used his position as prosecutor to attack DeWine’s opponent, questioning Cordray’s leadership and insisting Cordray was putting the safety [...]

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For years, Mike DeWine and his wife have used recipe books as a campaign tool, filling the books with family recipes for cherry pie and grape salad, and passing them out to supporters on the campaign trail.

Lately, his favorite recipes seem to be of a different flavor.

Since Mike DeWine took over as Ohio’s Attorney General, he has spent a lot of time cooking up new ways to help his friends, donors and political cronies benefit from his position.

A recent, exhaustive piece in the Dayton Daily News (Firms gave heavily to DeWine, GOP) outlines how DeWine [...]

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Last February John Kasich appeared at JPMorgan Chase’s Polaris Campus to announce big upcoming expansion plans for the financial company, which has strong ties to Kasich, the Ohio Republican Party and JobsOhio.   Despite a lot of hoopla, handshaking and bell ringing on behalf of Kasich and his team at JobsOhio, things, as usual, didn’t go nearly as well as they had planned.

JobsOhio and the Kasich Administration officially and proudly announced job creation tax credits for JPMorgan’s planned expansion on May 21st, 2013.  In exchange for these tax credits, JPMorgan was promising to create 500 new jobs.  A [...]

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After spending years aggressively preparing to lease state property for fracking to oil and gas companies, John Kasich has suddenly and abruptly changed his mind after a secret memo showed that Kasich’s team had prepared a hit list of anti-fracking organziations and individuals in an attempt to sell Ohioans on their plan to drill on state land.

Here’s a quick timeline of events leading up to today’s big lie announcement that Kasich would never want to drill on state property…

On June 21, 2011 House Bill 133 was passed by the Ohio Senate and is quickly signed by Governor [...]

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When Tea Party member Jim Lewis ran for a seat on the West Clermont School Board last year he vowed to “to slay the dragon that is public education in West Clermont” and promised to fight against teachers unions.

This past week Board Member Lewis, along with Board President Tina Sanborn and Vice President Mark Merchant, introduced a motion to hire anti-union law firm Frost Brown and Todd.   Sandorn, like Lewis, is a member of the Clermont Tea Party.   Merchant was endorsed by the Tea Party during his run in November.

The motion came as a surprise to board members Steve Waldmann and [...]

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Judging by the latest candidate filings, a civil war is happening inside the Warren County Republican Party, with three Republican incumbent legislators being challenged in primaries.

State Senator Shannon Jones, infamous for sponsoring Senate Bill 5, the union-busting bill that was later recalled in a massive win for labor in Ohio, is being challenged by our old pal Kelly Kohls in Ohio’s 7th State House District.   Kohls heads up the Warren County Tea Party.  She also did a stint as President of the Spingboro School Board where she tried to get the school system to sponsor classes on the U.S. Constitution  Full Story...

Four years ago our friend and fellow blogger Jill Miller Zimon took the leap from political writer to politician, winning a seat on Pepper Pike City Council.   This year she’s running for the newly-redrawn 12th Ohio House District.

Jill will be taking on current State Rep John Barnes in a Democratic Primary on May 6th.   Barnes and Bill Patmon, another Democratic State Rep from the Cleveland area, have angered many Democrats with their public support for some of Governor John Kasich’s questionable bills and policies.

Both Patmon and Barnes were front-and-center at the signing of Kasich’s transportation [...]

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