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Each year Cincinnati Right to Life sends questionnaires to candidates around Ohio.  The respondents are typically Republicans looking for an endorsement from the anti-abortion group and they run the gamut: local judicial candidates to Ohio Supreme Court justices, state rep hopefuls to the governor of Ohio.

Over the next few weeks we will reviewing the 100+ candidate questionnaires included below, highlighting the often scary, sometimes confusing and very rarely enlightened responses Ohio’s elected officials and candidates have provided to CRTL.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look for yourself and to let us know what you think!

Anspach, Cathy Anspach, Cathy [...]

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Early voting will finally start in Ohio tomorrow and Ohioans will likely end up on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to find out where and when to vote.  Unfortunately, the link to the early voting hours page is broken.

The BOE Locations page instructs users to “click here” for “information on in-person absentee voting hours and location.”  But clicking the link takes users to an error page that says “The page you are trying to reach has been moved.”

Voting hours were changed last Monday, the day before early voting was originally supposed to start, and Ohioans effectively lost a week of voting thanks [...]

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In today’s editorial titled “A wrongful narrowing of minority voting rights,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer took the U.S. Supreme Court to task for blocking a federal court decision that would have restored extended voting hours in this November’s election.  The editorial board called the decision “Highly disappointing, even grotesque” noting that the Supreme Court was “effectively overriding efforts by federal court judges in Ohio to ensure that the voting rights of minority and low-income voters are not unlawfully and unconstitutionally abridged.”

As the PD correctly observed, Ohio Republicans, especially SOS John Husted and AG Mike DeWine, have been working tirelessly [...]

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The Guardian is reporting (here) that the officer involved in the recent Beavercreek WalMart shooting had received active shooter training a week before the incident.   What they don’t mention is that the team conducting the training, the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA), is part of Mike DeWine’s Ohio Attorney General’s office.  Despite having this and other conflicts of interest, Mr. DeWine continued to play an active role in the case until the end, causing some to question the validity of the results.

According to the Guardian, the officer involved in the shooting was part of a class that was “shown a slideshow [...]

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As Reynoldsburg’s teacher strike entered its fourth day, activists from OCSEA stood in solidarity with the striking school employees on the picket lines today.

“We are here in solidarity with the teachers,” said OCSEA President Chris Mabe. “We know that teachers and other public sector workers have been put under the microscope and scapegoated in recent years. But teachers and our members aren’t the problem. We’re part of the solution.”

Reynoldsburg teachers have been on strike since Friday after the school board refused to budge in negotiations focused on improving the learning conditions for the community’s children.  The school district responded to [...]

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As our friends over at Eclecta Blog reported last week, AFSCME is rolling out a series of “American Horror Story”-themed trailers aimed at the worst Governors in America.    The trailers are being released regularly leading up to October 8th when the fourth season of popular FX series American Horror Story will air.    According to AFSCME “you don’t have to wait until then to experience the real American horror show of anti-worker governors hurting middle class families across this country.”

Today it was John Kasich’s turn.

Kasich, appropriately described as a “Job Killer, Anti-worker Bogeyman [and] Wall Street Ringleader,” is showcased [...]

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Huffmaster Inc. markets itself as “the leading provider of strike management solutions” in the nation.  You may remember them as the company that raked in over a million dollars from the Strongsville school system last year during their teacher strike.  Those fees included a “$48,000 hotel bill” for the replacement teachers, and  “more than $47,000 in rented vehicles, $50,000 in flight reimbursements and $12,000 in gas and mileage payments,” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Reynoldsburg school system, currently embroiled in its own labor dispute, is now one of Huffmaster’s newest clients.  And they are well on their way to eclipsing Strongsville’s numbers, Full Story...

It’s been a busy week for political videos, so I figured I’d just get them all posted in single spot so you can enjoy them.  First we have two positive campaign ads from Connie Pillich and John Patrick Carney.  In her web ad, Connie gives some background and discusses hard work.  Carney’s TV spot showcases his family and his bipartisan legislative experience.

We also have two not-so-positive spots from Moving Ohio Forward and the Central Ohioans Countering Kasich PAC. MOF’s ad hit hard against DeWine on rape kit testing, botched trials and his pay-to-play scandal.   C.O.C.K. PAC’s ad calls out Kasich for refusing to [...]

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This Sunday the Columbus Dispatch, which touts itself (despite decades of proof otherwise) as “Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper,” ran a terribly myopic, partisan and intentionally misleading editorial endorsement of Gov. John Kasich that bordered on journalistic and editorial malpractice.

The Columbus newspaper is owned and operated by powerful Republicans whose media empire routinely goes to bat for business, especially local Titans like The Limited, Nationwide, Worthington Industries and dozens of others, as well as carrying water for GOP politicians like Kasich.   For this, the paper has clearly earned it’s nickname, The Columbus Disgrace

The Disgrace didn’t have to run this cheap shot editorial five weeks before Election Day, as it’s coverage [...]

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After months of failed negotiations with the local school board, teachers in Reynoldburg went on strike on Friday.  The school board responded by keeping the schools open and busing in overly-priced, incompetent substitute staff.  The Dispatch reports that staffing is at half the normal level, resulting in large groups of students being forced into small classrooms with unprepared teachers.  According to some reports, all hell broke loose.

Today, Reynoldsburg Superintendant Tina Thomas-Manning sent out a letter to parents that promised to crack down on the problems experienced last week.  Her solution: blame the students!   Thomas-Manning’s threatening letter is clear: she plans to [...]

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Valoria Hoover is a Republican lawyer from Dublin, Ohio who desperately wants to be a judge.  And this year might be her big break, assuming she can continue to pull off the scam she’s been running for the past few months: pretending to be a Democrat.

In 2012, Ms. Hoover ran a very unsuccessful campaign against now-Judge Kim Brown for the Court of Common Pleas in Franklin County.  Brown received 67% of the vote, and spent the months leading up to the election aggressively campaigning.  You couldn’t attend a parade or event, or drink at a hipster coffee shop downtown that summer [...]

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