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In 2013 Salon ran a piece titled “Fetal pain is a lie: How phony science took over the abortion debate.”   That same phony science will be coming to Ohio soon.

“Close to a dozen state legislatures across the country have passed laws banning abortion at 20 weeks,” wrote Salon’s Katie McDonough two years ago. “Most of these restrictions are given grave-sounding titles like the ‘Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”

The article went on to thoroughly debunk the whole concept.  “The fetus at 20 weeks can’t actually feel anything at all. Which is to say, the fundamental justification for these laws is a […]

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In June, 2014, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor’s Chief of Staff and her assistant were forced to resign after a public record request from Plunderbund revealed both staffers were likely billing the state for hours that they were not actually in the office working.  A tip received by Plunderbund suggested the women were working on the Kasich/Taylor reelection campaign while being paid by the LG’s office.

Mary Taylor, not exactly a workaholic herself, vowed to get to the bottom of the issue.  In a memo to the Ohio Inspector General and the Ohio Highway Patrol, she asked both offices to pursue an […]

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Ohio Senator Rob Portman is up for reelection next year and the latest poll by Quinnipiac University shows he has some problems. “Ohio voters approve 40 – 21 percent of the job U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is doing and say 37 – 28 percent that he deserves reelection in 2016,” according to Quinnipiac‘s February 10th release..

But have no fear Portman supporters, the junior senator from Ohio appears to have enlisted the help of failed-senate candidate Josh Mandel to help him claw his way back from his current 37% approval rating.  What could possibly go wrong?

One day before the release of […]

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Policy Matters Ohio put out a report today confirming what nearly everyone in Ohio already knew: John Kasich’s proposed tax reform plan is a total piece of garbage that is bad for most Ohioans.

According to Policy Matters, “Tax cuts would average $11,906 a year for the top 1 percent” of Ohio’s tax payers under Kasich’s proposed tax “reform” plan.  “The bottom 60 percent, on average, would see increases” of up $116 a year.   In total, 80% of Ohioans would see zero change or a tax increase under Kasich’s proposed plan.

This budget, like all of Kasich’s other budgets, […]

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John Kasich released his proposed 2016-17 biennium budget early last week.  It includes a “tax reform” plan that would greatly increase Ohio’s sales and cigarette taxes to help fund a decrease in Ohio’s income tax, shifting a greater portion of the state’s tax burden to low and middle income Ohioans.   The plan has received negative reviews from nearly all of Ohio’s papers, pundits and special interest groups on the left and the right – with one exception: The Columbus Dispatch.

The Columbus Dispatch editorial board wrote in favor of Kasich’s tax-shifting plan calling it a “plan for growth” and dismissing the idea that Ohio’s poor would be negatively […]

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Plunderbund enters its tenth year of covering Ohio politics in 2015 and make no mistake: we are just getting started!

With a diverse staff of expert contributors like Greg Mild and Leonidas, history buffs like Thomas Givens, a cadre of guest writers and a team of current and former professional reporters like John Michael Spinelli, Abe Zaidan and David DeWitt, we rocked 2014 with a steady stream of exclusive interviews, original reporting, creative commentary, in-depth research and lots of breaking political news.

Here’s a sampling of our big news…


Kasich’s New Health Director

Plunderbund was the first to report that John Kasich’s new director at the […]

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“Job creation, of course, has been and always continues to be our greatest moral purpose,” said John Kasich during his second inaugural speech on January 12, 2015.

That same day, Macy’s reported it would be laying off over 100 employees in Ohio.  And that was just the beginning.  So far this month, Ohio has received WARN notices from five large companies announcing they would be laying off a total of 989 employees in Ohio over the next few months.   U.S. Steel plans to layoff the most: 636 USW union workers at its Lorain tubular plant.

“We created the most innovative, economic development approach […]

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Ohio Republicans made a big stink about Cuyahoga County not releasing key-card data that would show when Executive Ed FitzGerald entered and left county property and the county parking garage.   Officials denied the request by the Cleveland Plain Dealer citing security concerns.   Those records were released yesterday by new County Executive Armond Budish to a collective yawn.

Now it’s time for John Kasich to do the same.

Last year both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Plunderbund asked for records of John Kasich’s key-card swipes and garage access, and we were told that the records “don’t exist” by both the Department of Administrative […]

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From Leader To Loser: How Ohio Became The First State To Rollback Clean Energy Progress, And How It’S Already Hurting Us
By Trish Demeter

Few stories are as exciting and frustrating as the story about Ohio’s Clean Energy Law. This story begins in 2008, when the bipartisan framers of Ohio’s Clean Energy Law very consciously set a course for a cleaner electric sector that used energy generation and management as an economic development tool.

The vision of Ohio Senate Bill 221 was to gradually grow the diversity of our energy mix, reduce energy waste and inefficiencies, clean up the […]

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Throughout Plunderbund’s nearly decade-long run, we’ve been proud of our ability to break the news, make the news and, when necessary, correct or criticize the “news” being generated by Ohio’s large, legacy media outlets.

This year was no exception…


First Some Good News Coverage From Around Ohio

We don’t always get credit for breaking stories, being first out of the gate or influencing media coverage and the stories of other reporters, even though we make an extra effort in our coverage to ensure we are giving credit where credit it due. Still, there were a number of exceptions this year…

The Canton […]

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Of all the 2014 races, the contest for Ohio Attorney General, AKA: DeWine vs Pepper, ended up generating the most original reporting on Plunderbund.

We unveiled copies of emails showing that DeWine gave unparalleled and likely unethical/possibly illegal access to big donors.   We posted exclusive video from a DeWine fundraiser featuring a lemur wearing a diaper.  And we revealed new information about pay-to-play scandals, fake police officer photos and sexual harassment cover-ups.

Richard Michael “Mike” DeWine may have won the general election for Ohio Attorney General, but Plunderbund readers with an eye for original reporting and snarky commentary were clearly the big winners in the Ohio […]

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