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Yesterday the World Health Organization announced new Ebola cases could soon hit 10,000 per week in Africa.  Closer to home, we found out today that an Ebola-infected individual visited Cleveland on a Frontier Airlines flight a few days ago.

Mike DeWine’s campaign manager D.J. Eckert, clearly amused by the news of rising death tolls in Africa and Ebola in Ohio, sent out a Tweet attempting to mock David Pepper for his extensive plan to combat the growing heroin crisis in Ohio:

Ohio’s heroin crisis has become an issue during the race for Attorney General with Pepper accusing DeWine of […]

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Remember John Charlton? He’s the spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education who got in hot water after a twitter spat with a charter school critic whom he told to “get laid.’’

The tweet was in bad taste for lots of reasons, particularly the controversy centering on teachers who told the state school board that kids as young as 6th grade were caught on surveillance video having oral sex at a school function —  but officials from the Horizon Science Academy of Dayton didn’t tell parents about the incident.

Eleven. That’s how old you are in 6th grade. […]

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Over the past year, job growth has nearly ground to a halt here in Ohio.  From January through August 2014, Ohio gained only 5,289 jobs according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .  Ohio ranks near the bottom in job growth nationwide.  And while the U.S. has recovered all of the jobs lost during the Great Recession, Ohio, under the leadership of John Kasich, is still down over 213,000 jobs.

And whose fault is it?  John Kasich?  Mark Kvamme? JobsOhio?

Well, if you believe a new mailer being circulated by the Kasich campaign, then the blame falls solely […]

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Over the past few years, conservative activists have been quietly and diligently working to take control of local and state school boards around the country.  Ohio is no exception.  John Kasich used his position as Governor to pack Ohio’s State Board of Education with social conservatives and pro-charter activists.    Board member Cathye Smith Flory, for example, believes all kids in public schools should be taught about creationism.  Debe Terhar, the outgoing board president, compared Obama to Hitler on her Facebook page.  And Mark Smith, who also serves as president of Ohio Christian University, claimed Ohio-born novelist Toni Morrison should be banned for her […]

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Voters who place a premium on education, and want to support candidates who champion education, have a new tool:

The site allows Ohio voters to enter their address, then receive a customized sample ballot showing which candidates have been recommended by their local educators as “Champions of Public Education.” If the sample ballot only shows statewide candidates, but not any legislative or state school board contenders, that means there are no down-ballot candidates who have been recommended.  The website has been paid for by the Ohio Education Association.

OEA Executive Director Sheryl Mathis said the group views the website […]

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The Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) announced today that teachers have approved a tentative agreement with the school board.

The agreement would set goals for class sizes at 25 for grades K-4, and 32 for 5-8, and 35 for grades 9-12, and provide a framework for dealing largest sizes if those limits are met.

“The push for smaller class sizes has been the major point of concern for teachers, students, and parents, and this agreement is a step in the right direction,” said REA Spokesperson Kathy Evans in a statement released to the press. “We’re pleased that we were able to make progress here, but we will […]

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Each year Cincinnati Right to Life sends questionnaires to candidates around Ohio.  The respondents are typically Republicans looking for an endorsement from the anti-abortion group and they run the gamut: local judicial candidates to Ohio Supreme Court justices, state rep hopefuls to the governor of Ohio.

Over the next few weeks we will reviewing the 100+ candidate questionnaires included below, highlighting the often scary, sometimes confusing and very rarely enlightened responses Ohio’s elected officials and candidates have provided to CRTL.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look for yourself and to let us know what you think!

Anspach, Cathy Anspach, Cathy […]

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Early voting will finally start in Ohio tomorrow and Ohioans will likely end up on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to find out where and when to vote.  Unfortunately, the link to the early voting hours page is broken.

The BOE Locations page instructs users to “click here” for “information on in-person absentee voting hours and location.”  But clicking the link takes users to an error page that says “The page you are trying to reach has been moved.”

Voting hours were changed last Monday, the day before early voting was originally supposed to start, and Ohioans effectively lost a week of voting thanks […]

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In today’s editorial titled “A wrongful narrowing of minority voting rights,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer took the U.S. Supreme Court to task for blocking a federal court decision that would have restored extended voting hours in this November’s election.  The editorial board called the decision “Highly disappointing, even grotesque” noting that the Supreme Court was “effectively overriding efforts by federal court judges in Ohio to ensure that the voting rights of minority and low-income voters are not unlawfully and unconstitutionally abridged.”

As the PD correctly observed, Ohio Republicans, especially SOS John Husted and AG Mike DeWine, have been working tirelessly […]

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The Guardian is reporting (here) that the officer involved in the recent Beavercreek WalMart shooting had received active shooter training a week before the incident.   What they don’t mention is that the team conducting the training, the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA), is part of Mike DeWine’s Ohio Attorney General’s office.  Despite having this and other conflicts of interest, Mr. DeWine continued to play an active role in the case until the end, causing some to question the validity of the results.

According to the Guardian, the officer involved in the shooting was part of a class that was “shown a slideshow […]

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As Reynoldsburg’s teacher strike entered its fourth day, activists from OCSEA stood in solidarity with the striking school employees on the picket lines today.

“We are here in solidarity with the teachers,” said OCSEA President Chris Mabe. “We know that teachers and other public sector workers have been put under the microscope and scapegoated in recent years. But teachers and our members aren’t the problem. We’re part of the solution.”

Reynoldsburg teachers have been on strike since Friday after the school board refused to budge in negotiations focused on improving the learning conditions for the community’s children.  The school district responded to […]

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