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One Ohio Republican is celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address by trying to re-fight the civil war.

President Lincoln described the Civil War as a test of the United States could “long endure.”

Representative John Becker has introduced a resolution which contains some notably un-Lincolnesque concepts.

Becker’s resolution asserts that “the federal government has an ever-growing propensity to violate state sovereignty.” There’s more: “The violation of state sovereignty has been a trend since the early nineteenth century and has accelerated exponentially in recent decades . . .”


The Constitution is very clear about this. Federal [...]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has FINALLY taken a leadership role. . . . wait for it . . . in the fight against reproductive rights.

And he is doing some pretty poor lawyering along the way.

Last week, DeWine filed a brief in the United States Supreme Court urging the court to uphold the constitutionality of severe restrictions on abortion rights passed by the Arizona legislature.

The case involves an Arizona law that forbids, except  in a medical emergency, abortions after twenty weeks.  The Court of Appeals found that the law “is unconstitutional under a long line of invariant [...]

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The lawsuit filed by some Ohio House Republicans and conservative interest groups trying to stop the expansion of Medicaid through the Controlling Board is now available on the Supreme Court’s website.

You can read it here, although we do not recommend it.  We don’t recommend it because the complaint is full of what lawyers call “surplusage;” which is a nice term for “it has a lot of unnecessary bullshit.”

The best part is that they didn’t even get the procedure right.  This is pretty embarrassing for them.  As Marge Simpson says, “Homer! We just got here and already I’m [...]

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Everyone by now knows that Governor Kasich used the controlling board to do an end run around legislative Republicans and secure federal funding for the expansion of Medicaid.

The conservative Buckeye Institute, the conservative 1851 Center, and “unnamed House Republican lawmakers” intend to file a suit suggesting that the

Controlling Board vote is invalid because it does not represent the “legislative intent” of the General Assembly.

The Buckeye Institute put out a six page “white paper” supporting this novel legal argument.

“Novel” is polite lawyer speak for “stupid.”

It’s more like a version of the Chewbacca Defense:

I have [...]

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Thanks, Columbus Dispatch.

ICYMY, this is a headline from Friday morning:

Of course, it was Peyton Manning, Not John Elway, who threw the seven touchdown passes in a game Thursday night.  Elway retired in 1999.

That’s a pretty embarrassing mistake for Ohio’s Greatest Newspaper.

We have been critical of the political coverage by Ohio’s Greatest Newspaper (just ask them).  Particularly it’s lazy journalism of reporting the controversy: printing quotes from both sides of the story and not performing any analysis that allowed readers to gain a deeper understanding of the issues.  The Cincinnati Enquirer cleaned their clock [...]

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The Big Red Machine returned to Cincinnati to give us a lesson.

The “Great Eight” led Cincinnati to World Series titles in 1975 and 1976.  They gathered at Great American Ballpark for an event honoring Joe Morgan.

Here is the picture (from Cincinnati Enquirer):

What is striking is how much this team looks like America.  White Players.  African American Players.  Hispanic Players.  All on the same team.

The Big Red Machine is a great example of how diversity makes us stronger.

Now take a look at the famous photo of Governor John Kasich signing the last budget [...]

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Governor John Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine have weighed in on the State of Ohio’s facial recognition program. 

Neither Kasich nor DeWine seem to recognize the real risks of this program – that it could be used to gather lists of people who appear in public events, or that it could be sued to track individual Ohioans.

Start with DeWine.  After being caught in a lie about the program, DeWine appointed a panel to review security protocols for the facial recognition system.  One, ahem, small problem:  the group does not include any experts in civil liberties or [...]

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Ohio Republicans and Conservatives seem to be constantly emphasizing their love of the Constitution.  Take, for example, Republican Ohio Senator Tim Shaffer.  He seems like a nice enough guy with a respectfully boring twitter feed

Shaffer loves the Constitution and says that he is committed to protecting individual rights.  Or at least the part of the Constitution that deals with guns.  Schaffer told the Buckeyes Firearms Association that he is committed to defending the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms:  “pro-gun voters mean the world to me, they are [...]

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I’m just an average man
With an average life
I work from nine to five
Hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone
In my average home
But why do I always feel
Like I’m in the twilight zone

And I always feel like
Somebody’s watching me
And I have no privacy

– Rockwell (with Michael Jackson singing backup)


In one of the must read stories of the summer, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that DeWine’s office has implemented a “facial recognition technology” that compares photographs [...]

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Republican State Rep. John Becker, has stated that he will introduce a bill to expand the death penalty to certain sex offenses.

According to the Associated Press, Becker would change state law to allow the death penalty in certain cases of rape, sexual battery and improper sexual contact with a minor.

Becker – who is from Clermont County – said that his proposal is motivated by the Ariel Castro case. (Irony: Castro wouldn’t be eligible for the death penalty under Becker’s proposal.)

What is wrong with this?  Only that it is flatly unconstitutional.

In 2008, the United States Supreme [...]

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Questions for the Dispatch Editor

Dispatch Editor Ben Marrison is going to interact with the public.

At noon on Wednesday, he is going to participate in a one-hour question-and-answer session on

We urge everyone who has an interest in political media coverage in Ohio to participate – and, of course, to be respectful.  The Dispatch will screen the questions, so we are curious if tough questions will get through.

Here are some questions we urge Plunderbund readers to ask the Dispatch editor:

Have any of the companies in which the Wolfe Family – publishers of the Dispatch – [...]

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