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[Disclosure:  I worked for then-Congressman Ted Strickland and lived down the street from the Stricklands growing up and I make no bones about supporting Ted Strickland’s Senate bid.]

As it relates to a possible Senate primary between former Congressman and Governor Ted Strickland and two-term Cincinnati councilperson P.G. Sittenfeld, I’ve heard a vocal minority of Democrats wave the 2014 elections as evidence of why we must have a primary.  Here’s why this thinking is completely wrong, and if anything, the opposite is true.  At least, once it became clear Strickland entered the race.  The argument is based on the notion that the […]

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Today, Attorney General Mike DeWine and the Warren County Commissioners (all Republicans) filed suit in federal court in Columbus in yet-another constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act.  Specifically, the suit challenges a fee on State and local governments (and most private companies) health insurance benefit plans authorized by the ACA to fund the reinsurance pool which stabilizes health insurance premiums on the exchange in case insurers projections of health claims is off as a result of those who had been denied insurance for pre-existing conditions become insured.

Stephen Koff, the Washington Bureau Chief of the Northeast Ohio […]

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Although affiliated as a Democratic polling outfit, Public Policy Polling has a proven track record in Ohio.  In 2010, it showed Strickland trailing Kasich 49-48 shortly before the election, but he had a 41% approval rating to 50% disapproval.  The final result was 49/47.  They showed Portman crushing Fisher 57%/39%.  The final result 57%/39%.  In 2011, it predicted Issue 2 (SB 5) would be defeated 59% by 36%.  Actual result was 62%/38%.  Last year, they predicted Obama would carry Ohio 52%/47%.  Actual result? 51%/48%.

Nationally, and in Ohio, PPP has one of the strongest track records […]

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One day after we pointed out the number of independent economists who have called the recovery under Governor John Kasich underperforming, today Gov. Kasich tweeted this:

And, yes, it’s true that the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department of Labor does show that Ohio in July is just below the number it was in November 2008.

But think about what Kasich is saying.  And then you get that moment when John Kasich is bragging about Ohio having as many private sector jobs as it did… under Ted Strickland… almost.

And an […]

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During the 2010 campaign, both John Kasich and Rob Portman tried to suggest that Ohio lost 400,000 jobs, not from the Great Recession, but because Ohio was bleeding jobs to other States because of its “uncompetitive” taxes and regulations (never mind that Ohio cut taxes 24% during Strickland’s term and he eliminated hundreds of regulations that Republican Governors maintained under his regulatory reforms.)

Of course, it turns out it was all bunk.  The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Service was able to find out that out of 264,016 jobs lost from 2007-2010, only 4,820 jobs were […]

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Pure coincidence

On August 18, 2013 By

As JobsOhio has come under attack for awarding subsidiaries of Worthington Industries tax credits while Worthington was still paying Governor Kasich deferred compensation and its execs were making large donations to the Ohio Republican Party, the Kasich Administration defense has been that the tax credits were actually awarded by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, an “independent” body they argue actually serves as a check on JobsOhio’s recommendations.

This has been a laughable defense, in large part, because the Ohio Tax Credit Authority is largely packed by appointees from Gov. Kasich with the two other appointees come from Republican […]

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We’re not the only ones calling yesterday’s jobs report troubling.  Both economists cited in this morning’s Columbus Dispatch agreed.  But first, here’s a lede you don’t want in a major battleground newspaper if you’re an incumbent governor planning to run on a message of economic revival in Ohio:

Ohio’s unemployment rate seems to be stuck in neutral.

Nothing says a Governor has a raging case of impotency cause by ED (economic dysfunction) that a lede like that.  At least we found a story in the Dispatch Kasich’s campaign won’t be quoting in fundraising pitches and ads.

As […]

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Today, State Representative John Becker (R-Union Township) introduced HB 244 to expand Ohio’s death penalty to be applied to certain sex crimes.  In a press release from his office, Becker cited the Ariel Castro case in Cleveland as a reason for the need of this legislation:


“In light of the Ariel Castro kidnapping case of three young women in Cleveland, I wanted to give prosecutors the option to pursue the death penalty for repeat sexual offenders,” Rep. Becker said. “For various reasons, I anticipate that the death penalty would be pursued in only the most heinous crimes.”


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The economic recovery in Ohio is officially over.

Despite inheriting a State that was both hardest hit and fastest to recover from the Great Recession before he took office, Gov. John Kasich has fumbled the recovery.  As we noted, most the jobs gained since Kasich took office occurred in 2011 and early 2012 before most of his policies took effect.  Naturally, this has lead to the Ohio and national press corps to start speculating on Governor Kasich running for President.

This morning, the July jobs report came out.  The good news? Ohio gained 5,300 […]

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In 2010, former State Representative/GOP Cuyahoga County Chair Jim Trakas served as the co-chairman of Gov. John Kasich’s gubernatorial Cuyahoga County campaign.   When Kasich was narrowly elected by only a plurality of the vote, he “has said he will not base hiriing [sic] on politics, but rather on qualifications.”  But as the Cleveland Plain Dealer pointed out at the time, Kasich’s decision to appoint Trakas to be the director of the State Board of Cosmetology showed how quickly Kasich would violate his pledge.

Trakas had no private sector or really any legislative experience with cosmetology (well, beyond the […]

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In 2010, John Kasich ran for Governor on essentially nothing more than Tea Party anger over “ObamaCare” and the roughly 400,000 jobs that were lost in Ohio during the Great Recession.  Four years later, John Kasich apparently plans on running for re-election on expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare and taking credit for the jobs largely created under Gov. Strickland’s policies.  It’s almost ironic. 

Here’s a fascinating quote from Kasich Administration Rob Nichols over the weekend in the Cincinnati Enquirer’s must-read story about the current intersection of the economy and politics in Ohio in the governor’s race:

“It’s what […]

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