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P.G. Sittenfeld’s poll numbers are technically somehow worse than when he entered the race seven months ago.  His campaign manager quit six months ago and has never been replaced.  Despite earlier denials to the contrary, his campaign finance reports shows his fundraising is drying up.  His campaign has, for some reason, decided to pick a fight with organized labor and decry its influence in the Ohio Democratic Party.  And he seems to do as many actual campaign events going out speaking with Ohio voters in a month than Ted Strickland is doing in a day.

So […]

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Omnicare in 1998 moved from downtown Cincinnati to nearby Covington, Kentucky, the town literally across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, after receiving $4 million in economic development incentives to make the move.  After that economic development package expired (as in, Kentucky could no longer legally ask the company to repay the benefits it was given), Omnicare announced in 2011 that it was…. moving right back to downtown in Cincinnati after receiving $6 million in economic incentives from the State of Ohio under Governor Kasich.  Because the commercial landlord that owned the space Omnicare moved to ALSO was receiving economic incentives, the new […]

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The Wall Street Journal, in a rare moment of identity confusion wherein it apparently confused itself for Mother Jones, did a report looking at how much money the governors running for President have received (including their affiliated Super PACs) in donations from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.  In total, the WSJ found that the campaigns and Super PACs of the four GOP governors running for President have taken a total of $2.5 million from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.

You’ll never guess who the overall runaway winner of the race for corruption cash is.  Okay, since […]

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Ted Strickland is defying the laws of campaign politics.

Karl Rove’s group has spent money for ads in the Ohio Senate race.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has also been on the air as well.  The Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity are on the air attacking Ted Strickland in a misleading ad about Wilmington, Ohio.  Portman’s own campaign has been attacking Ted Strickland in various digital ad buys since Strickland entered the race.  In total, it is estimated that over $9 million in ads have been spent to help Rob Portman already in […]

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This week, the Koch Brothers funded American for Prosperity began a $1.4 million ad campaign attacking Democratic Senate candidate over jobs losses in Wilmington.  Freshman Republican Rob Portman, coincidentally, had just wrapped up a social media campaign testing web ads on attacking Strickland on the economy and had publicly stated it felt bringing up Wilmington was the strongest line of attack shortly before the Koch Brothers group put such an ad on TV.

As the Cleveland Plain Dealer pointed out, the Koch Brothers ad is (shocked face) a bit misleading about the facts on Wilmington.  The Plain Dealer pointed out that […]

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Here’s what John Kasich got going into the first GOP President debate:

Weeks of uncritical, polite coverage that candidates normally get shortly after announcing their running for President when they’re already polling 3% -4% nationally; A record 24 million Fox News viewers taking their first serious look at the 59% of the field (for all the talk about how great it was for Kasich to make the debate, Fox’s criteria allowed 10 of the 17 candidates to participate in the main event.) A debate held in Ohio, cosponsored by the Ohio Republican Party (thus controlling tickets), and thus, a heavily favored Kasich home […]

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In 2012, Governor John Kasich said this at a Columbus, Ohio energy conference:

“I am a believer — my goodness I am a Republican — I happen to believe there is a problem with climate change. I don’t want to overreact to it, I can’t measure it all, but I respect the creation that the Lord has given us and I want to make sure we protect it,” Kasich said at a Columbus, Ohio, energy conference hosted by The Hill.

“But we can’t overreact to it and make things up, but it is something we have to recognize […]

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Presently the federal government spends 7% of its budget simply on making interest payments on the federal debt.  That’s more than it spends on transportation infrastructure, education, and scientific research COMBINED.  So, there is a practical argument in paying down the federal debt to free up those interest payments given that we really suck right now in investing in roads, bridges, schools, and science.

Although both parties recognize, to a large extent, the problem with the federal deficit, the parties have completely different understanding of why the deficit matters and what is problematic about it.   And nobody in […]

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Look, it’s not often that an author of this site actually writes that a conservative/libertarian think tank is factually correct on matters of Ohio policy, so print this out, laminate it, and frame this post because I’m not going to say this often:  The CATO Institute said something factually accurate about Governor John Kasich’s record in Ohio.  Of course, the Kasich Administration is flipping out about it with spin and misleading claims about Ohio’s budget.

You see, the CATO Institute recently pointed out that while Governor Kasich has been touting himself as a fiscal conservative, the reality is that state spending […]

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Yesterday the Obama Administration will unveil the final version of its “Clean Power Plan,” a regulatory framework under the Clean Air Act designed to reduce the United States’ greenhouse gases by 30% in the next fifteen years.

You will no doubt hear conservatives and pro-coal advocates howl about a “war on coal” and engage in economic fear-mongering with  threats of power plant closures, blackouts, and utility spikes.  But that is complete nonsense.

Every single time there is any effort to demand more energy efficiency and more socially healthy forms of energy generation, you will hear these doomsday scenarios.  And every single […]

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When P.G. Sittenfeld all but admitted that he lied to multiple senior Ohio Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, and activists that he would support Ted Strickland and drop out of the race if Strickland got in, some dismissed it as such “inside baseball” that it wouldn’t really hurt Sittenfeld to backtrack on his word with so many high profile Democrats (including Governor Strickland himself.)  When Sittenfeld’s publicly touted hire of a campaign manager walked off the job after only two months,  Sittenfeld’s campaign initially tried to play it off as all part of the plan (despite […]

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