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On April 12, 2014 the Daily Beast did a piece on our Governor, John Kasich. It seems to take him seriously as a potential 2016 Republican contender for the Presidential nomination. It was a soft, positive look at his tenure so far. My first response was WTF? Was this the same Kasich that has been running the Ohio I live in?

Well they started off with his lack of name recognition nationally. That helped doom his aborted 2000 run.

So far, so good.

They then mentioned that his record as Governor and as a member of the House gave [...]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has never met a dubious legal argument he won’t commit Ohio to defend. He even goes out of his way to join in cases where Ohio has no compelling interest to go.

The most recent example is the amicus brief he wrote on behalf of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga. In fact he’s listed as lead attorney for the 19 other GOP-led states that have joined to protect the conservative religious liberty of persecuted corporations.

Like his fight to prevent a married gay couple from having a spouse listed on a death certificate, DeWine [...]

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Voting rights have been a political football since 2004 and Ken Blackwell showing us how manipulating voting rules can use chaos as a tool to aid your candidate.

Blackwell was ruthless in trying to thwart registration drives going as far as rejecting applications for being on the wrong weight of paper. In Democratic leaning precincts there was a shortage of voting machines resulting in voters waiting in the cold rain for hours to cast a ballot. Ballots appeared and vanished. Voters were challenged at the polls by shipped in activists with the intent to discourage voting. Mysterious technicians worked on [...]

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Why Ohio Is Important

On March 14, 2014 By

I know from my adventures on Twitter that posting a lot of Ohio political content is seen by some as simple regional vanity. People in the Twitterverse occasionally berate me for posting so much about Ohio politics. My Twitter content is all over the map but tends towards national politics, Ohio politics, Doctor Who and pictures of cats doing funny stuff. It is the Internet, after all.

Why should we care what is going on in Ohio, I’m asked. It’s not Texas or New Jersey or any other politically powerful state that leads political positions, policy and thought.

OK. A [...]

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After the Democrats had their asses handed to them in 2010, the Ohio GOP went full Monty. Monty Burns, that is. “Excellent”, echoed through the halls of power in Columbus. They saw the prize. Redistricting was about to start. And the GOP had a lock on it. Majorities in both Houses and all the statewide offices.

The GOP proceeded to redraw the electoral map of Ohio.

Secret hotel rooms that cost taxpayers nearly 10 grand. Holding the bill until the fall. Locking out Democrats from the process. All of this is straight from the Lee Atwater/Dick Cheney/Karl Rove political [...]

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With the rise of the radical right here in the once moderate and sane State of Ohio, we have seen too many examples of extremism. Unions. Women’s health. Concealed carry and the introduction of an ersatz stand-your-ground-but-call-it-something-else bill.   The Legislature seems to see Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kansas as models of an Ohio Conservative Utopia.

With all the real issues facing Ohio, the House has a bill hanging around to defend religion. After all, Christians are persecuted by socialist, secular, hippie Liberals like myself.

HB 376 is called The Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Orwell would be proud as [...]

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Debt Ceiling time came without the circus that made the United States a worldwide laughing stock back in October. Now, that’s not to say House Republicans didn’t try to put up the big top and work all three rings.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed the Democratic position that the full faith and credit of this country is not negotiable. The Democratic Caucus, under her leadership, fought for a clean bill. A bill not loaded with Republican pet political posturing. President Obama maintained his clean bill, no negation, no hostage taking position. Thus, he effectively boxed in the House GOP [...]

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There is a lawsuit bouncing around in the Federal Courts to stop ACA subsidies. The contention is the Affordable Care Act only allows premium subsidies in States that set up their own Insurance Exchanges. With Thirty-Four States refusing to set up exchanges (guess who’s in charge in those States) the Federal Government stepped in to create and run those exchanges. The suits claim the IRS overstepped its authority to give tax credits and impose penalties in those 34 States.

The Attorneys General of Oklahoma and Indiana (no surprises there) filed suits in Federal Court to stop the practice. They were [...]

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There are few things that push my buttons as fast or hard as a Religious dogma taught as fact with public money. Faith and religion are important and comforting to many of us. So is an education that will prepare a child for the realities of a Twenty-first century economy.

I graduated from Whitehall-yearling High School. Whitehall was always a blue collar suburb. I received a good education there in spite of myself. Now, this was the Sixties. America was infatuated with science and progress. We were aiming for the moon, pushing the envelope of our technology to get there. [...]

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Just when you thought it was safe to stick your head up in Southwestern Ohio, a couple of Cincinnati right wing groups find a way to still amaze me. Cynic that I am, I am surprised.

In 2010 Steve Driehaus, a Democrat, was running for reelection in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District against Steve Chabot. The Ohio 1st District is parts of Cincinnati, then runs along the Ohio River and up the border with Indiana. The district touches Speaker Boehner’s OH-08. This is a bright red, conservative Tea Party haven part of Ohio.

2010 was the year of the Tea Party [...]

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Usually having the Speaker of the House calling your state home is good for the state. Since Ohio leads the nation in job losses, you’d think Speaker Boehner would be doing something constructive. After all, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is up for reelection and the economy in Ohio is an issue. You would also think Boehner would want to ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters. I mean people. After all he wouldn’t play politics with the citizens of Ohio.

You would be wrong.

As the President and congressional Democrats fight to extend long-term unemployment insurance (IU) [...]

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