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If there’s any union the Ohio Republican Party is willing to listen to, it’s the Fraternal Order of Police.? Just now the Ohio F.O.P. just issued a major endorsement in support of Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor while criticizing Ohio Inspector General Thomas Charles’ embattled report.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Mark Niquette (what ever happened to that Randy Ludlow fella?) has a scanned copy of the letter up on their Daily Briefing blog.? The F.O.P. letter states:

“The FOP was surprised, to say the least, when Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles stated that Director […]

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The hits just keep coming for Ohio Inspector General Randy Meyer.

And by “hits,” we really mean misses.

The time has come for Meyer to step down.

Back in 2104, Plunderbund requested time sheets and other records for various staffers of Lt. Giv. Mary Taylor, including her chief of staff Laura Johnson.  It seems that the amount of time the two women’s cars were parked in the Riffe Center garage under the Statehouse was “significantly less” than the amount of time they said they had worked on their time sheets.

Last week, the inspector general issued a report criticizing Taylor […]

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When John Kasich and Mark Kvamme created JobsOhio back in 2011, they promised us the world!   JobsOhio would be given all of Ohio’s liquor profits for 25 years, over six billion dollars in total, and it would be freed from the burden and constraint of government oversight, public record disclosure and public audits.  JobsOhio would then be able to move at the “speed of business” to kick the collective asses of all of our neighboring states, and the rest of the country, stimulating job growth and getting Ohioans back to work after the recession that started in 2007.

Sadly for Ohio, Kasich’s JobsOhio scheme […]

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During oral arguments in front of the Ohio Supreme Court last week, lawyers for the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) claimed they couldn’t release the records we requested in 2012 from ODPS Director Tom Charles because terrorists might be able to review the documents and somehow piece together security procedures used to protect Governor Kasich.   But a review of investigation records from 2010 shows that then-Inspector General Tom Charles released many documents detailing actual procedures used by troopers protecting Governor Strickland.   This, we believe, is even more evidence that Kasich’s ODPS team is refusing to honor our request for purely political reasons.

Our Supreme […]

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Five former Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) employees filed a lawsuit in federal court yesterday against Brown County Prosecutor Jessica Little and Former Inspector General Tom Charles.   The lawsuit stems from an IG investigation initiated by Charles, and charges brought by Little, both of which were politically motivated and eventually dismissed.

The story starts back in 2006 with wildlife officer Allan Wright helping his friend, a wildlife office from another state, get an in-state Ohio hunting license.   In the past, this type of reciprocity was common and encouraged.  The officer had asked, and received permission from his supervisor […]

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On January 31, 2012 the Ohio Inspector General opened an investigation into Rick Hodges, Kasich’s Turnpike Commission Director.   The investigation stemmed from a complaint about nepotism and improper hiring practices surrounding the hiring of Hodges’ wife while he was Director of Legislative Development at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

According to the complaint, Susan Hodges was hired on October 25th, 2011 as a Work Processing Specialist 2 in an interim capacity to fill the spot of an employee applying for disability leave.  A hearing was held at the request of the bargaining unit, and the hearing officer found that no rules […]

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We no longer know whether to laugh or cry when it comes to the Ohio Inspector General.

The Office of the Inspector General is supposed to look into the big issues of waste and fraud in Ohio government.  It’s an important position.

It’s time for the Office of the Inspector General to go all meta.  The Office of the Inspector General needs to investigate itself.  We have two suggestions.

First, Remember Coingate?  That was, arguably, the biggest scandal in Ohio history.  The Office of Inspector General was invented to investigate that matter.  How’s that investigation going?

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In 2011, support for a referendum to repeal the anti-union provisions of Senate Bill 5 resulted millions of signatures and huge rallies at the Ohio Statehouse.   As Republicans begin moving new anti-union legislation through the Ohio House, they’ve already made moves to hinder an effective response from those who oppose the so-called right-to-work bills.

The first roadblock was Senate Bill 47, which contains language that would greatly restrict signature-gathering efforts to put unpopular legislation on the ballot for repeal.  This means anyone wishing to collect signatures to repeal one of these bills would have less time to do […]

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In September we contacted the Ohio State Highway Patrol and requested copies of investigations into threats against the governor. We wanted to see how many actual threats had been made against Kasich and if these threats coincided with schedule records the Governor’s office was refusing to release over “security” concerns.

Our request was forwarded to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, who proceeded to deny the request claiming the documents constituted “security records” which could not be released “out of concern for the safety of public officials, their families and those with whom they work.”

After multiple revised requests, and […]

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In February 2012 the Inspector General Randy Meyer said he was going to release the results of the Coin Gate investigation.

The previous Inspector General  (and now Public Safety Director) Tom Charles refused to release the report, which many believe implicates additional Republicans in the scandal that sent Tom Noe to jail for 18 years.

It’a been months since your promise and we’re still waiting, Mr. Meyer.

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John Kasich loves to talk about prison reform.

The two big ideas were sentencing reform, so that non-violent offenders were sent to rehabilitation instead of a cell, and privatizing state facilities.

There should be no mistake that the motive behind these reforms was money.  Kasich had no interest in whether it was a good idea to provide people with treatment instead of just locking them up, for example.  “Corrections reform is critical [to the budget]. It’s one of the big cost sinks that we have,” he said before taking office.

When the sentencing reform bill was signed, Kasich’s prison […]

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