Gov. John Kasich claims he wants to help people “living in the shadows,” but new poverty numbers show his rhetoric has not translated into real results.

Kasich’s Real Record Lives In The Shadows

A U.S. Census Bureau report released this week shows that 593,831 children lived in poverty in Ohio in 2014, up from 591,328 children in 2013, according to Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio. The child poverty rate, at 22.9 percent, was virtually unchanged from the previous year .  Poverty is defined as an annual household income below $24,418 for a family of four.

With the exception of Columbus, the state capital that has state […]

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State Board of Education Members Stephanie Dodd and A.J. Wagner announced today that they intend to make a procedural attempt at the next meeting of the State School Board to bring back a tabled motion calling for an outside, independent investigation in the data rigging scandal known as “Chartergate.”

The scandal involves David Hansen, Kasich’s former head of the Office of Quality School Choice, and husband of Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign manager and former chief of staff, Beth Hansen.

David Hansen resigned when school board members discovered he had illegally altered data on a state charter school report . Hansen had already been […]

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Did you happen to get a look at Wednesday Night Live? The Republican debate, I mean. Eleven characters in search of love and respect, most of whom were acting like playground bullies piling on this Donald Trump fellow as if he were the churlish intruder who burst onto their turf.

If you missed it, you may want to know that Gov. Kasich complained that many viewers would turn off their TVs. (The friendly Plain Dealer noted that he had fulfilled his game plan of rising above the fray. )

The most fashionable line of this dress rehearsal began “I am […]

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It was a long three-hour debate Wednesday night, according to the Republicans’ presidential candidate poll leader, Donald Trump. Eleven candidates were lined up like ducks at a shooting gallery at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA, Wednesday.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich was one of them, as he was on August 6 in Cleveland, site of the first GOP debate that only featured ten. This was a chance, as the other ten candidates realized, to differentiate themselves and standout from the crowd. For Mr. Kasich, his performance did little to catch lighting in a bottle.

The man […]

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Should some weird, mysterious set of cosmic circumstances arise and John Kasich gets elected president, he would have every reason to nominate one of the justices of the Ohio Supreme Court to the U.S. Supreme Court in light of how they saved his hide from further beatings.

We know that Justice Judy French, who Gov. Kasich first appointed to the state supreme court and who told voters just last year that electing her would backstop all the other GOP candidates voters might elect, would have some big chits to call in from Ohio’s White House wannabee based on her support […]

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A new CBS News-New York Times national Republican poll shows that Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire from New York City, maintains a commanding lead over all other Republican rivals with the exception of one. Ben Carson, a one-time neurosurgeon and the only African-American in the GOP race for president, jumped considerably as he now holds second place to Mr. Trump.

For the rest of the Republicans, it’s sad news indeed about how low they rank when compared to Trump and Carson. When asked which one of the Republican candidates they would like to see the Republican Party nominate for […]

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The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that giant charter school operator White Hat Management can continue to “take possession of the assets of charter schools — assets purchased with public money — and then charge the public to buy them back.”  Not surprisingly, the justices that voted in favor of White Hat have received huge campaign contributions from White Hat’s owner.

The ABJ sums up the background story quite well:

The court ruled in favor of White Hat, one of the largest for-profit school management companies in the country, against 10 of its former Hope academies and Life Skills Centers, […]

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Ohio Governor John Kasich thinks his resume is the golden ticket that will breeze him through the Republican presidential primary and on to next November where he can challenge Democrats in the general election.  But he has shown time and again why his sales pitch is just another example of his confident quackery.

Since he declared for the presidency in July, Kasich has spent considerable time, and many millions, campaigning in New Hampshire, an early primary state where he currently ranks third behind Ben Carson and GOP leader Donald Trump.  Kasich chose the state because its primary is early, but […]

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I tried very hard not to feel weepy about Rick Perry’s crash as a presidential candidate. Here, after all, was a fellow who bought himself a set of professorial glasses and said he was blessed for his second go-round as a Republican candidate from Texas and that life was good to him.

But despite his “smart-guy” eyeglasses and shoes that replaced cowboy boots, people began to suspect that his new cosmetically altered upholstery couldn’t disguise the fact that he was still Tom Mix. Within a year or so after washing out of the 2012 race, he turned up at a […]

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It’s been a long time coming, but still there is no verdict.

In fact, it’s been so long since Hope Academy Broadway Campus et. al. v. White Hat Management  was filed (December 30, 2013) and argued (September 23, 2014) before the Supremes that many folks have forgotten about the case.

But then maybe that’s the method in charter world – a method that’s also taught in law schools: delay, delay. We know that in some protracted disputes, principals in a case die. Certainly, all get older and people forget.  So … delay.

Three months ago, a friend in Texas […]

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According the Keene Sentinel, Ohio Gov. John Kasich was scheduled to attend four events in New Hampshire on Saturday, including the College Republicans summit in Manchester, an afternoon town hall at the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School in Raymond followed by the chili fest in Stratham and the beer and barbecue bash in Dover.

While Gov. Kasich was retail campaigning in a small state where he’s spent millions to promote himself to people who don’t know him, back home in Columbus, where he and his record are well known, the Ohio Democratic Party’s executive committee met and adopted a resolution […]

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