We might have guessed. The Arshinkoff Party, lightly known as the once-moderate Summit County Republican Party, has poked deeply into the conservatives’ prized Speakers Bureau for its Lincoln (!) Day Dinner on March 28. I refer to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan who represents the Fourth Congressional District that weirdly stretches across Ohio from Lima to the lake. (See the district map sheltering a Republican congressman that was sculpted with the precision of Leonardo’s David.)

Jordan is the chairman of the House Freedom Committee, and when you see the word freedom in a title, no further explanation is needed to define […]

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Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) has some explaining to do.

He needs to explain to the people of Ohio exactly why it is a good idea to participate in an act of interference along with 46 other Republican Senators.

Senator Portman needs to share the reasoning as to why the Senate Republicans feel it is their right to undermine the Executive Branch in the arena of foreign policy. Why does the Junior Senator from Ohio feel he and his fellow caucus members need to undermine, attempt to derail, and imply the President and Secretary of State cannot negotiate in good faith […]

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California, that so-called “wackadoodle” state as defined by Ohio Gov. John Kasich who enjoys mocking it for its progressive governance, policies and leaders, may now be the best state to do business in.

“The Tax Foundation says the state’s tax structure is the third worst for business in the U.S. Forbes ranks California’s business costs fifth highest among the 50 states and its regulatory environment the eighth most burdensome. Why then does the market, where buyers and sellers determine relative value, show otherwise? California-based companies surpass their competitors in the U.S. by most measures of performance […]

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Gov. John Kasich spent an hour being interviewed by a National Journal reporter as part of several days spent in early February shadowing him. In her article, “The Case for Kasich,” Michelle Cottle appeared as amused at the governor’s legendary quirky, neurotic antics as she was smitten by his brassy boldness, a personality trait that has served him well throughout his nearly 40 years as a career politician. Make no mistake, John Kasich marches in the Republican band, plays all its favorite songs and, from time to time, marches out of step and plays out of tune on selected issues […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich can’t say enough about balancing the federal budget, as he advances his long-shot odds of running for president by visiting mostly ruby red states to push what many conservatives and progressives say is his terrible idea for a constitutional convention that could reform the U.S. Constitutional in unpredictable and harmful ways.

When it comes to issues that impact women and their ability to make decisions in their own self-interest, Gov. Kasich is literally tongue-tied. Last fall, when he campaigned for a second term, Ohio’s glib governor had little to say about all the bad women’s health […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich actually got away with not debating his gubernatorial challengers last year, and Ohio media took his stiff arm to voters in perfect stride as it swallowed whole his reason that his challenger’s campaign had crashed. Then, in the only gathering of the candidates—Ed FitzGerald for Democrats and Anita Rios for The Green Party—Gov. Kasich performed more like a petulant, spiteful child than a candidate that wants to win the hearts, minds, and votes of a nation.

Combative Kasich No Fan Of Debates

But Ohio’s combative, easily-angered governor, who largely disdains media and dislikes accounting […]

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The Kasich Administration and GOP-controlled Ohio General Assembly has been all about “education reform” over the last 5 years, with an alleged focus on improving student achievement — especially decreasing the dropout rate.  Recent legislation has focused on getting Ohio’s students to graduate from high school with not only a high school diploma, but for those not interested in college, some sort of industry credential.

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee, for example, has been continually touted as a step toward decreasing Ohio’s dropout rate (we strongly disagree with this assertion) and the legislature has held firm on this law even […]

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The National Labor Relations Board [NLRB], established in 1935 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as an independent federal agency that protects the rights of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union to improve their wages and working conditions, lost a battle but is expected to win the war. A Republican-controlled U.S. Senate mustered a majority of votes [53] to reverse an NLRB rule that makes it easier for workers to hold union elections, but isn’t likely to muster a two-thirds vote [67] needed to override a presidential veto from President Obama. GOP officials will ultimately […]

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Well, the party of cranks has struck again. If your interest took you past Apple’s new watch, you may have discovered that 47 Republican senators sent a letter to Iran’s leaders that warned of the fragility of any arms deal with the U.S. after President Obama leaves office.

Not that any of the senators, who make up a white guy street gang these days, would honestly believe their letter would in any way influence Iran. Rather, it was the cranks’ way of dismantling the presidency of Barack Obama, with Benjamin Natanyahu firmly in their corner.

Among the hooligan signers was […]

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[Disclosure:  I worked for then-Congressman Ted Strickland and lived down the street from the Stricklands growing up and I make no bones about supporting Ted Strickland’s Senate bid.]

As it relates to a possible Senate primary between former Congressman and Governor Ted Strickland and two-term Cincinnati councilperson P.G. Sittenfeld, I’ve heard a vocal minority of Democrats wave the 2014 elections as evidence of why we must have a primary.  Here’s why this thinking is completely wrong, and if anything, the opposite is true.  At least, once it became clear Strickland entered the race.  The argument is based on the notion that the […]

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Tbe Ohio Republican Party did a decent job of reining in their extreme anti-abortion wing during the last election cycle.   But with the election long over, and the new (Republican-controlled) legislative session fully underway, Ohio’s Republican activist legislators are now back to proudly playing the old “I’m More Extreme Than You Are” game….

You want a”fetal pain” bill based on thoroughly debunked “science”?  They have that!

How about another version of the unconstitutional Heartbeat Bill?  Sure!  Why not?

But if you are a brand new state representative and you really want to make a name for yourself in Ohio’s extreme right wing […]

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