Did you see that Robert Mercer, the full-pocketed Wall Street hedge fund zillionaire, went out and bought a Republican presidential candidate? Yep, crazy Ted Cruz. Mercer, described in a New York Times report as a hard-right “recluse”, likes Cruz. They are soul mates on stuff like taxes. And Mercer doesn’t mind paying for it.

It’s a perfect match inasmuch as Mercer’s Renaissance hedge fund has been tailed by the IRS with claims that it owes $6 billion in back taxes. Mercer , to the delight of his right-wing crowd, wants to abolish the IRS, a thought neither original with him […]

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Ohio, before and during, was a power player in shaping the War Between the States.

Ohio was a hot bed of Abolitionists. Harriet Beecher Stowe, early abolitionist newspapers, politicians (Salmon P. Chase for one) and Oberlin College were all from, about, or in Ohio. The Buckeye State was instrumental in the success of the Underground Railroad as a major path to Canada. Lincoln carried Ohio to become President.

Serving in Lincoln’s Cabinet were two former Ohio Governors, Salmon P. Chase (Appointed by Lincoln as Chief Justice of SCOTUS in 1864) and William Dennison. Lincoln’s powerful Secretary of War was Edwin […]

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Last year, when Gov. John Kasich was running for a second term as governor of Ohio, no one who has even half-way followed his career as a politician thought for a second he wasn’t interested in running for president if he got a second term.

Even though he avoided saying whether he would or wouldn’t seek the highest office in the land, all of his moves, then and now, show just how much he and his team have been gearing up for the White House. Prominent among his many problems is that his favorite son cache disappears outside Ohio’s borders.


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Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland told fellow Democrats in Athens County Saturday night that they are living through an unprecedented and challenging time in American politics.

Strickland was full of fire for these Democrats in the foothills of Appalachia during their annual spring party dinner at the the local American Legion Hall. He called on party members to stand up for what they believe in and to stand against an extremist Republican Party.

“We have a Republican Party that in my judgment has been taken over by such extreme thinkers they don’t believe in compromise,” Strickland said. “They are slash […]

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P.G. Sittenfeld had a promising career ahead of him in the Ohio Democratic Party.  But Sittenfeld is running an inept and directionless campaign that is quickly racking up more problems at a faster rate than Ed FitzGerald did.  If Sittenfeld wanted to raise his profile with this Senate primary bid, he’s clearly started to burn under the glare of the spotlight.

Sittenfeld’s week began with an admission that his much-touted hire of a campaign manager had already left the campaign weeks ago.  The campaign tried to play it off as if the manager had never truly intended to […]

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Ted Strickland joked a few weeks back that there used to be a time when Republicans and Democrats debated the issues of the day. Those were the good days, when facts still mattered. Now, with the new breed of modern Republicans in denial about so many things, the former Ohio governor and congressman said it’s come down to debating reality.

Reality In Cleveland

The reality the GOP can’t handle is just how well the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has converted a terribly broken healthcare delivery system, that had it not been checked would have driven the nation off the […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is out testing the presidential waters for 2016. While the governor may want people to believe he can walk on water, a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce shows he better take his water-wings with him because he might find himself treading water at best and submerged at worst, in light of earning reports on how the state stakes up to other states and the national average.

Ohio remains 37th in the national in job creation, as determined by the well-respected W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, and has consistently […]

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that a total of 16.4 million non-elderly adults have gained health insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act became law in February of 2011, when the single biggest adjustment to America’s upside-down healthcare system got a radical overhaul that Republicans did not vote for and have distanced themselves from ever since.

HHS called the reduction in the number of uninsured “historic,” saying the percentage of people without coverage has dropped by about a third since 2012: from 20.3 percent to 13.2 percent in the first quarter of 2015. Included in the five-year […]

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The Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law last week by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has already started the state smoldering. While one neighbor might help another neighbor put out a fire, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was joined last Wednesday at the Statehouse in Columbus by other city leaders who invited businesses to cross the border and invest in Ohio.

Brown, City Leaders Deliver 

“We’re here today with one message: Ohio is open for business—for everyone,” Sen. Sherrod Brown said. “While we still have more work to do in Ohio to ensure that LGBT Ohioans have full legal equality, I […]

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If winning the Republican nomination for president in 2016 were based on how the current baker’s dozen of possible candidates would fare in an election in Ohio today, Gov. John Kasich would be in high cotton. The release last week of a swing-state poll by Quinnipiac University that targets three states critical to a White House win—Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania—shows Mr. Kasich’s favorite son status works best in Ohio compared to the other polled states where he sleeps with the fishes at the bottom of the poll.

This Q-Poll focuses on Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania because since 1960 no candidate has […]

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In a conference call with reporters Thursday morning hosted by Michael Froman, U.S. Trade Representative and Penny Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce, discussion centered on the importance of exports to American businesses, especially small businesses.  It’s a good thing that only reporters were on the call.  Had U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown or former Governor Ted Strickland been allowed to chime in, the good news pushed in the call would have been challenged by these high-profile Democrats. Each has spoken out loudly against the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP], a controversial trade agreement focused on spurring trade between and among various Asian nations.

This afternoon the […]

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