The Ohio Department of Education released the state test results Friday, so we feel obliged to tell you that once again, Ohio’s public school districts significantly outperformed their charter school “competitors”.  We’re growing tired of beating this dead horse…

We’ll be breaking down the numbers in more detail in the coming weeks, but here are some lowlights:

Of the 3,274 school buildings that received a Performance Index Score (a composite of standardized test performance), 228 of the 281 charter schools ranked in the bottom 25%.  To explain that another way, 81% of Ohio’s rated charter schools that fell in the [...]

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As the go-go CEO-style Governor Kasich sells his nearly four years in office as reason to reelect him, evidence exist to question whether he’s the turnaround leader he and his team claim he is. Proof that his job creation machine isn’t creating jobs at anything close to the pace Ted Strickland created jobs in his final year in office, after he took the worst the Great Recession could dish out and captained the state to recovery, is available to any interested voter who takes the time to plow through the Monthly Financial Report [MRP] state’s budget director Tim Keen delivers [...]

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If the Wizard of Westerville is really the messiah of reform he claims to be, you would have thought by now, after a lifetime in and around government, he would have figured out what is really unbalancing America’s budget.

And contrary to accepted political folklore by the GOP and its candidates for office like Gov. John Kasich, it’s not spending on social safety net benefit programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These programs, beloved by Americans for good reason, are also the three reliable targets Republicans including Gov. Kasich and his contemporary protégée in Washington, Rep. Paul Ryan, repeatedly shoot at. Their [...]

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It’s no secret that John Kasich wants to run for president — again. He can’t admit that now because he’s running for re-election, and that’s like asking Ohioans for their votes but telling them you have NO PLANS to serve the full term. So his allies (none more vociferous and vocal than The Columbus Dispatch) are talking a lot about his potential run and the mandate he’s seeking and making all sorts of noises about what a fine nation we’d have if only Kasich’s policies were in place.

To run, he needs to get re-elected governor. He also [...]

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Political satirists and PAC, Central Ohio Countering Kasich (COCK), who are not shy about (a) double entendres, and, (b) making a mockery of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, were recently kicked out of an Ohio State Buckeyes Grill-A-Palooza featuring The Guv himself at Campaign HQ Saturday.

First, Cheers to COCK for taking advantage of the preposterous Citizens United ruling and creating an equally preposterous PAC, which can be found at And cheers to COCK for the good-faith effort to befuddle Kampaign Kasich at an obvious pseudo event, and otherwise throughout election season.

But, of [...]

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In the ongoing and disheartening contract negotiations between the Reynoldsburg Board of Education and the Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA), tensions have reached a fever pitch.

On Sunday, the teachers’ union presented the school board’s latest contract proposal to the membership and 97% voted to reject the offer.  The following morning, REA filed a 10-day strike notice with the State Employee Relations Board (SERB).

While the proposal, according to the Columbus Dispatch, purportedly contained salary increases for many teachers, the union has continued to state that these negotiations are not about money, but are about improving [...]

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Did you see that Dick Cheney, the rusting Tin Woodsman of the Republican Party, ambled back up to Capitol Hill to advise others in his class on how to handle the ISIS problem. According to the New York Times, his remedy could be reduced to a handful of words: Embrace a strong military and reject rising isolationism.

But wait. The Times report also noted that he didn’t embrace specifics. Smart evasion. For one thing, nobody – not the president, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, America’s allies in Europe, John McCain, Dick Cheney,the highbrow pundits, the fly on the wall know [...]

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Here’s an acid test for any true Ohio political junkie: When was the last time a Republican U.S. Presidential candidate won without taking our Great River state?

None, going back to the first Republican nominee Abe Lincoln himself.  That’s o’er a hunder’d and fi’ty years. No Democrat has won without Ohio since Kennedy.

This little factoid seems to have stuck in the dendritic channels of the Grand Old Party’s collective memory as they look piningly at 2016.

Noted goober Reince Preibus, who also serves as Republican National Committee chairman, announced this summer that Cleveland will host [...]

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In Ohio, the plot for the 2016 presidential election thickened Tuesday with the announcement by Bill Clinton that he’ll campaign, sort of, via direct mail for State Sen. Nina Turner, the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State.

As a big, bright harvest moon hovers over Ohio this week, reminding Buckeyes that Halloween is around the corner, news that former President Bill Clinton will campaign via direct mailings advocating for Nina Turner might be one small nightmare come true for Republicans, who upon learning of the news issued a call to arms. State GOP party leaders said control of state election [...]

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The blockbuster story of this election cycle in Ohio and the nation would have been the return of former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland to take on first-term incumbent Republican Governor John Kasich, following Ohio media’s obsession over Ed FitzGerald’s string of silly snafus, including his ten-years of driving without a valid drivers license and being identified by a police officer who found him in his car in the wee hours of the morning two years ago with a women from an Irish trade delegation who was not his wife.

Both stories occupied newspaper front and editorial pages, and some [...]

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Multiple papers reported today that Mike DeWine has again refused to release surveillance video from the police-involved shooting at a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, Ohio on August 5th.

Each story discussed known details about the shooting and recent online petitions to release the video of killing of John Crawford III.  But none of the papers bothered to ask the obvious question:  Why is Mike DeWine still involved with this case?

Last week DeWine told the Dayton Daily News that Hamilton County Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier was in charge of the case and his role was “at this point not much.”

And yet, as today’s announcement [...]

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