“Stop Protesting and do something productive. But not voter registration. That would be outrageous.”

- Republicans to Ferguson, Missouri today.

Not a day has gone by when I have not been completely shocked by the behavior of people in leadership roles in response to continued demonstrations of the officer-involved shooting of Missouri teen, Michael Brown. As reported by Breitbart, the head of Missouri’s Republican party is currently freaking out that people in Ferguson are being registered to vote:

[...] Missouri RNC executive director Matt Wills expressed outrage about the reports.

“If that’s not fanning the political flames, [...]

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A few months ago, Chris Roberts, a young teacher in Northeast Ohio, received an email through StudentsFirst recommending that he sign up for their Teachers for Transformation Academy.  He signed up for their mailing list a few years ago because he was initially attracted to the StudentsFirst talking points.  A self described libertarian-leaning Republican, Chris was intrigued and decided to apply for the position.  After some recent phone interviews, Chris was offered the position of Ohio’s Teacher for Transformation Fellow along with an attractive $5,000 stipend – a very nice paycheck for the young teacher and father of three.

As the fourth-year teacher researched into [...]

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Capitol Square watchers in Ohio know that Governor John Kasich, like Republicans across the nation, has easy access to ready-to-use, ALEC-approved government reforms that always benefit businesses first along with the boardrooms and CEOs who run them.

Any private employer knows workers are an expense to control, like utilities and materials. But when it comes to the public sector, where the messiah of reform from Mckees Rocks, PA works his magic, he wants to reform their pay and benefits down so they come closer to his beloved private sector, where workers generally start out at the bottom of [...]

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Not only is Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s private and secret job creating engine very likely unconstitutional, a conclusion experts predict the Ohio Supreme Court would reach if a case challenging Kasich’s creature ever reaches it, but it apparently can’t create many jobs either.

Two new reports detailing Ohio’s poor job creation performance show the Wizard of Westerville’s so-called “Ohio Miracle” is mostly a self-basting, feel-good illusion.  Many workers are still waiting for Kasich’s promised land of jobs galore to materialize in their lifetime.

If Gov. Kasich’s Reagan-era grab bag collection of poor-to-non-performing economic policies, programs and initiatives he likes [...]

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If you’re Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich, likely a millionaire many times over based on what reporters learned from looking at only one individual tax return from 2008 for less than an hour,  or Mark Kvamme, the governor’s very rich Silicon venture capitalist friend and confidant who left his home and wife in California to relocate to Ohio to aide Kasich’s largely poor performing job creation agenda, the conclusion offered in a new report out Monday isn’t the kind lopsided tax news they want voters to become too familiar with as days dwindle to the General Election on Nov. 4.


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On December 11, 2001, the Ohio State Board of Education unanimously adopted academic content standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.  This sentence is from the foreward to those standards that changed the educational landscape in Ohio.  Upon the creation of these standards that spelled out learning targets for each grade, Ohio developed grade-level assessments in grades 3-8 along with the Ohio Graduation Tests.  The full foreward is remarkable to read as the debate about Ohio’s future with the Common Core takes center stage again this week.  Some Common Core supporters are wondering what Ohio will do without the new curriculum, leading [...]

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Ohio Headline Highlights is a new PBSunday roundup of select news from last week about people, politics and government in Ohio.


Ohio judge to hear arguments in early voting case – A federal judge in Ohio plans to hear arguments on when voters can cast an early ballot in the presidential battleground state, as civil rights groups and voting rights organizations seek to block the changes from being in place this November.

PPP: Competitive Statewide Races— Yes, Even For Governor—Expected In Ohio This Year – Just when first-term incumbent Republican Governor John R. Kasich thought his reelection [...]

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Election Day 2014 is now less than 90 days away. Based on prevailing political winds, which have been fueled by lopsided negative coverage of Ed FitzGerald, the party endorsed Democrat to challenge first-term incumbent Republican Gov. John Kasich and a series of polling results that show Kasich holding a lead that swings back and forth between double-digit and single-digit leads, the next governor until 2018 may very well be the same governor who barely won his last race in 2010.

Democrats, especially Ed FitzGerald, have had to fight off a war of words waged against them by the Cleveland Plain Dealer [...]

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In what may be the final chance to repeal Common Core in Ohio, Representative Matt Huffman has signed on to fellow Representative Andy Thompson’s latest version of a bill to repeal the curriculum and its associated standardized tests.  Huffman’s inclusion on the bill is of significant importance as he is the Chair of the House Rules and Reference Committee — the committee that typically decides the fate of a bill.  The previous version of the bill to repeal Common Core (House Bill 237) was referred to the House Education Committee where the chairman, Gerald Stebelton, himself a supporter of Common [...]

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Husted’s DOA Redistricting Ideas

On August 16, 2014 By

Among the more aggressive political myths projected by the state’s editorial writers and garden variety pundits is that Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, has earned a big gold merit badge for his concern about Ohio’s scandalous congressional district lines. After all, he talks about it all the time.

But wait! Husted is a Republican. The gerrymandering was carried out by Republicans who are quite comfortable with their congressional victories at the polls. Both houses of the General Assembly are controlled by Republicans. Gov. Kasich and his crowd are all Republicans. Question: Why would any of these operatives want [...]

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Ohio House Representatives Andy Thompson (R) and Matt Huffman (R) have introduced their latest version of a bill designed to prevent the Common Core curriculum from being implemented in Ohio. Their previous attempt at accomplishing this task, House Bill 237, was stalled when Education Committee Chairman, Gerald Stebelton, a supporter of Common Core, chose to ignore the bill and prevent it from ever coming up for a vote.

Now, Thompson is back with a new bill, House Bill 597, that is remarkably simple as it has been introduced:

Section 1. It is the General Assembly’s intent that sections [...]

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