Peggy Cooley wasn’t at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s meeting in Washington D.C. last week to hear Ohio Gov. John Kasich tell a new crowd his story of faith and how his calling is to help people who live in the shadows.

Ohio’s governor said he’s been called by the Lord to lift everyone up no matter their circumstances, as he famously promised to do last year if Ohio voters gave him a second term. They did, even though voter turnout was the lowest in about 70 years, with Ohio’s go-go CEO governor still getting viewer than one in […]

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Last month we wrote about the upcoming Defending The American  Dream Summit to be held in Columbus, Ohio this August.  Sponsored by the Koch Brother-funded group Americans For Prosperity (AFP), the Summit will feature a slew of well-known Republican office holders, many of whom are running for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Georgia Senator David Perdue and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have all been invited to speak.

Still not on the invitation list?   Ohio Governor John Kasich.

A recent Politico story may provide some insight into why Kasich has not […]

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The national election for president isn’t until November 8 of next year, but polling has already started now to make a guess about who might win then.  It’s unclear which one of the GOP White House wannabees will survive the asteroid belt known as the Republican primary cycle. Jeb! Bush is ascending again as Marco Rubio nips at his heels.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has not declared his candidacy for leader of the free world yet, remains a one state wonder. Even though fewer than one in four registered voters bothered to vote for him last year, his narrative that […]

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At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference this week in Washington D.C., the Republican Party’s evangelical wing was treated to heavenly auditions from many of the ever expanding platoon of GOP contenders who have already declared their candidacy or  will soon.

Among those on hand to preach their brand of political gospel to the choir of evangelical Christians in attendance were top tier candidates like Jeb! Bush and second tier candidates like Ohio Gov. John Kasich.  Kasich can’t seem to say more than two sentences without including God in his remarks, but he has a very uphill climb to the White […]

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Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper kicked his administration off by going on a listening tour around the state, gathering feedback from local Democrats across Ohio. He went back to the drawing board and with his team developed a plan. He is now traveling around the state again to share that plan.

“We have a lot of work to do,” he told a crowd of Athens County Democrats last Tuesday evening. “When you lose like we did last November, you have a lot of soul-searching to do. I’m not here to give a happy song.”

This past […]

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Did you see that the new Gov. Kasich has now decided to reveal his more engaging  side by cracking one-liners during his standup campaign appearances? Henny Youngman he’s not, but that doesn’t discourage him from snapping off several in a single monologue,  as he did at  the Ingham County Republican reception in Lansing, Mich.

A brief sample of his humor is all that I can suffer from the hard-edged guy who once limited his talent to acidly  slamming anybody who annoyed him.

“Do you know  why God created economists?” he cracked. “To make astrologers look accurate.” There are countless variations […]

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How would state Rep. Kristina Roegner busy herself if she weren’t shilling for the ALEC anti-worker agenda? Oh that’s right, by shilling for the anti-women’s rights agenda. So much shilling to do, so little time.

Shill we take a look at what Rep. Roegner, the Republican from Hudson, is planning to copy and paste from the ALEC model legislation website next?

She’s joined hands with fellow anti-woman, anti-worker, anti-gay state Rep. Ron Hood, the Republican from Ashville, to get their shill on against Ohio’s prevailing wage law.

Here’s a letter […]

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The Columbus Dispatch announced that John Kasich is launching an exploratory bid for president, reporting that Mr. Kasich plans to see how well he fares in primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. “The better we do, the more money will come in. Part of the challenge we have is getting people to take me seriously,” Ohio’s self-proclaimed “Greatest Home Newspaper” wrote about their long-revered golden calf politician.

Then Is Now

One might think this assessment was ripped from today’s headline, but it wasn’t. The legacy print newspaper that announced Tuesday that it sold for a fire-sale price of just $47 […]

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There were moments during Jeb!’s official entrance onto the presidential glory road when I had to wonder whether he was Pat Robertson, Dick Cheney or the Man of La Mancha. I finally settled on the latter when he broke into an Hispanic tongue to prove his validity as an authentic one-of-them. For the current geographics, it won’t be the last time that an eager collegial Americano sent a personal self-serving message to an amigo or two.

But the bigger story of Jeb!’s announcement is that he reaffirmed his commitment not to be Jeb Bush. Surnames are no longer fashionable for […]

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As part of a long list of amendments to House Bill 64 (state budget bill) yesterday, the Senate Finance Committee included some education “reforms” that would take place starting next school year.  One of the most significant changes is to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System framework and implies that legislators’ faith in the PARCC standardized assessments is waning fast.

Here is the proposed language in its entirety (page 377 of the omnibus):

(A)(1) Notwithstanding anything in the Revised Code to the contrary and except as provided in division (A)(2) of this section, the board of education of a school […]

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Waiter, take this back to the kitchen. Donald Trump’s hair fell in my soup. Or maybe I’m just not hungry.

All over Ohio, newspapers are newspaperin’ about the latest Quinnipiac Poll showing Ohio Gov. John Kasich beating Hillary Clinton 47 percent to 40 percent among Ohio voters in a hypothetical match-up.

Let’s turn to the Toledo Blade‘s Tom Troy for coverage:

Former Secretary of State Clinton’s favorability rating is a negative 44 percent to 48 percent in Ohio. Voters in Ohio also said, by 53 percent to 40 percent, that she is not honest and trustworthy. Poll respondents said, […]

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