The goofy level of global warming criticism has found a new, and still more bizarre, rationale in the deductive logic of a Kentucky state senator. Republican Majority Whip Brandon Smith says the myth of climate change caused by humans can be refuted by the fact that the planet Mars has no coal mines.

Sharing his perceived wisdom at a hearing on proposed EPA restrictions on the release of greenhouse gases by coal mines, Smith said environmentalists are sniffing down the wrong shaft in search of polluters. In his words:

“I think that in academia, we all agree that the [...]

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On Wednesday, John Kasich was taken on a short fishing trip on Lake Erie.   According to the Blade, Kasich showed up at the boat dock around noon, a great time for getting a photo op in the afternoon sun, but probably the worst time to head out on the lake if you actually want to catch any respectable type of fish.   Not surprisingly, the governor didn’t catch any walleye or perch, but he did bring up a couple of sheephead, considered by many to be Lake Erie’s premier trash fish.

John’s crack media team was quick to post a photo on Facebook [...]

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When John Kasich and Mark Kvamme created JobsOhio back in 2011, they promised us the world!   JobsOhio would be given all of Ohio’s liquor profits for 25 years, over six billion dollars in total, and it would be freed from the burden and constraint of government oversight, public record disclosure and public audits.  JobsOhio would then be able to move at the “speed of business” to kick the collective asses of all of our neighboring states, and the rest of the country, stimulating job growth and getting Ohioans back to work after the recession that started in 2007.

Sadly for Ohio, Kasich’s JobsOhio scheme [...]

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For those of you who may have been distracted by the Independence Day weekend celebrating freedom in America, we want to report that the free-wheeling conservatives on the U.S.Supreme Court took matters into their own hands last week by piously creating the People’s Republic of America.

As Mitt Romney once insisted, “corporations are people”, it came as no surprise that this court affirmed that notion over individuals with names like Joe or Mike or Gloria or whatever identified you as a person. In the evolving language of the court, people is in, person is out. Hobby Lobby is in as [...]

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In today’s Akron Beacon Journal, Doug Livingston managed to do what the state auditor, state superintendent of public instruction, member of State Board of Education of Ohio and the governor have not: Exposed hiring, financial and political irregularities at charter schools affiliated with Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish-born Islamic cleric.

Among the major findings:

Ohio taxpayers paid $914 million to Gulen-affiliated charter schools last year and scholl officials used much of the money to hire Turkish teachers and administrators with questionable credentials. The Gulen schools have expanded In Ohio, despite state audits dating back to 2002 that found thousands of public [...]

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On the last day of the 2013-2014 term, the Supreme Court of the United States released its opinion on Hobby Lobby’s claim for religious exemption from the ACA’s contraception requirement. The court found that closely held corporations may have the same religious beliefs as their stockholders. So, religion trumps science in that a strongly held belief, even if it is completely wrong, is treated as a valid reason for a religious exemption from the Affordable Care Act’s contraception coverage requirement.

Hobby Lobby, a craft store, has decided that IUD’s and the morning after pill cause abortions. As a religious, corporate person, their [...]

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Access to political participation in the United States has always been contested. The extensions of voting rights from only property owners, to include all white men, then people of color, and finally women, are now regarded as important milestones in the deepening of the democratic process in this country. And while some will label these previous restrictions as products of a less enlightened era, the struggle for broader enfranchisement continues.

In February, the Ohio legislature passed Senate Bill 238, eliminating the first week of in-person absentee voting. Known as Golden Week, it was the only time when people could register [...]

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The Plain Dealer rolled out a preachy unwelcome mat the other day  for Democratic gubernatorial  candidate  Ed FitzGerald that bloated the whole front page of the paper’s Forum section. Part tutorial, part public defender and part temper tantrum,  the PD accused FitzGerald of dithering in failing to act promptly to  withdraw his nomination of Jeannet Wright, the acting county treasurer,  to treasurer.

It also accused the candidate, and Cuyahoga County executive, of a feathery, dismissive  response to the PD’s disclosure that she had  income from her rental properties.  The full-page gasp was assembled under the headline “Fanning the flames of [...]

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Michael Ryan,  a paleontologist at the Cleveland Museum of Natural history, has been deservedly recognized in the media as a scientist who  identified a new species of horned dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago.  Now that he has achieved that goal, we can only guess what he might discover by poking around in the hallowed  ground under the Ohio General Assembly.  The horned dinosaur has been called Mercuriceratops gemini, which is a mouthful, I know,  but as dinosaurs go, it is easier to comprehend than some of the utterings of, say, Rep. John Becker, a right-wing Republican whose ideas [...]

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The AP released a huge story on the unfolding DeWine pay to play scandal yesterday, revealing that the Ohio Attorney General’s office has no documented process for selecting law firms for lucrative special counsel contracts for securities fraud cases.

DeWine’s Chief Legal Aide Mary Mertz told the AP that the office had decided to forgo to traditional process of using “judging forms and scoring sheets” in favor of having “top staffers” review the firms and then share their recommendations with DeWine verbally.  As a result, there are almost no public records available showing how the firms were selected.  “A public [...]

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Last week we wrote about Kasich’s latest appointee to the Ohio School Board, Cathye Smith Flory, who believes all kids in public schools should be taught about creationism.

Flory joins existing extremist school board member Debe Terhar, who compared Obama to Hitler on her Facebook page, and Mark Smith, the school board member and president of Ohio Christian University who claimed Ohio-born Novelist Toni Morrison had a “socialist-communist agenda.”

Not to be outdone by the new member’s creationist agenda, Smith stepped up his game last week, given an impassioned speech at Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom coalition conference.  

In his [...]

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