Democrats around the country struggled on Election Day 2014, and while what happened in Ohio happened everywhere, David Pepper believes it’s more important that the party get things fixed in Ohio than just about anywhere else.

“Although it was a national trend and we had some statewide issues that made it especially bad here, I don’t think pointing fingers at the national scene is the answer for Ohio,” he said in an interview this week. “It’s so important that Ohio be organized, Democrats in particular, for 2016, and then mobilize and take whatever we build in ’16 and make it [...]

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In the remaining days of Ohio’s lame duck legislature, lobbyists were as thick as thieves Tuesday at the Statehouse in Columbus, where substitute bills were accepted for two controversial bills, HB 661 and HB 5.

The former bill, controversial because it dares to set automatic pay raises for elected officials well into the future, remained in the House Finance and Appropriations committee following acceptance of a sub bill today.

The later bill, likewise controversial because  is messes with revenue sources cities depend on to operate, is widely anticipated to pass out of Senate Ways and Means Committee Wednesday, following acceptance [...]

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Portman, Not For President

On December 2, 2014 By

Well that ended quickly.

My dear Ohio, we will no longer have the presidential aspirations of Robert Jones Portman to speculate over. Mr. Portman gathered up his fedora out of the Grand Old Party ring Monday night and sauntered away from a bid for the high office of our land.

“I don’t think I can run for president and be an effective senator at the same time,” Portman said. “While I appreciate the encouragement I have received from many to run for president, my focus will remain on Ohio and running for re-election to the Senate in 2016.”

With the [...]

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What a difference a year makes in the ongoing saga of how much the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is positively affecting the growth of monthly healthcare premiums. In 2015, 42 Ohio counties will either see zero growth or falling monthly healthcare exchange premiums compared to 2014, the first year of the rollout of the ACA in states in the federal exchange marketplace.

Kaiser Health News reported Monday that insurance competition has intensified in the second year of the health marketplaces, with new carriers offering the cheapest plan in many counties. KHN provided a chart [...]

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Ohio is the quintessential swing state, its political hue such a deep purple you can almost hear a Smoke on the Water riff.

But for the second mid-term election in a row, a majority of the low numbers of voters who showed up have put the reigns of power into the hands of Republicans in all five statewide administrative office as well as both chambers of the General Assembly

The Ohio Democratic Party faced some tough losses in 2014 but can now take stock and re-emerge with renewed energy and a refined focus. In a series of interviews, Plunderbund is asking party leaders [...]

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Instead of waging another frontal attack on public union workers, a bill that tries to take another bite of the SB 5 apple awaits Senate approval in the waning days of a lame duck legislature. Voters had their chance to change Ohio’s direction, and they didn’t, so now they’re powerless onlookers to bills looking to cross the finish line in time between the end of one legislature and the start of a new one. HB 5, co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Grossman and Henne, defines statewide standards for taxable income and eliminates local income taxes on certain sources of income. The bill [...]

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The Era Of Right-Wing NoBamans

On November 30, 2014 By

As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, the White House is in the merciless throes of the NoBama plague that has had everyone on edge. For six years, the president has faced assaults from the NoBama GOP that will feverishly grow for another couple of years. Even the party’s newly minted African-American Democrat-turned-Republican , Ben Carson, a doctor from South Carolina of all places, has added to his conservative star power by accusing Obama of presiding over worsening race relations,which takes a lot of white guys off the hook, right?

Keep an eye on him. He’s an author, essayist [...]

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The Bible warns against worshiping false gods, but that hasn’t stopped the capital city newspaper’s chapter of the I-love-John-Kasich-fan-club from repeating the now debunked history that, but for then Congressman John Kasich, there would not have been a balanced budget during the presidency of one William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States who won two terms in the White House that included consecutive wins in Ohio in 1992 and 1996.

But that was exactly the all-too revealing idol worship that popped up in print again in last Sunday’s edition of one of Ohio’s largest newspapers. Ever ready to [...]

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My unimpeachable Republican underground source at the next table at Wendy’s discreetly told me of a new GOP scheme to shatter President Obama’s “royalty” before millions of American TV viewers. “They’re calling it the gold standard of character destruction,” he said as he washed down a cheekful of cheeseburger as well as every other syllable.

It would happen at Obama’s State of the Union Address in January. Here is the plan:

Seated behind him with tall pointed hats, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, both stone faced, will link their cones with a wire that suspends the U.S. Constitution.

All of [...]

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PoliticalPuzzle is unique for Ohio and maybe the nation. It has been called a quiz masquerading as a crossword puzzle, and in its own way is a micro-version of Jeopardy!. Take the PoliticalPuzzle challenge to instantly boost your Ohio political IQ. Impress your friends, amaze your neighbors, stun strangers with your insider knowledge of Ohio’s political landscape and the politicos who live in it.

Send us your answers and we’ll award the first five readers who get them all correct with some Plunderbund swag.

Come back next week to see the solution page.


Click here for a PDF [...]

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Over the weekend, for the second time this year, Ohio law enforcement officers shot and killed a black person carrying an air gun.

In the first case, in Beavercreek, John Crawford III, 22, was shot by police in August while carrying around an air rifle sold at the Walmart store he was in. No officers were indicted. In the second case, in Cleveland on Saturday, police shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir E. Rice who was carrying an airsoft replica handgun at a playground.

A 12-year-old… playing with a toy gun… at a playground.

Both killings came in [...]

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