Moving Ohio Forward (MOV) is out with a new ad about Mike DeWine and his ever-growing pay to play scandal. The 30 second video, included below, does a great job of explaining and highlighting the problems with DeWine’s decision to hand out lucrative, unbid contracts to lawyers and law firms making obscenely large, and very unusual donations to his campaign coffers.

The video also points out that DeWine’s furious fundraising isn’t just for campaign purposes.  Instead, AG DeWine appears to be actively and aggressively courting fundraisers so that he can pay himself back for the $2 Million loan he personally gave [...]

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Mike DeWine released a statement to the press this week, along with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, warning Ohioans about “scam artists” who are “posing as … law enforcement officials.”  While the threat may be real, the source of the warning comes from two guys who are hardly role models on the topics.

DeWine, you may remember, used photos of actors ‘posing as law enforcement officials’ on a flier he distributed at the recent state FOP convention in Ohio, hoping to sway the endorsement vote.  The Ohio FOP overwhelmingly endorsed DeWine’s Democratic opponent David Pepper, as did the Ohio State Troopers Association, the union [...]

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May we pause for a moment to give thanks to the presence in our midst of comic opera diva Sarah Palin, who brightens each day with cheerful lyrics that sustain us in the rush of awful news from around the world.

Her latest aria, voiced from a truck stop north of Fairbanks, and played quite broadly, told us there is a brighter future for people who work for minimum wages – or less. Reaching a high C, she reminded all of us that such jobs are not lifetime endeavors but rather “stepping stones” to something quite more rewarding. Another controversy [...]

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Once again, Governor John Kasich has released a campaign video that is purely personal in nature and devoid of any details about his track record as Ohio’s Governor.  Kasich’s latest ad, Purpose, is intended to humanize the Governor and remind us that he’s just a humble, gentle man.

Apparently the Governor doesn’t want to run on his record — and for good reason.  Throughout his term, the Governor has enacted numerous changes at the expense of public education in Ohio.  Not only has he enacted many reforms that have not been adequately funded (if funded at all), he has subsequently [...]

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When Richard M. Nixon, the 37th President of The United States, resigned 40 years ago last Wednesday, on August 8, 1974, following the now-infamous politically purposed break-in of national Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, it brought him, close confidants and advisers and the Republican Party down.

It’s important to “Remember this November” who, exactly, was one of his adoring fans?

That adoring young fan at the time was none other than Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich. Kasich, who barely won four years ago with only 49 percent of the low 49 percent voter turnout, [...]

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FirstEnergy recently joined American Electric Power (AEP) and Duke Energy in filing a request before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) – the state agency in charge of keeping utilities in check.

What do these big electric utilities want? They want to increase customers’ bills to prop up their aging coal plants. AEP alone wants to charge customers an estimated $117 million to keep two dirty, expensive coal plants in operation. These plants, which hail from the 1950s, are uncompetitive in the wholesale energy market. But keeping them alive – by asking customers to subsidize this dirty energy [...]

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With expectations that as many as 30,000 athletes and fans would attend the 2014 Gay Games 9 held in Cleveland and Akron, The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County seized on the chance to reach out to the LBGT community, a population that has yet to find a comfortable seat in the GOP’s so-called “Big Tent” party despite its dynamic growth as an important electorate.

At its booth in the Gay Games’ Festival Village, local Republicans personally welcomed participants to Cleveland and talked to them about their new campaign to reach the LGBT community with the conservative message of [...]

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Just when first-term incumbent Republican Governor John R. Kasich thought his reelection this year would be a cake walk to and through Election Day this November, news from the latest Ohio Poll, by Public Policy Polling, shows the all-but certain victory for the Buckeye State’s go-go, CEO-style governor is anything but a foregone conclusion.

Public Policy Polling, surely one of the most accurate and reliable polling outfits in the nation, released the latest poll of Ohio statewide races Tuesday, showing competitive races across the board. Party ticket toppers Gov. Kasich and his little known but greatly outraised Democratic challenger, Ed [...]

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David Pepper hits his talking points, leaning forward, fingers crossed, arms on the meeting room table at Ohio Democratic Party headquarters in downtown Columbus. He’s dressed in campaign casual: Blue blazer, khakis, light-blue checkered button down.

He deploys his argument tightly, expertly. He knows construction. A former managing editor of the Yale Daily News, Pepper understands concision and the economy of words. He’ll wax on, but only when he feels like it or when his passion is stoked. That’s when the flames leap.

“It’s a foundational issue: You cannot have an attorney general of a state who is the worst [...]

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Senior Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, a proud and uncompromising champion of time-tested progressive policies and causes, opened the ninth annual Gay Games this week with his wife  and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schulz.

The Gay Games are an international sporting and cultural event held every four years that provide a safe and affirming environment for LGBT competitors, information sent by the senator’s office said. Even though the event is called the Gay Games, athletes of all sexual orientations and gender identities are invited to participate. As part of GG9, Cleveland and Akron will host 9,000 participants in 36 sporting events and an estimated 20,000 [...]

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Ohio Headline Highlights is a new PBSunday roundup of select news from last week about people, politics and government in Ohio.


Kasich, Faber Prepare Pharmacy Board For New Anti-Choice Director - This past weekend we broke the story of John Kasich’s questionable appointment of Richard Hodges as director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio may establish poet laureate - Ohio is one of six states that don’t have an official state poet — but a bill in the Ohio Legislature could change that.

2nd FitzGerald TV Ad Draws Contrast With Kasich On Priorities, Rich Versus Working [...]

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