Ohio House Bill 597, which would repeal the Common Core curriculum and the associate PARCC testing, passed out of a House Committee on Wednesday, setting up a possible vote by the full House.  The real question now is whether or not the leaders of the House will force the current members to take a very public stand on this controversial topic.

In addition to repealing the Common Core State Standards, the bill would require Ohio to develop new content standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies not later than June 30, 2017.

The bill would require that the [...]

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The vote counting is over. Gov. John Kasich, the petulant, rude and childish chief executive, won a big share of maybe Ohio’s lowest voter turnout in memory. The inspiration governor, who enjoys playing silly psychological games like pretending he had no challengers this year, and intentionally ignoring them when he sat next to them in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial interview room just days before Election Day, appears to have inspired more than 800,000 fewer Ohioans to vote this year. Four years ago, not even half of registered voters bothered to vote. This year, about 38 percent exercised their [...]

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While there wasn’t much to celebrate in Tuesday’s statewide elections, the Ohio School Board provided some positive news for public education.  Five of the seven seats up for election went to candidates who have pro-public education stances.

While A. J. Wagner and Ron Rudduck retained their seats in Districts 3 and 10, respectively, three new members were elected in an important step toward trying to restore balance to the body that is responsible for making decisions about the implementation of state laws involving education.

In District 8, Bob Hagan, known for being a staunch and outspoken advocate for public education [...]

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Well, it was just a matter of hours before the Columbus Dispatch set all of us on the right track for the 2016 presidential election with whoopie speculation about two of its favorite Republican Buckeye politicians, Gov.John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman.

In a long front- page piece, the story began by describing Kasich’s “smashing” win and Portman’s “key role in helping the GOP take control of the Senate”.

Smashing? But only if you merely consider the raw numbers after the governor ran up the score against Ed FitzGerald’s posthumous campaign to a cheering [...]

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Republicans had a good time in the second floor ballroom in the Renaissance Hotel in Columbus Election Day night, celebrating their wins of all statewide offices, a feat that matches the election results from four years ago when all but the auditor’s seat were held and lost by Democrats the who won them in 2006.

In his remarks following his win today, Gov. Kasich again reminded everyone that eyes are watching Ohio, and “magic” is happening here. It wasn’t too long ago he was describing progress in the state on his watch as a “Miracle.” What once was described as [...]

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The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office under Jon Husted was ordered in late August to give back-pay and raises to Communications Workers of America, Local 4501, union employees totaling $475,000 in a class action pay dispute, but over two months later still has not done so.

Instead, yesterday, Nov. 3, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office made a motion for the arbitrator in the matter to reconsider and clarify his decision.

A copy of the arbitrator’s decision obtained by Plunderbund and dated Aug. 28, reveals that the dispute revolves around raises that were given to 14 non-bargaining employees.

“During the contract [...]

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Less than 50 percent of Ohioans will cast votes in this mid-term election. Happy Election Day.

In 2011, 47 percent voted. In 2010 it was 49 percent. In 2009, 45 percent. The last time voter participation went over 50 percent in a non-presidential year was 2006, at 53 percent. Before that? It was 1994 at 57 percent.

Presidential years show much higher participation. For instance, in 2012, a shade over 70 percent of registered voters participated. In 2008, a shade under 70 percent participated. In 2004, it was nearly 72 percent.

With the floodgates for campaign finance wide open, [...]

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After nearly four years of including one of Ohio’s leading independent reporters on its media distribution list, why did Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s media team suddenly remove me earlier this year from that list? Kasich communicators included me on their media distribution list from the early days of his 2010 campaign.  Then this past June they scrubbed me from it.

As Columbus Government Examiner, I wrote about 1,600 stories on people, politics and government from September of 2009 until just a few months ago, when I transitioned from Examiner.com, headquartered in Denver, to Allvoices, headquartered in San Francisco. [...]

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Today the Columbia Journalism Review joined MSNBC, Talking Points Memo and a dozen other news outlets in criticizing the NEO Media Group/Plain Dealer for removing a video of John Kasich acting like a spoiled child during an editorial interview.  NEO Media Group later sent us a nasty letter threatening to sue us for posting clips from the interview after they removed it.  You can still watch those clips here.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a major news outlet in Ohio has bowed to pressure from an incumbent Republican office holder to remove some previously published [...]

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David Pepper’s last ad of the Ohio Attorney General’s race attempts to establish a pattern of misogynistic behavior coming out of DeWine’s office.  You can see it at the end of this post.  It is pretty hard-hitting and, despite protests from the DeWine campaign, absolutely true.

The ad opens with claims that DeWine improperly failed to prosecute three witnesses to the now-infamous Steubenville rape.  DeWine spokesperson Ryan Stubenrauch called the accusation”blatantly false.”   But as we reported in January, DeWine came into the Steubenville case with the belief that “observers of a crime aren’t always legally obliged to intervene” – a belief that is, well, blatantly false.


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For all of the alarm over government spying,  the fear is  obviously  less than  skull deep for those politicians who have yet to pick up on the modern digital age. In short, there is always somebody  listening… somebody recording… somebody filming – and they’re not the nosy government. The whole scheme to hold you foolishly accountable largely derives from a small device with James Bond potential  that many people grip in one hand in shopping malls, football games, political meetings and anywhere else where the “real”you could be exposed.

Let’s call it the Romney Matter-over-Mind Moment  when – you still remember, don’t [...]

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