A new poll from Quinnipiac University is out Monday, and it will surely cause Ohio Republicans to look for their worry beads. In the 2016 U.S. Senate race in the Buckeye State, former Gov. Ted Strickland, who GOP forces have tried to tar and feather early, leads U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, elected in 2010 at the height of the Tea Party storm, 48 – 39 percent.

Maybe even more distressing for national and state Republican leaders is that by a margin of 50-32 percent, Independent voters back Mr. Strickland. At a recent  gathering of Democrats in Columbus, Ted Strickland ticked off a laundry […]

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There are many Republican politicians who will be carpetbagging into New Hampshire soon, where the first big rodeo testing which White House hopeful can ride the bucking bronc of national politics before being thrown off will take place in a couple weeks. In Ohio, Gov. Kasich is certainly a household name by now, following five years of media saturation that includes his run for governor and his four-plus years holding office.

While Kasich now has tremendous notoriety at home, fueled by blanket coverage from Ohio’s media, trailing him at every event as he teases about running for president, he still […]

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We should all be a tad relieved that our tag-along Republican senator, Rob Portman, didn’t join the flash mob that called for cratering Iran in the wake of our potential nuclear deal with Iran. As usual, he cautiously did leave us between the middle and center of the road with his remarks to Neil Cavuto on Fox News before the deal was even announced. But unlike some GOP Rambos, he stopped short of delivering the payloads.

He said we’d be better off if Iran got it’s nuclear material “out of the country – something Iran says it doesn’t want […]

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I’ve finally gotten around to reading through Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s latest legal emetic in Obergefell v. Hodges.

It is the most tortured, callous, self-contradictory, unintentionally hilarious, and ultimately sickening court document I’ve read since… well, since the 6th District Court ruling that brought the case to the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mike DeWine arguing before SCOTUS that gay people don’t deserve equal rights because of all the political power they wield the same week neighboring Indiana passes its right-to-discriminate-against-gay-people legislation is Wes Anderson-heavy irony.

Hat tip to Ian Millhiser for handling this […]

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Ever since the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) was adopted into law in 2011, the Ohio General Assembly has been tinkering with the various components in an effort to “improve” its implementation.  Each successive year has seen many significant changes to the overall OTES framework, while additional legislation has had an impact on the specific components — most notably changes to the state standardized tests.

This year, however, the number of proposed changes to both the overall framework and the testing components that comprise nearly 50% of the majority of teachers’ final ratings is reaching a number that goes well beyond mere “corrections” to […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich made another TV appearance on, where else, The Fox News Channel. The governor who dreams the impossible dream of being elected president in 2016 was there to tell his “Ohio Story” and to push his idea for a federal balanced budget amendment. In the course of the short interview, he also largely took credit for leaving Washington in 1999 with a surplus of funds.

For reasons harmful to his self-serving narrative that but for him being chairman of the House Budget Committee in 1997, America’s budget would not have been balanced as it was, Kasich, who spent 18 […]

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When Gov. John Kasich takes his traveling “Ohio Model’ roadshow to New Hampshire in a couple weeks, he’ll boast of his turnaround of the state’s economy. What no one will likely push back on is that Ohio, for the 28th consecutive month, has underperformed the national average for job growth.

28 Months Under-performing National Average

But facts are facts, and the undisputed and unchallenged master of those facts has again provided uncontrovertable evidence of Ohio’s too slow growing economy. Cleveland-based economic analyst George Zeller said Thursday that leading indicators portend an improving job climate in the Buckeye State. […]

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It’s not often we agree with much Ohio Gov. does or says, but it’s never too late to offer him some positive feedback in the hopes he’ll be a better governor going forward. As his big budget spending bill wends its way through House and Senate committees and floor votes to his desk, it should be remembered that while he did a good thing today, he’s previously enacted into law more than one irresponsible, 11th hour budget-bill insert that was never discussed in regular order.

Shrimp Cocktail For Kasich

His line-item veto Wednesday of one portion of the state transportation budget (HB […]

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The Mayor of Dayton, Nan Whaley, was in Columbus Wednesday to join Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and other city leaders in inviting Hoosier State  businesses to hop the border and invest in Ohio.  Whaley took the opportunity to contrast Ohio as a state that says no to discrimination with neighboring Indiana, where Gov. Mike Pence signed into law last week a so-called religious freedom bill that has set Indiana burning.

Pence defends the bill, saying it’s about empowering people to do business as they please. Critics. from the business community to the civic sector, argue it’s a ruse that allows businesses to legally […]

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On Monday, we covered (as apparently several national outlets did) how the claim that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is the same as the federal and state versions in 18 other states was grossly inaccurate because Indiana’s statute includes an expansive provision that allows it to be used in private lawsuits (where the government is not a party) without exempting the statute from applying to civil rights/anti-discrimination laws (like in Texas). In short, the oft-cited claim by defenders of Indiana law was that it was no different than what President Clinton signed is simply a lie.

Another claim, […]

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With only 587 days left until Americans vote for their next president, a new swing-state poll released Tuesday by Quinnipiac University offers the latest dose of good and bad news for Democrats and Republicans. The good news for Democrats is that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, should she be the party’s nominee, still beats the field of possible 2016 GOP challengers even though her margins of victory are down in critical states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Down But Still Up

The good news for Republicans is that their on-going attacks on her over emails are moving the […]

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