Yesterday it was revealed that AG Mike DeWine shut down a sexual harassment investigation in his office when the investigation began to focus on his long time friend.    When that same friend, William Schenck, was later arrested for a DUI, DeWine refused to suspend or fire him.

DeWine assigned Schenck, his senior adviser, to the Steubenville rape case.   Months before the case began, DeWine gave immunity to witnesses who admitted to filming and taking photos of the rape in progress, possibly because he and his advisers incorrectly believed the witnesses had no legal requirement to intervene or call authorities.


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Ohio Democrats held a rally in Columbus today in support of hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention in our state’s capital. Ted Strickland’s short speech stole the show.

The former governor welcomed the “contrast” between the recently announced Republican convention in Cleveland, and the Democratic convention, which he predicts will be held in Columbus.  He offered a few important examples…

“Every citizen of our country should have the right to marry the person they love,” said Strickland,  echoing his appearance at Tuesday’s Freedom Ohio rally in support of overturning Ohio’s ban on same sex marriage.

Strickland also touched on important labor issues.  “In order [...]

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This past Spring, Ohio House Bill 487 changed the rules surrounding the implementation of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, now requiring 3rd grade students using EdChoice Tuition vouchers to be held to the same standard as their public school peers (i.e., subject to retention in Grade 3 if they don’t attain the required score).  While EdChoice students have been required to participate in Ohio’s standardized testing program, including passing the Ohio Graduation Test in order to earn a high school diploma, many hailed this as a step toward removing the inequities that exist in Ohio law.

Supporters of this change [...]

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Gov. John Kasich’s Democratic challenger, Ed FitzGerald, released his second TV spot on Monday.

Behind in the last Quinnipiac Ohio Poll released last week, FitzGerald is doing slightly better than two months ago in which he trailed the nine-term congressman turned Wall Street banker and Fox News talkshow host by as many as 15 points. The Q-Poll showed Kasich leading FitzGerald 48 percent to 36 percent. In May Kasich held a 50-to-35 percent margin lead in the same poll.  A PPP poll released a few weeks ago showed FitzGerald trailing Kasich [...]

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This past weekend we broke the story of John Kasich’s questionable appointment of Richard Hodges as director of the Ohio Department of Health.  By Ohio law, the position requires the appointee be a medical doctor, or at least have “significant experience in the public health profession.”   Hodges has neither, though he did update his LinkedIn page to include additional, dubious healthcare-related “experience” after our story was published.   We can only assume he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before.

While Hodges résumé does not include any experience qualifying him to serve as the health department director, it does contain enough experience [...]

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After over 400,000 people were without safe drinking water for over two days in one of Ohio’s largest cities, did anyone feel any better after Governor Kasich’s statement during his obligatory visit to Toledo: “What’s more important than water? Water’s about life.”

Plain, simple, true, and grossly misleading. Because those who know the facts of what is happening in Ohio can clearly see that Governor Kasich does not care about the water. What Kasich cares about is Kasich, getting re-elected, and pleasing his corporate sponsors to fulfill his political aspirations.

One doesn’t have to look too deeply to find the [...]

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The Ohio Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Attorney General this year, David Pepper, announced fundraising totals Tuesday for the July Contribution Report.

The report shows Pepper continues to outraise previous successful challengers to sitting attorneys general, and outraised incumbent Republican Mike DeWine this report period by about $55,000. This stellar performance makes this the third fundraising report in which Pepper has outraised a powerhouse like DeWine, a former Lt. Gov. of Ohio and two-term US. Senator who Congressman Sherrod Brown beat in 2006 to become Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator.

“With nearly 4,000 contributors, our bipartisan fundraising strength continues to [...]

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The campaign of Rep. John Patrick Carney announced Tuesday that so far in his first attempt to run for a statewide office, Auditor of State, incumbent first-term Republican Auditor David Yost has been outraised for the fourth time.

Carney campaign coffers are more robust since mid-June by more than $206,000, and have a cash-on-hand balance exceeding $943,000, according to the Carney campaign. In this latest reporting period, Carney’s campaign raised $37,000 more than Yost, whose campaign reported about $169,000 raised.

“The numbers we were able to report today show just how hard John Patrick Carney and the entire campaign are working [...]

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On July 18th, 2014, Sara Marie Brenner, wife of Ohio State Representative Andrew Brenner, announced she was “taking a hiatus” from her right wing blog and radio program.  The announcement came in the form of an email sent to subscribers of her email newsletter.  The message, image-heavy with photos of Mrs. Brenner’s face, was sent using the Mad Mimi email marketing tool.  This week, the Brenners began using that same email list and marketing tool to promote and fundraise for Mr. Brenner’s campaign.

Ms. Brenner’s hiatus was announced a few days after Sara and Andrew got into a Twitter battle with well known conservative talk show host Dana [...]

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John Kasich recently appointed Richard Hodges, his turnpike director, to head the Ohio Department of Health.  As we pointed out yesterday, Ohio law requires appointees to this position to either be a medical doctor or to have had “significant experience in the public health profession.”    Hodges is not a doctor and, according to every bio we could find, including his own LinkedIn page, nothing in his employment background provides any indication that he has had any experience whatsoever in a “public health profession.”

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, Third Base Politics “obtained” a copy of Hodges resume this afternoon [...]

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Kasich Makes Another Illegal Cabinet Appointment With Hodges At Health

On Friday John Kasich released a statement saying he was going to appoint Rick Hodges as Director of the Ohio Department of Health.  Hodges is  a former lawmaker who currently leads the Ohio Turnpike Commission but is not a doctor and doesn’t have any public health experience. He will replace Dr. Ted Wymyslo.

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