Ohio Republicans made a big stink about Cuyahoga County not releasing key-card data that would show when Executive Ed FitzGerald entered and left county property and the county parking garage.   Officials denied the request by the Cleveland Plain Dealer citing security concerns.   Those records were released yesterday by new County Executive Armond Budish to a collective yawn.

Now it’s time for John Kasich to do the same.

Last year both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Plunderbund asked for records of John Kasich’s key-card swipes and garage access, and we were told that the records “don’t exist” by both the Department of Administrative […]

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From Leader To Loser: How Ohio Became The First State To Rollback Clean Energy Progress, And How It’S Already Hurting Us
By Trish Demeter

Few stories are as exciting and frustrating as the story about Ohio’s Clean Energy Law. This story begins in 2008, when the bipartisan framers of Ohio’s Clean Energy Law very consciously set a course for a cleaner electric sector that used energy generation and management as an economic development tool.

The vision of Ohio Senate Bill 221 was to gradually grow the diversity of our energy mix, reduce energy waste and inefficiencies, clean up the […]

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Monday saw the swearing-in of Ohio’s 99 House and 33 Senate Members. Republicans dominate both chambers, 65-34 in the House, 23-10 in the Senate. Returning Senate President Keith Faber of Celina, in the state’s agriculturally powerful northwest quadrant, oversaw the swearing-in of first Republicans then Democrats. Faber is term limited and must look for a new job in two years.  Many believe he has aspirations to be Ohio’s next attorney general when Mike Dewine completes his second term in 2018.

President Faber offered some presidential prerogative remarks on what Ohioans should expect the deliberative chamber to deliberate on. A faithful wingman […]

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The Columbus Dispatch editorialized as expected for Gov. Kasich’s long-shot, quixotic crusade to amend the U.S. Constitution with a balanced budget amendment [BBA] conceived at a national constitutional convention. “The U.S. government has developed a harmful addiction to spending, something Gov. John Kasich wants to address by passing a federal balanced-budget amendment through a convention of the states,” the governor’s adjunct PR department wrote the day after Christmas. “The first step toward conquering a problem is recognizing that one has a problem; that requires a break from business as usual, something at which Kasich is expert.”

Resorting to Team […]

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Throughout Plunderbund’s nearly decade-long run, we’ve been proud of our ability to break the news, make the news and, when necessary, correct or criticize the “news” being generated by Ohio’s large, legacy media outlets.

This year was no exception…


First Some Good News Coverage From Around Ohio

We don’t always get credit for breaking stories, being first out of the gate or influencing media coverage and the stories of other reporters, even though we make an extra effort in our coverage to ensure we are giving credit where credit it due. Still, there were a number of exceptions this year…

The Canton […]

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It was revealed today in Plunderbund that NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation has been having a difficult time getting public records requests met by the Ohio Department of Health relating to its relationship to Ohio Right to Life.

One entity that hasn’t had much trouble getting its records requests met by the ODH is Ohio Right to Life itself. Documents obtained by Plunderbund show the ODH fulfilling public records requests by ORTL regarding disciplinary action taken toward the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center and the Bedford Heights Health Center/Planned Parenthood the very same day they were requested, and before the clinics […]

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If there’s one thing Gov. John R. Kasich dislikes maybe more than anything else, especially now that he’s trying to raise his visibility and chances to be among the top tier of Republican presidential hopefuls for 2016, it’s being forced to reveal public records that some critics say will demonstrate his administration’s disdain for open government, an attitude that hasn’t played well with Ohio media and won’t bode well with Beltway media.

It’s no secret that Gov. Kasich isn’t a big fan of open government, as numerous attempts by his Administration to delay or deny such records since he first […]

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The Last We Heard From 2014

On January 5, 2015 By

Cleaning up my 2014 files, here’s what we found in the Bartlett quotations deep inside Plato’s cave:

Gov. Kasich, at a meeting with casino mega-mogul Sheldon Adelson: “Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me and I want to thank you for giving me a chance to come here and speak.   I don’t travel to these things much, but this is one I thought was really important.  And God bless you for what you do.”   (One of the things that Sheldon does is to heap millions of dollars on Republican candidates. Don’t know if God has an app for that..)


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My favorite part is the photo caption:

“James Obergefell, of Cincinnati, wants to be judged legally married to his late partner, John Arthur.”

Oh the humanity! Those ever-blessed gays, conspiring to gayify our cemeteries and death certificates. When will the madness end?

If only Ohio had some sort of leader, some great and glorious knight in shining armor to “stand athwart history, yelling STOP” at the insidious Gay Agenda that so offends our common decency by extolling such dastardly things as love, compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, social justice, and equality before the law.

Atop his great steed rides Attorney General Mike DeWine […]

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The governors of New Jersey and Ohio made great efforts during the campaign last year to show their love for each other.  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stumped for citizen Kasich in 2010 and again for Gov. Kasich last year.  Christie is in the top tier of GOP presidential hopefuls for 2016 while Kasich remains an outlier who’s trying to up his profile through a stealth campaign that includes his crusade to convene a constitutional convention for the sole purpose of amending the U.S. Constitution with a balanced budget amendment.

Republicans had a great midterm election year, sweeping […]

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In the past couple of years, we’ve seen Ohio’s legislators take an ever greater interest in holding the large urban school districts “more accountable” to taxpayers.  Laws passed under the Kasich Administration have created “The Cleveland Plan” and “The Columbus Plan” in recent years because those holding seats in Ohio’s Statehouse believe the districts are under-performing and needed new laws to ensure that Ohio’s tax dollars are being spent appropriately.

Now, as 2015 has dawned, we have to wonder if Ohio’s sort-of-new General Assembly will finally take an interest in holding charter schools accountable, most notably the state’s largest charter and online school, […]

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