As voting begins, think back to December 2010:  Ohio was a national leader in advanced and cleaner energy. Despite heavy dependence on coal to generate electricity, Ohio was enacting a strong renewable energy standard for our public electric utilities.  We had also included a standard for advanced cleaner technologies that were not renewable. We were beginning to implement one of the most aggressive energy efficiency standards in the country.

Ohio had an energy policy to create the 21st century clean energy economy right here. It would be built on the strengths of Ohio’s workers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and researchers. We began [...]

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Voters who place a premium on education, and want to support candidates who champion education, have a new tool:

The site allows Ohio voters to enter their address, then receive a customized sample ballot showing which candidates have been recommended by their local educators as “Champions of Public Education.” If the sample ballot only shows statewide candidates, but not any legislative or state school board contenders, that means there are no down-ballot candidates who have been recommended.  The website has been paid for by the Ohio Education Association.

OEA Executive Director Sheryl Mathis said the group views the website [...]

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You would think that voters in Ohio and elsewhere might actually be getting excited about voting with just 26 days until Election Day. But sadly, you would be wrong, if results from a Gallup poll of 1,252 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia are reliable. And there’s no reason to conclude they’re not.

Turnout in the midterm elections this fall could be lower than in the past two midterm elections, based on current voter engagement, Gallup reported Wednesday. On each of three indicators of voter engagement in midterm elections—how [...]

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Christopher Mabe, a Corrections Sergeant at the Lorain Correctional Institution and President of the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association [OCSEA], was recently elected to fill one of four seats on the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System [OPERS].  OPERS provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for more than 1 million public employees in Ohio and it’s Board of Trustees is responsible for the administration and management of OPERS.  Board members formulate policies and authorize the investments made with the system’s funds.   Mabe starts his four-year term in January.

A long-time critic of private prisons, Mabe said Thursday that his election fulfills [...]

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The Reynoldsburg Education Association (REA) announced today that teachers have approved a tentative agreement with the school board.

The agreement would set goals for class sizes at 25 for grades K-4, and 32 for 5-8, and 35 for grades 9-12, and provide a framework for dealing largest sizes if those limits are met.

“The push for smaller class sizes has been the major point of concern for teachers, students, and parents, and this agreement is a step in the right direction,” said REA Spokesperson Kathy Evans in a statement released to the press. “We’re pleased that we were able to make progress here, but we will [...]

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This is scary.  And the headline is not an exaggeration.

Yesterday we posted some of the responses by candidates to the Cincinnati Right to Life survey.  The answer to one question by Justices French and Kennedy – who are seeking re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court – really stood out.

The question from is:

In Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court recognized a “right to privacy” under the Constitution that includes abortion.  The Constitution does not include this right.

Justice French responded, “I am unable to take a position on this issue.”

Justice Kennedy responded, [...]

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Each year Cincinnati Right to Life sends questionnaires to candidates around Ohio.  The respondents are typically Republicans looking for an endorsement from the anti-abortion group and they run the gamut: local judicial candidates to Ohio Supreme Court justices, state rep hopefuls to the governor of Ohio.

Over the next few weeks we will reviewing the 100+ candidate questionnaires included below, highlighting the often scary, sometimes confusing and very rarely enlightened responses Ohio’s elected officials and candidates have provided to CRTL.

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look for yourself and to let us know what you think!

Anspach, Cathy Anspach, Cathy [...]

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When I am trying to absorb a monotonal speech by Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine why do I feel I should be sitting in a pew? As I’ve noted in the past, DeWine comes across as bottled goodness. He’s the people’s lawyer, the righteous guy to defend the law, the go-to family man to protect all that is wholesome in American life. Still, Biblical scholars will tell you that there is nothing specific in the Book about modern pay-to-play.

There is nothing in his words to lead you to believe that this 67-year-old social conservative is the same wheeler-dealer who [...]

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Is Ohio Gov. John Kasich thinking about and actively pursuing a presidential run in 2016 despite repeated weasel comments that he’s not? You would be fooling yourself if you answered no. Gov. Kasich, now 62-years old, has reached his highest office to date in his long and lucrative career as an elected public official. From state senator to congressman to governor, the messiah of reform knows his last chance to grab the national spotlight in his totally transparent campaign to both downplay and accelerate his name as a real presidential contender in two years won’t last long.

Having already jetted [...]

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The Plain Dealer’s endorsement of Mike DeWine for another term as Ohio Attorney General surely must contain some thread of logic somewhere.

It can’t simply be the scattershot, disjointed mess it appears to be, can it?

After over an hour-and-a-half interviewing the candidates together, the Dealer’s big takeaway is the shocking—SHOCKING!—revelation that Pepper and DeWine don’t exactly get along.


The “crescendo” of the meeting that I have to assume included at least a little substantial policy discussion, apparently, nevertheless was a snarling Mike DeWine smacking a table in frustration.

This anecdote the Dealer follows with a strange and [...]

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Democratic candidates for secretary of state and attorney general were wearing professional attire when they spoke to reporters outside the early voting center in Franklin County today, the first day of early voting in Ohio.  Calling themselves the “Election Protection Team,” State Senator Nina Turner and David Pepper, running for SOS and AG respectively, should have donned super hero garb given their promise to fight to expand access to the ballot box and protect voting rights, two job duties they say their incumbent GOP opponents have failed to do.

Today was the second stop on their three-city tour, which started in [...]

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