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Fire Fighters Support Those Who Support Them
by Mark Sanders

In 2011, Senate Bill 5 opened up many fire fighter’s eyes to the importance of state government. The attack on our professional voice gave rise to a new appreciation of who supported fire fighters and their rights in the Statehouse. We learned who supported us and who did not. We discovered who our true friends were.

2014 gives us the opportunity to again stand up and let our voice be heard. It provides us with another opportunity to remind our elected leaders that we are the ones who elect [...]

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Kasich’s Mishandling Of Higher Ed Is A Problem For Everyone
by John McNay

Back in 2007, Ohioans were looking forward to some genuinely positive changes in the state’s approach to higher education. Gov. Ted Strickland recognized that universities and their faculty were genuine assets in building a stronger Ohio and introduced a 10-year plan to improve access and graduation rates. The University System of Ohio, for example, was established and faculty across the state worked together to move the state’s universities to semesters and to make sure that courses, especially the introductory surveys, were compatible and would transfer from [...]

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Cast Your Vote for Clean Water and Clean, Affordable Energy
by Eric Britton

The last few years have been rough on Ohio’s environment.  If you’re like us, you are shocked and even furious about the constant attacks on clean air, clean water, and public health in Ohio.  Our state government should be protecting Ohio citizens. We need clean water, should be moving towards a clean energy economy, and should be preserving our public lands for future generations.  Instead, Governor Kasich’s administration and the Ohio General Assembly clearly have a different idea – that Ohio should be “open for business” for [...]

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When you go to the polls this year, I suggest you ask yourself—-which side is a candidate on?

Educating our students is the most important investment we can make in our future.  We need to elect leaders who will make public education a priority.  The election is happening now!  Early and absentee voting has already started.  As educators, we are keenly aware that we are electing our bosses—officials influence what happens in our schools and classrooms, so the midterm elections are very important for education voters.

When education voters  do not participate in elections, we do not get pro-public education [...]

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The Pillars of Democracy Are Not Subject To Debate
by Tom Letson


“We the People,” that’s the way the United States Constitution Preamble starts. Since the founding of this great country we have been defining and broadening just who “We the People” are. While we have expanded the circle of “We the People” we have also expanded the protections that our Constitution guarantees.

The hallmark of our constitutional protections is the Fourteenth Amendment. Contained in that is the Equal Protection Clause. That short statement allows our citizens to rely on our courts to treat each one of us as [...]

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Wall Street can pay for the Bridge

by Marek Tyszkiewicz

Elections are job interviews and one of the best interview questions I’ve heard so far in this election is “How would you fund the bankrupt Highway Trust Fund?”

The Highway Trust Fund is a critical source of financing for infrastructure projections across the country. The Association of Civil Engineers gave our nation’s infrastructure a grade of D+. We know it’s bad when pieces of the Brent Spence Bridge fall off and crush cars parked for Bengals games like happened in Cincinnati last month. Money to fix the bridge will likely [...]

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As voting begins, think back to December 2010:  Ohio was a national leader in advanced and cleaner energy. Despite heavy dependence on coal to generate electricity, Ohio was enacting a strong renewable energy standard for our public electric utilities.  We had also included a standard for advanced cleaner technologies that were not renewable. We were beginning to implement one of the most aggressive energy efficiency standards in the country.

Ohio had an energy policy to create the 21st century clean energy economy right here. It would be built on the strengths of Ohio’s workers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and researchers. We began [...]

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“Whether we vote 35 or 28 days, by mail or in person this November, elected officials and not federal judges should be making Ohio law.” –Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

As soon as I read this statement issued by current Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, I couldn’t get the Talking Heads song, “Once in a Lifetime,” out of my head. “How did I get here – same as it ever was – letting the days go by, letting the water hold me down . . .” He once asked me if I missed “this office,” to which [...]

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This is a story about how both a company and City Hall let down workers.  Whether there was any collusion or not, readers can decide for themselves.

I first met Tina Stamm at an Ed FitzGerald campaign event at the Warren County Democratic Headquarters on July 12th.  She is one of the 174 members of UAW Local 2387 who have been locked out of their jobs by Japanese auto supplier Hayashi Telempu North America (HTNA) in Lebanon, Ohio.  Many of these workers’ last day was Flag Day, June 14th.  They have been picketing outside the company’s four entrances 24 hours [...]

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Charles and David Koch are two of the richest people in the country. Together, they are worth $86 billion and have built a political empire that makes the political machines of the early 20th century look small. Their secretive network of billionaires and millionaires dump millions of dollars in our elections, launching thousands of attack ads against candidates who do not adhere to their specific, controversial agenda. In the 2014 election cycle alone, the Kochs’ secret network of dark money groups are expected to spend nearly $300 million. The candidates they help elect become beholden to the Kochs’ special interests, [...]

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During the last several months, Ohio newspapers have published a number of articles detailing chronic problems with the state’s charter schools. In particular, the Akron Beacon Journal and Dayton Daily News have performed stellar reporting as they informed their readers about issues related to problems associated with a chain of schools operated by Turkish immigrants that have ties to a controversial exiled Islamic cleric named Fethullah Gulen.

The Beacon Journal informed its readers that a number of the board members of the Chicago-based Gulen charter school chain officially called Concept Schools aren’t American citizens and that State Rep. Cliff Rosenberger, a leading candidate to become the next [...]

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