I never know whether to take a Columbus Dispatch editorial endorsement seriously. That’s especially true after it awarded John Kasich the Gubernatorial Medal of Honor without a hint about his imperfect tenure as a leading force in the Political/Industrial/Crony Complex.

Not a word about his anti-union sentiments, or his allies (think:Mark Kvamme) who raked in millions of dollars in the glow of his office, nor his claim to lead Ohio out of the Bush recession poverty without telling us that the state ranks 41st in economic growth since he took office, nor that he opposed the Obama administration’s stimulus package [...]

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Republicans love to laugh and mock Vice President Joe Biden for his gaffe-prone, off-the-cuff remarks. But while the the GOP sound machine uses Biden as their familiar whipping boy, they have consistently shown themselves deaf, dumb and blind to the truly outrageous behavior, beliefs and blustering by their own high profile politicians. But a funny thing happened on John Kasich and Mary Taylor this week on their widely anticipated cake walk to a second term.

John Kasich, who has his own long history with foot-in-mouth disease, and Mary Taylor, his “wicked smart” running mate, have done everything they can to [...]

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As Reynoldsburg’s teacher strike entered its fourth day, activists from OCSEA stood in solidarity with the striking school employees on the picket lines today.

“We are here in solidarity with the teachers,” said OCSEA President Chris Mabe. “We know that teachers and other public sector workers have been put under the microscope and scapegoated in recent years. But teachers and our members aren’t the problem. We’re part of the solution.”

Reynoldsburg teachers have been on strike since Friday after the school board refused to budge in negotiations focused on improving the learning conditions for the community’s children.  The school district responded to [...]

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As our friends over at Eclecta Blog reported last week, AFSCME is rolling out a series of “American Horror Story”-themed trailers aimed at the worst Governors in America.    The trailers are being released regularly leading up to October 8th when the fourth season of popular FX series American Horror Story will air.    According to AFSCME “you don’t have to wait until then to experience the real American horror show of anti-worker governors hurting middle class families across this country.”

Today it was John Kasich’s turn.

Kasich, appropriately described as a “Job Killer, Anti-worker Bogeyman [and] Wall Street Ringleader,” is showcased [...]

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Huffmaster Inc. markets itself as “the leading provider of strike management solutions” in the nation.  You may remember them as the company that raked in over a million dollars from the Strongsville school system last year during their teacher strike.  Those fees included a “$48,000 hotel bill” for the replacement teachers, and  “more than $47,000 in rented vehicles, $50,000 in flight reimbursements and $12,000 in gas and mileage payments,” according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Reynoldsburg school system, currently embroiled in its own labor dispute, is now one of Huffmaster’s newest clients.  And they are well on their way to eclipsing Strongsville’s numbers, Full Story...

On Sunday, we published our analysis of the two sides’ proposals at the heart of the Reynoldsburg School District’s negotiations.  Today, miraculously, the school district published their own analysis that was just completed by the district’s treasurer.  We have no “skin in the game” so to speak and spent days assembly the data as we felt it was necessary to distribute the information, so we’re glad that the treasurer for the district embroiled in a teacher strike was finally able to be bothered to find time to complete their internal analysis.

Here’s what the district reported on their [...]

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The Roosevelts: Then And Now

On September 23, 2014 By

As I viewed Ken Burns compelling series about the Roosevelts, the comparisons with modern politics soon became evident: the attacks on FDR (read: Obama) as a socialist, communist, dictator and king; the steeled resistance of the industrialists to converting to a wartime production line, fearing loss of profits; the Republican opposition to labor unions, Social Security, minimum wage and other safety nets for a nation mired in the Great Depression.

Does the equation ever change?

The heroics were particularly dramatic with Franklin, whose legacy will be that of one of America’s greatest presidents. Pained and limited by more than 10 [...]

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It’s been a busy week for political videos, so I figured I’d just get them all posted in single spot so you can enjoy them.  First we have two positive campaign ads from Connie Pillich and John Patrick Carney.  In her web ad, Connie gives some background and discusses hard work.  Carney’s TV spot showcases his family and his bipartisan legislative experience.

We also have two not-so-positive spots from Moving Ohio Forward and the Central Ohioans Countering Kasich PAC. MOF’s ad hit hard against DeWine on rape kit testing, botched trials and his pay-to-play scandal.   C.O.C.K. PAC’s ad calls out Kasich for refusing to [...]

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This is a story about how both a company and City Hall let down workers.  Whether there was any collusion or not, readers can decide for themselves.

I first met Tina Stamm at an Ed FitzGerald campaign event at the Warren County Democratic Headquarters on July 12th.  She is one of the 174 members of UAW Local 2387 who have been locked out of their jobs by Japanese auto supplier Hayashi Telempu North America (HTNA) in Lebanon, Ohio.  Many of these workers’ last day was Flag Day, June 14th.  They have been picketing outside the company’s four entrances 24 hours [...]

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There’s plenty of money to be made by Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC., by prolonging the teachers strike in Reynoldsburg.  That’s money that Reynoldsburg taxpayers had intended to be used to educate their children, but is instead being directed primarily toward strike management operations, especially security.  And this begs the question – who’s truly running the school district right now?

Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning was hired in January to a three-year contract with a base pay of $157,500.  She has some other perks such as a $10,000 annuity and a $7,800 allowance for automobile, communications and other expenses, but let’s just focus on [...]

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This Sunday the Columbus Dispatch, which touts itself (despite decades of proof otherwise) as “Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper,” ran a terribly myopic, partisan and intentionally misleading editorial endorsement of Gov. John Kasich that bordered on journalistic and editorial malpractice.

The Columbus newspaper is owned and operated by powerful Republicans whose media empire routinely goes to bat for business, especially local Titans like The Limited, Nationwide, Worthington Industries and dozens of others, as well as carrying water for GOP politicians like Kasich.   For this, the paper has clearly earned it’s nickname, The Columbus Disgrace

The Disgrace didn’t have to run this cheap shot editorial five weeks before Election Day, as it’s coverage [...]

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