Why should health care workers be afforded such cushy luxuries as overtime pay and minimum wage requirements? It’s not like health care workers have some of the most physically and emotionally draining jobs possible. It’s not as though health care work demands Buddhist-level patience, compassion, and understanding. They certainly aren’t exposed to potential illness and bio-medical hazards on a daily basis.

So why on God’s gray Earth would George W. Bush-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon grant these 2 million moocher-class health care workers dastardly socialistic benefits such as being guaranteed a minimum wage or being assured of appropriate […]

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Plunderbund reported recently that Ohio junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman was among a list of GOP incumbents who are seen as beatable, especially in a presidential election year when voter turnout is way up compared to midterm election cycles when it historically drops off.

Some thought Portman, elected in the Tea Party uprising of 2010 and up for re-election in two years, would see a tested Democrat like former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland or Congressman Tim Ryan take him on, but the news Thursday is that P.G. Sittenfeld, Cincinnati City Councilman and Assistant Director of the Community Learning […]

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Thoughts on the Night Out for President Obama’s State of Union address:

At one point, I began to feel a tinge of sympathy for John Boehner, who dead-panned and occasionally pumped his lips as Obama spoke. His pathetic attempts at ceremonial courtesies gave new meaning to the sound of one hand clapping. Had to be painful for him as Obama rolled out one economic surge after another. Hadn’t the diehards warned us that a second Obama term would guarantee an economic disaster, soaring unemployment and $6 a gallon gas? It would have been better for everyone concerned if Boehner had […]

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Ohio has patiently waited on John Kasich to fulfill his job creation promises.  But after four years of total control of state government, multiple “Jobs Budgets” and full implementation of his prized and private job creation engine JobsOhio, the self-proclaimed state CEO is still 109,000 jobs short of recouping all the jobs lost during the “Great Recession” of the late 2000s.

Meanwhile, under President Obama’s leadership, the nation has made solid strides forward in 2014, experiencing the strongest job growth since 1999, while the unemployment rate fell at the fastest pace in three decades. The private sector at the national level has added 11.2 million […]

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Maybe it’s because Republicans have been such non-cooperative, partisan, political ideologues opposed to his every move or utterance over the last six years. Maybe it’s because he sees his final two years as President of The United States as liberty rightfully earned with two back-to-back, fifty-percent-plus national elections. But Barack Obama put a certain hurt on Republican leaders, one of whom frowned down on him Tuesday night in Washington in his penultimate State of the Union address, by daring to veto bills they would pass that would undo all he’s done.

“So the verdict is clear.  Middle-class economics works.  […]

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As we approach the season of county Republican fund-raising dinners, you might keep in mind that many are no longer dedicated solely to Abraham Lincoln, whose name has been held captive by the GOP for these events like a distant uncle who might yet bequeath the party with more than walking-around money.

Now there are a collection of Ohio counties who refer to the feast as Lincoln Reagan indulgences to remind donors that, for whatever reason, they ought to remember the Heroic Gipper at their tables. It’s really cult-ifying behavior. A few days ago. Ohio Republican chairman Matt Borges even […]

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Ohio’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Ross, published his Testing Report and Recommendations last week as directed by the Ohio General Assembly as part of House Bill 487.  The report contains information about the amount of time students in Ohio are spending on tests and subsequently makes recommendations about how Kasich and the legislature can make changes.  Given that Ross was Kasich’s choice for state superintendent, we won’t be surprised to see some of the recommendations included in the governor’s budget bill when it comes out in the next month or two.

The information that Ross included in […]

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When Ohio Gov. John Kasich delivered his year-end summation sermon at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s holiday gathering in December he promised to dole out punishment to anyone who opposes him. “Maybe I won’t win it,” said the Governor, “but I ain’t going to quit. I’m going to have a whole lot more to say to those who stand in my way.” This promise is both ironic and problematic since it’s totally in conflict with his call to put politics aside and do what’s right during his inaugural sermon last Monday.

Gov. Kasich also promised to bulk up the state’s rainy day fund during his Chamber […]

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The Columbus Dispatch demonstrates, with every editorial it publishes, why it’s neither credible nor objective, but instead a “news source” in the same category as the Drudge Report, Breitbart or even the Fox News Channel, America’s preeminent, right-slanted news network.

The paper’s laughable and pathetic editorial last Saturday shows how it intentionally misrepresents and misleads its readers about the benefits of Affordable Care Act (AKA: Obamacare), and its Sunday editorial touting the benefits of Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid completely fails to mention that the expansion was only possible because of Obamacare.

What the Dispatch could have reported, but didn’t, are some very real […]

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I’m not sure why the Columbus Dispatch decided to do an end-of-the-year profile on state Rep. John Becker. In the world of newspapering, it is a difficult time of year to find decent copy to feed the beast. But why so many other interesting, or even sane, people were foregone in favor of Becker, I can’t venture to guess.

Nevertheless, I’m glad they were, because for yrs. truly the career of John Becker has become a nearly metaphysical exercise in comical absurdity. And the Dispatch piece is a treasure trove of glimmering Becker crankery.

Among other things, the piece recalls the […]

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I once asked Jim Rhodes whether he would run for another term for governor. In his staccato voice with a rush of clipped words , he retorted: “Can you tell me if your wife is going to be pregnant?” The small clutch of bystanders got a laugh out of his nonsensical response. But for reporters who were paid to uproot answers from him, it was just another day at the interview. As Rhodes forever replied to modest inquiries:

“I generally don’t answer questions with a yes or no.”

It was his sanitized version of dismissing inquiries deviating from his mindset […]

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