Last week, buses full of people who would be impacted if the Administration of Gov. John R. Kasich closes developmental disability centers as his budget proposes rolled into Columbus to testify before a Senate Committee hammering out its own version of his third and most expensive budget in state history.

With help from 32nd District Democratic State Senator Capri Cafaro, people like Robin Tarr made the long trek last Thursday to the Statehouse to share her tragic and poignant stories of loved ones being forced to move away from public-funded institutional care and into privatized community-based care that […]

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Republicans in the Ohio House are known to do a bang-up job of displaying what horrible people they can be, and their latest scheme with Healthy Ohio is a showstopper.

The folks over at the Akron Beacon Journal couldn’t help but notice, pointing out that even though 500,000 Ohioans now have health insurance through Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the callous hearts in the House Majority will try all they can to undermine it.

The Republicans are concerned, you see, that providing health insurance under Medicaid expansion leads to a “culture of dependency.”

That concern drove the House to include […]

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A variety of southwestern Ohio lawmakers recently made excuses for not supporting equal marriage rights, and the general spinelessness is striking.

At least with a good, candid bigot, the lines are clearly drawn. But these days there is a growing tendency among some who support inequality to hedge, waffle, and deflect blame.

Take state Sen. Bill Coley, R-Liberty Township, who told the Cincinnati Enquirer that he doesn’t support or oppose equal rights for same-sex couples.

“I don’t put my thumb on the scale on that one,” he said. “The prohibition against it is in the constitution, so it’s not really a […]

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In case you’ve been distracted by  less critical matters, I should tell you that the national media are reporting that George Pataki may run for president.

George Pataki?  As Gail Collins scolded her readers in the New York Times, how could you not remember the guy who was New York’s Republican  governor for 12 years, though not the last eight? He says he will announce his plans on May 28.  That would be the day after Rick Santorum, a quadrennial candidate who’s never been governor of New York, reveals what he says will be a “major” announcement.  May we guess?

Still more […]

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Mahoning County Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti was in Columbus Thursday to attend a Senate hearing at which witnesses from northeast counties, including Trumbull and Ashtabula, and Montgomery County offered testimony to lawmakers engaged in crafting a two-year state budget about continuing to keep developmental disability centers in their respective areas in operation. The Administration of Gov. Kasich proposes shuttering them by 2017 in his two-year state budget being hammered out now by lawmakers.

Approximately two of every 100 Americans have a developmental disability, which the federal government and state of Ohio define as a severe, chronic disability of a […]

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In a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning, Shaun Donovan, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and White House press secretary Josh Earnest offered remarks and fielded questions related to the impact of the Congressional Republican budget framework on critical domestic priorities.  The call was held just prior to a scheduled meeting at which Washington Republicans would propose new appropriations in light of the budget framework bill passed recently.

Return To Sequestration

House appropriators will consider the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, one of the first to be considered under the Congressional Republican budget […]

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Most people, at best, get their news in disjointed fragments that the columnist Walter Lippmann once described as a “pseudo-environment” that betrayed reality.  No one can know the whole story, he argued, because there is too much to know.

He wrote about it in a book titled “Public Opinion” long before  digital excitement began feeding our senses  much faster than most people can rationally absorb issues in their entirety. Nowhere is that more apparent than in politics where enormous amounts of money attempt to lead us to pseudo-evidence with which to sustain a preferred public opinion. (One exception to the political […]

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Will wonders never cease? Like a hungry dog wolfing down a can of Alpo, Ohio media has its share of lapdog journalists who swallow whole Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s largely fabricated story of an Ohio miracle born of his magic sounding but all too often misguided policies.

From the early days of 2010, following his years as a Fox News talk show host and Lehman Brothers Wall Street banker, John Kasich, who leveraged his 18 years in congress to get those lucrative, revolving door jobs, has never stopped peddling his decades-old brand of political and economic malarkey as a […]

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Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich is all about the money, always has been, always will be. He finds himself at odds, though, with home-state lawmakers and business interests.His executive budget has been demolished and rebuilt by the Ohio House, and the Senate is expected to do the same soon. It’s another embarrassment to the governor that Republican State Treasurer Josh Mandel ditched his governor to endorse Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for president.

With budget battles at home, and little known outside Buckeye State borders, the Kasich juggernaut to the White House needs  some fuel, and a cache of golden California […]

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A couple of state representatives want to decide on Ohio marijuana legalization before voters get a chance to do so for themselves, and their preference is to make it as limited as possible. Their preference is to legalize marijuana solely for the medicinal treatment of seizure disorders, and nothing else.

This is actually a bipartisan proposal, put forth by state Rep. Wes Retherford, a Republican from Hamilton, and state Rep. John M. Rogers, a Democrat from Mentor-on-the-Lake. The Columbus Dispatch did a big ol’ feature on their proposal, House Bill 33, but failed to mention either of their names […]

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Self-starters usually don’t wait for orders from headquarters, they’re savvy enough to know the lay of the land and how best to chart a course to navigate it. In the world of bare knuckle politics, the kind Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his team are skilled at playing, self-starters are appreciated even if they break bad now and again.

For a self-described long-time Republican operative and self-starter like Terry L. Casey, who Gov. Kasich appointed soon after he was sworn-in to lead the state’s Employee Relations Board at a yearly salary of $66,997, he again finds himself at the […]

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