The frequent photos of Gov. Kasich with outstretched arms suggest that he might consider one of those megachurch arenas for his base before he wanders into the wilderness of a presidential campaign. Voters would be expected to respond not only to the preachy profile but also to his recurring references to how he and the Lord get along so well. As he told us on election night, God had put his hand on him.

In the old days, ii was called mysticism, a one-on-one conversation with God. Today it woudn’t be a stretrch to say that more politicians than [...]

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Tomorrow at 4:30 pm, the Ohio House Education Committee will reconvene at the Statehouse to consider, among other legislation, House Bill 343, which was quickly amended this past week to eliminate the minimum salary schedule for teachers from state law.

The specific amendment is AM3586 and was adopted by the committee along straight party lines.  The new bill is expected to be voted upon during tomorrow’s meeting.  You can read our post about this proposed change: Ohio House Wants To Eliminate Minimum Salary Schedule For Teachers

If you are able to [...]

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This past Tuesday, in a packed meeting room where individuals were set to provide testimony against the Ohio State Board of Education’s plan to drop the requirement that school districts hire licensed arts and physical education teachers, social workers, nurses, and counselors, Board President Debe Terhar abruptly changed the agenda at the very moment the testimony was to begin.  Her decision to push back the testimony by hours caused consternation among those who had taken time off from work and adjusted their schedules to follow the Board’s published agenda.

When her fellow board members tried to question her move, she proceeded [...]

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It’s only half-time, Ohio! So if Buckeyes think the next four years can’t be as bad as the last four when it comes to reshaping Ohio government, then you don’t know Gov. John Kasich. His counter-intuitive perfect pick to protect public health as the Director of the Ohio Department of Health [ODH] isn’t a licensed doctor or qualified health professional as state law mandates.

Follow state law? Not this governor, who probably imagines himself as the Steve Jobs of government, both visionary and demanding, hero and shithead, as Walter Isaacson boiled down the personality of the late great digital innovator [...]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor have made it crystal clear since their narrow election in 2010 that they are no fans of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA] passed in March of 2010, which clamped down on the terrible practices of private health insurance companies that routinely raised premium rates and discriminated at will against others based on their age, gender and other life-style or health factors.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s top two leaders are strikingly out of step with most of America. Over the last seven and a half months, two-thirds of Americans, on [...]

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The Ohio House Education Committee swiftly amended House Bill 343 this week to include a change that would eliminate the minimum salary schedule from Ohio Revised Code.  This change was made under the guise of giving local school districts “much needed relief” and “more flexibility” to determine how they compensate teachers.  Apparently the minimum salaries required by law are too steep.  Let’s take a look:

Here is the minimum salary schedule set forth by Ohio Revised Code 3317.13:


As you can see, the law requires that a teacher fresh out of college with their Bachelor’s [...]

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When America’s electorate finally awakens from its slumber, it may be surprised to discover what it left to the historically low turnout to decide for all of us.

No later than the fading hours of Election Day did the wingnuts in control of the Senate and House gather as though it was Walpurgis Night to whoop it up. With both chambers and the committee chairmen in their hands, there will be no limits to their misguided arrogance of power. What seemed painful before the polls opened is now confirmed to be an irreparable paralysis all the way to 2016.

The [...]

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Ohio’s 25-percent governor, measured by the percentage of registered voters who actually voted for John Kasich last Tuesday, will no longer have to face electors. But he cannot escape facing undeniable statistics that show what a poor job creator he has been over the last four years.

Both the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services [ODJFS] and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS] released a weekly update to new claims for unemployment this morning in a timely fashion, according to George Zeller of Cleveland, a long-time trusted economic analyst.  The numbers again show the Buckeye State performing [...]

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Today I sent this email to the members of the Ohio State Board of Education respectfully requesting that they refrain from eliminating the requirement that school districts have licensed professionals teaching the arts and physical education, better known as the “5 of 8″ rule.  I urge all Ohioans to do the same (all email addresses conveniently listed at the bottom of the post).

Dear Members of the Ohio State Board of Education,

I am writing to urge you to reject the proposed change to eliminate the “5 of 8″ Rule from Ohio Administrative Code and retain the existing language which states:

“A [...]

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Two years ago we broke the story about Jim Leftwich, John Kasich’s third development director, illegally running a private consulting company while working as an “economic development adviser to Governor John Kasich.”    Records showed that Leftwich was consulting for Wright State University while receiving a state salary and also that he was using his connections at the state to secure and maintain those consulting contracts.

On October 24, 2014, Leftwich cut a deal with the Ohio Ethics Commission, admitting to the ethics violation and paying a large fine “in lieu of a referral of this matter to the local prosecuting attorney.” According to the settlement [...]

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We just found out that Shannon Jones, chair of the Medicaid, Health and Human Services Committee, is refusing to hear testimony on confirmation hearings for Rick Hodges, John Kasich’s unqualified appointee for director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Kasich made the announcement back in August and we quickly pointed out that Hodges, the former head of the Ohio Turnpike, was statutorily unqualified for the position.  Ohio law requires the director be a medical doctor or have extensive public health experience.  Hodges has neither.  He then tried to cover for the lack of experience by updating his LinkedIn profile to include the word [...]

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