Ohio Gov. John Kasich found another safe, non-threatening venue to push his radical Republican agenda that includes a federal balanced budget amendment in Arizona.  Though we suspect not one Arizona legislator will confront the Lord’s choice for governor in Ohio this year, especially when it comes to why he’s silent on spending nearly $1 billion on charter schools that have failed miserably when stacked up against their public school counterparts. But a report released Wednesday by the The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a conservative think tank that authorizes charters in Ohio, shows negative findings overall for students in charters.


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There are said to be leaked classified reports that NASA’s scientists are throbbing with so much confidence after finding possible ancient life on Mars during its Curiosity rover mission that there is already talk of setting up the next more challenging  mission:  Sending Curiosity over the cratered U.S. House Representatives in hopes of detecting life forms.   “That would be  a huge undertaking,” said one spacey source. “But think of the size of the benefits on behalf of all Americans if it worked”.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is scheduled to be in Phoenix Wednesday to pitch the Arizona legislature on passing a resolution backing a proposal for a federal balanced budget amendment.

Hoping to raise his standing among possible 2016 GOP presidential contenders from bottom dweller to something higher, Gov. Kasich continues his stealth campaign for President of the United states with a national public relations roadshow to gain needed exposure for the 62-year old hard-right politician whose success in the Buckeye State depends on a friendly Republican-dominated legislature giving him most of what he wants.

When Ohio’s glib term-limited governor started [...]

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Ohio’s State Board of Education voted today to remove the requirement that districts employ education specialists in order to “give local districts flexibility” from “unfunded mandates”.

Instead of taking a stand for the value of nurses, counselors, social workers, library media specialists and the arts in education and pushing back against the Kasich administration’s funding cuts and increased testing mandates, the School Board voted to eliminate the “5 of 8″ rule from Ohio Administrative Code, setting the stage for the further decimation of these services in our schools.

It is appalling that the majority of the current members of Ohio’s [...]

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Below you will find the answers to the Thanksgiving political puzzle. Congrats to Bethe, Robert, Fred and Kathy, the first four readers to submit correct answers for the puzzle.

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Gorgeous George played slow-pitch political T-ball Sunday with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who continued his stealth campaign for President of the United States by again playing coy about his intentions for a White House run in 2016. “You’re not going to get a good answer” to that question he joked with ABC Sunday “This Week” talk show host George Stephanopoulos.

Calling in back up help early on in his short, upbeat exchange with President Bill Clinton’s former “War Room” PR guru, the mercurial governor invoked his always-present higher authority, saying what he’s done is because that’s “what the Lord wants [...]

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Christmas Shopping For The In-Crowd

On December 8, 2014 By

I went Christmas shopping over the week end. Not among the mall crowds that are more bruising this year than ever by so many people texting while oblivious to my shoulders and limbs as they drift past me. Nope. I chose the rarified ads in the New York Times that swept into a higher universe while I was seated safely at home.

Right off, I will say that escapism is too slight a word to describe what I found in the Season for Giving, particularly for recipients who not only have everything but always pretend to be duly shocked upon [...]

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“Meet the GOP’s newest power player,” the ABC News banner instructed us, thus anointing Ohio Gov. John Kasich when he appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning.

Before the interview even began, Stephanopoulos made sure to plant a big and slobbery on Kasich’s posterior.

“Now with back-to-back wins and a booming Ohio economy, this party maverick with a reputation for plain talk is stirring up all kinds of White House buzz,” he gushed in his intro.

Good God, George, I know that Sunday Morning Hackery has become an American Institution, but did Kasich’s team write this line [...]

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In a conference call Wednesday with reporters, Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown called for passage of tax relief he said is critical because it’s helped more than 1.5 million Ohioans claim more than $3.2 billion in tax refunds in 2012. Like tectonic plates forever grinding against each other, year end budget negotiations become the political equivalent in Washington, where one Congress ends soon to make way for a new one controlled by Republicans in January.

Congressional leaders are negotiating on many things, one of them being to extend tax deals. Brown told reporters he’s calling for the permanent extension of [...]

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Robert F. Hagan wants to lead an Ohio Democratic Party that stands up for and represents the interests of working Ohioans.

Hagan is a 27-year veteran of the Ohio General Assembly from Youngstown, having served in the Ohio House from 1987 to 1997 and from 2007 to today, and in the Ohio Senate from 1997 to 2006. In November, he was elected to represent District 8 on the State of Ohio School Board.

He grew up with 13 brothers and sisters, with his parents marching in the Civil Rights movement and himself marching against the war in Vietnam. Hagan has worked [...]

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Ohio needs more readily available and convenient public transportation, and that should be a given. We have the 7th highest population out of any state in the Union and we’re the 10th most densely populated, according to US census data. Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus are all major urban centers, with the latter being the 15th biggest city in the entire country. It’s just common sense to expect that our politicians can meet their residents’ needs and provide us with alternative transportation choices like rail systems, more bike lanes and better pedestrian infrastructure.

Unfortunately, expecting common sense [...]

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